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Last Updated - August, 2022

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17 Fantasy Football Titles (2012)

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"Fantasy Football Mastermind, Inc. includes everything imaginable associated with fantasy football." - Fantasy Sports Online For Dummies

"The producers of the Eye in the Sky NFL scouting reports have turned their attention to maintaining one of the most comprehensive fantasy football information sites on the side. Eight years into the endeavor, www.ffmastermind.com is still going strong. Exclusive fantasy articles... full coverage of the NFL college player draft, updated NFL team depth charts, and the infamous FFMastermind Forums are just some of the perks to this amazing site. Keep track of ... quick bits about NFL comings and goings are all at your fingertips." - Preview Sports Fantasy Football 2003 Magazine

"The Mastermind's site is locked, loaded and ready to blast your team to the top... News, articles, analysis, Premium Services... If you want it, you'll find it on this site..." - Bob Harris - TFL Report

"This FREE and PREMIUM site is our reigning Six-Year Champion! Consistently the most comprehensive source for both daily late-breaking NFL news with their "Quick Bits" page and other free and premium fantasy information. FF Mastermind never rests, as they concentrate 365 days a year exclusively on the NFL. That's a rarity these days, and you'll never catch them sleeping with stale information. Special kudos go to John Holler's "Tendencies" and a new Strength of Schedule Bonus feature in the weekly newsletter. If you want to win your fantasy league, this is THE site and services for you!" - The Fantasy Football Information Site Ranking Page

"Thanks for the Bettis updates. I won my league's championship! Mish been playing fantasy football for nine years and Mike Nazarek's FF Mastermind is by far the best fantasy football info service around. His multi-part delivery give fantasy GM's timely info for any free agent deadlines early in the week. Later in the week, Mike provides all of the info that a GM needs to be competitive. This season (2001), Mike helped me win my keeper league championship. I was on the road the weekend of the Championship game and Mike actually gave me the personalized customer service with a long distance phone call I needed to help me win it all. There are other fantasy services out there but you won't find one any better than FF Mastermind. Save yourself the hassle of shopping around and just go with the best, FF Mastermind!" - David F. Mishiwiec Sr. - The Mish Report (2001)

"...there are several speciality sites out there that cater to the fantasy crowd... Good sites for fantasy football include:... (www.ffmastermind.com)." - Al Gibes, The Online Guy - Las Vegas Review-Journal, September, 3rd, 2001.

"These sites, plus many others, offer quality content and have their own niche of services that makes them beneficial to everyone. Check out Fantasy Football Mastermind, Inc. (www.ffmastermind.com)... They have seasoned veterans running their respective service and are sure not to flame out in midseason." - Mike Krueger - FSPI's 2000 FF Draftbook I; The Internet Fantasy.

"Mish highly recommends Fantasy Football Mastermind's Weekly Newsletter. It provides any fantasy football GM the information needed to 'win it all' with its multi-part delivery throughout each week during the season. Part one comes out early enough for most leagues' free agent deadlines, while latter parts rank players for that particular week and provide news and late breaking developments. FF Mastermind gives GM's a multi-part information delivery system that provides the winning edge. You can spend your money on something else, but the best investment for your fantasy football success is subscribing to Mike Nazarek's weekly newsletter." - David F. Mishiwiec Sr. - The Mish Report (2000)

"For premium products, you'll want to check out FF Mastermind,... to name but a few. Knowing the staff from each of these sites, I will attest to their football acumen and integrity. All of these sites have some valuable free content as well." - David Dorey (Co-Owner of thehuddle.com) - 1999 Fantasy Football Pro Forecast Magazine; Nothing But Net.

"Fantasy Football Mastermind, Inc. keeps the uninformed informed." - Adam Caplan - FSPI's 1999 FF Draftbook I; If You Can't Find It On the Net, It Can't Be Found.

"I also recommend... the Mastermind site as outstanding resources for fantasy owners." - Bob Harris - FSPI's 1998 FF Cheatsheets Magazine; Guide to the Internet.

"The owners of these fantasy football web sites dedicate a lot of their time to provide you with timely and accurate information. Take advantage of it. The most popular sites are: ... Fantasy Football Mastermind Inc." - James Serra (Owner of First Place Software) - FSPI's 1997 FF Draftbook I; The Power of the Internet.

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Why no quotes from 2013 - 2022?  Simply put, there were so many and they said pretty much the same thing that has been said about our service over the past 26 years that we felt it would be redundant to keep adding them.  We feel the words below speak for themselves...



