2019 Eye in the Sky NFL Scouting Reports

Once again in 2019, we are bringing you NFL Team Reports from our "Eye in the Sky" correspondents. These reports represent a local point of view which isn't readily available on the web. We remind everyone, the views expressed within these reports contain speculation as well as fact. It's just another extra bonus from FFMastermind.com to keep all fantasy football fanatics well informed. These reports will begin in mid-February.

Click to view 2019 In-Season Weekly Eye in the Sky Scouting Reports!

* Houston Texans February Scouting Report by David Trojanowsky 2/20/2019 New!
* Detroit Lions February Scouting Report by James Hintz 2/17/2019
* New York Giants February Scouting Report by Tony DeArmas 2/14/2019
* Indianapolis Colts February Scouting Report by Chris Rito 2/13/2019
* Denver Broncos February Scouting Report by Charles Rives 2/12/2019
* Green Bay Packers February Scouting Report by Mike Hankes 2/11/2019

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Initial 2019 Off-Season Eye in the Sky Reports
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