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Los Angeles Chargers Late August Scouting Report
Brad Willis

In preseason week 3, the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 23-15. The game was a real yawner, with most starters limited to a few series and no one really doing much of anything. Frankly, I don’t think there was a thing to discuss regarding this game, as nobody really impressed. So with that said, here’s a look at the current state of the Chargers.

QB: Even though he’s not such at young guy anymore, at 37 soon to be 38, QB Philip Rivers can still throw accurately. He should be poised for another strong fantasy season. I’d put him on the lower end of the top 12. He’s probably better as a backup than a starter, but should be worth owning. Rivers is generally pretty accurate, rarely gets injured, and the Bolts are a pass first team.

RB: Unfortunately, RB remains on contract holdout. Frankly, I don’t expect the Chargers to meet his terms. Best guess is that he is either traded or returns later in the season. The Chargers do need Gordon though, in my view, so it would be good for all involved if they could meet in the middle. I intentionally avoided Gordon in my draft, but if you have room for him and he plays, obviously he should produce. Until the Gordon situation changes, RB Austin Ekeler looks like an RB2. The role for RB Justin Jackson is less defined. I drafted him and he’ll sit on my bench while I watch and see.

WR. The Chargers have some fine wide receivers with WR Keenan Allen the standout as a WR1 in most leagues. WR Mike Williams is a WR2 with upside potential. WR Travis Benjamin should be avoided due to prior inconsistent play.

TE: In my view, TE Hunter Henry is a top 5 tight end option. Now that WR Tyrell Williams has departed to Oakland, Henry’s role could increase.

PK: Los Angeles PK Michael Badgley is likely a top 10 kicker with a shot at top 5. He should be owned in most fantasy leagues.

DEF: The loss of S Derwin James due to foot injury is a big one. James is expected to miss a minimum of 3 months recovering from surgery. While I think some have the Chargers defense ranked too highly, I suspect that will be a top 10 to top 12 fantasy option.


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