"As a longtime premium subscriber, I took three firsts and a second in 2012 and won $5,500!!!" - Reid Porter

"Hope I'm not clogging up the box.   Just wanted to write in and say thanks a lot for the work u and the crew put in so that I can be a little bit lazier during football season. You guys are beyond awesome and have helped me immensely since I started playing as a young man. My dad Jodee Sadowsky has been a LONG time member ( maybe even the first year if i remember right) and turned me on to the world of fantasy sports as well as FFMastermind, and i am greatful every season.. I've even beaten him in a pay league       We're both back in the same league together so I want to thank u guys in advance for helping me whoop him again ( although, he has a far more swollen bank account than I, so I suspect he is using you guys this year, but probably one upped my package)!!   thanks for all the info you've provided the sadowskys over the years." - Ryan Sadowsky

"For your information, I used the Huddle, 4for4 and Footballdocs combined last year and I did not come close to performance than the years I used ffmastermind.com, so I'm back again with you for 2013!" - Edmund Butler

"Thanks we have won it all last two years. Great premium product!" - Eddy Gomes

"Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed your site for these past, wow over 10 years I think and you keep me in the playoffs every year despite my abilities to the contrary. I took over the account from David F. those many years ago and just have been leaving his name as owner and all the other information and payment as myself Scott Griffin since you can't change that portion. Is there a way for you to do it on your end? If not it's not a big deal. Good Luck this year and may Fantasy Football Gods shine on your teams and mine." - Scott E.

"I have been using Mastermind for the last two years and have made the Super Bowl both times." - Rich Stewart

"2012 was an Excelent Fantasy year for me. I played in 2 leagues , took 1st in one & 2nd in the other. Walked away with 3k! Thanks for the excellent info throughout the season, your hard work, up to date data, & insight gives players like me an edge selecting players & setting our lineups! Great Work!" - Nick Maltese

"Thank you for all you do, consistently providing great information. I did not contribute on the boards during the season as I had hoped but I was able to read all of the articles as well as the rankings that you provide. Thanks to you I also was able to go to the championship in another league and finish third in another." - Peyton Ulrich

"Thanks for your call last evening. Things are crazy and your reminder to renew was very helpful as I'm running behind on personal email. Also, thank you for providing a quality product!" - Joe Andriolo

"I won my league last year thanks in part to you. Lets do it again next year, since I've already signed up for 2013!" - Donny McCoy

"I live in Europe and considering the time zones difference I was not expecting to be able to download the cheat sheets until tomorrow morning my time. Most important I was not anticipating a personal email directly from the owner.  That's 5 stars customers service!" - Remo C.

"Thanks again for the quick response.  I just signed up for the Pro Bowl package and I can't be more excited!  I'm torn because I would recommend your website to ANYONE looking to dominate their fantasy football endeavours!  All except the ones I know I'll be facing that is!" - Mike Taylor

"Love the site! Definitely love the reading each morning and the instant premium updates!" - Greg W.

"I just wanted to thanks for all the work and advice that you give. I have been using your site for two years. This year will be my third. I use it for three leagues each year. One 12 team ppr league and two 14 team ppr leagues. The first year I used your site I finished first first and third. Last year I finished second third and sixth. I am not sure i can expect results like this all the time but either way your site has helped me win more money than previous years when i wasnt using your site.Your site pays for it self to those who choose to use it. I really hope no one in my leagues catch on but to everyone else I would highly recommend this site. Great job guys!" - Adam Davis

"Done and paid - Glad to be back with the best!" - Tomaso Giannelli

"My father and I play in 3 leagues together, he bought your software last year and won a league championship. And made playoffs in another league. It just shows plugging in the point values and letting the software work for you are the best way to go! Thanks again! I will be lifetime customer!" - Josh Lehring

"I've finished 1st or 2nd the past 4 straight years in a competitive 10-team non-keeper non-ppr performance league." - Kevin Bonham

"Just wanted to commend you on you strategy for last night's experts league draft. I thought you spacing on selecting RB's, WR', TE' and QB provided you with one of the top teams. Well Done!" - RC Lees

"Brilliant! Thank you for the fast response! I will be sure to spread the word on your site and your fantastic EDM tool. At least to anyone I am not in a league with, don't want to give up my edge after all." - Jason H.

"I purchased the executive draft tool and had our draft yesterday.   This was the smoothest draft I've had the 14 years I've been doing drafts.  Everything was right there and easy to use.  While several times listening to others being told "that players already been taken"  It just help me be better prepared and spent more time planning ahead instead of making highlights and pencil makes all over.  I'm sure some of the other teams will be purchasing the Fantasy Draft Tool." - David O'Connor




"I've been playing fantasy football for more than a decade, but like most players in 2011, I waited to see if the nasty lockout would end before considering any kind of premium purchase anywhere. When the hammer dropped, I scanned the web to a bit of "extra" help. I found some of the bigger sites easily (Football****.com, TheH*****.com, etc.), but had used them before with mixed effects. Then I found Mastermind and was curious if their claims of dominating your fantasy football opponents if you subscribed were true. I took a chance and subscribed and watched the entire summer unfold. Let me tell you something. I've NEVER seen a fantasy football service work as hard as Mike and his crew worked during a time when not only training camp was going on, but free agency was just hitting it's stride. It was clear this site was serious about WORKING DOUBLETIME to get the job done to help their subscribers.  They not only kept me up to date on signings, but also quickly produced a top-notch fantasy football draft guide with comprehensive rankings and player projections. One of the best tools I've ever used during my draft was their EDM. This software made drafting a dominating team very easy to do. Now, I'm not here to tell you my team was perfect, but using FFMastermind during the season was a godsend. Let's just say when RB Jamaal Charles went down, I was glad I followed Mike's advice and drafted RB Fred Jackson as my #3 RB. I also stashed his teammate RB C.J. Spiller on my bench, as I need him down the stretch after Jackson's injury to win my title. Yes, I won the whole thing! There were other critical pieces of advice that Mike gave me via e-mail that also helped, but the point I want to get across to anyone considering a premium purchase is this... Mike and his staff will do just about anything to help you win. They can't promise you a title, but as Mike says, he and his crew will work harder than anyone out there to get you the help you need. As a fantasy football player, that's all I can ask from a qualified expert. Oh, and the fact that he's been doing this for a living since 1996 doesn't hurt either. Thanks again, Mike, for all your hard work! As you can tell by my order last night, I'm ALL IN for 2012!" - Frank Kendelson

"I started playing Fantasy Football 3 years ago and was completely unfamiliar with everything. My first year I went to the big name websites ( Yahoo, NFL. Espn, ect) and found myself being directed in 30 different ways on what to and not to do and strategy and who will do what and all the while coming to the conclusion that all the places im getting my info is the exact same as every other person in my league. I set out my second year to find an edge. A way to separate myself and having 1 year under my belt ready to really dive into Fantasy Football. I heard about FF Mastermind through a Podcast and decided to check it out. Was kind of weary at first and I typically dont like doing stuff over the internet. I called the phone number on the website and was shocked to have Mike Nazarek answer the phone himself. He answered all my questions and I placed me order. That year I took my team all the way to championship on Mike's advice to grab Micheal Vick two weeks into the season even before Kevin Kolb got injured. I lost the championship by 1 point. Last year I re-subscribed with FF Mastermind and got some helpful advice from Mike though E-mail and by Phone along the way and found myself in the Championship once again. This time victorious by over 50 points. Thanks alot Mike. Excited about the start of another season." - Chad Nipp

"I should have been ordering your early bird service every year since I've been with you. I had no idea. Your service is greatly informative and worth every penny, Mike. Thanks again. I love getting my daily updates and it makes the offseason go by more quickly. Keep up the good work!!!!" - Jimmy Poole

"Hey Mike.. I won 2 titles last year with your help and made the playoffs in the other league! I'm back again!" - Sean Healy

"Mike, I went 2 for 2 this past Championship weekend with your help. But let me paint a picture of what it took in one league... my first draft pick was Jamal Charles. I grabbed Fred Jackson in round 10, traded for Matt Forte before the season started, picked up Demarco Murry when Freddy Jax went down. Oh yeah, and Romo was my QB. Despite losing four BEASTS at RB and my QB in the championship round, I still locked down another championship. This is definitely a testament to the work you guys do and the kind of action you encourage every week. Muchas Gracias!" - Shawn Demyan

"I went from 1-7 this year to 9-7 and the league championship. Thanks again, Mike. Stafford and Calvin Johnson helped, too. That's 2 titles and 1 runner-up finish in the past 3 years." - Kevin B.

"Your service is second to none!  I think there are too many inputs in the ESPN, CBS and Yahoo sports fantasy sites. How can you make sense of what to do when everyone has a different opinion? FFMastermind is concise and I just love how the daily agenda is laid out. It's obvious you have the same passion for fantasy football as your subscribers." - Dave Chambers

"Thanks for helping me win another FF championship this year! Glad I've already re-upped for next year!!" - Mitchel B.

"I'm in the Super Bowl with help from Mastermind! Thanks!" - Phil Oates

"I just wanted to say thank you for a great year.  I won the league championship last year and cashed in every other catagory. Thats what I call a great year.  I look foward to another great year. I feel a little greedy, but I don't refer you guys out because I like to think of you guys as my secret weapon. I wish all a great season Thanks again!" - Al P.

"Love your Executive Draft Master it really help me in an auction bid draft.   Number one seed with your help on IDP players and free agent pick-ups!" - Rick G.

"The MasterMind Super Bowl package is an excellent assistant manager & I intend to continue using it. Thanks again." - "Big Bob" Mueller

"Once again u were right on with your advice, as I was able to pickup the Saint defense to get a critical win.  That's why I subscribe!" - Mikal T.

"I'm going for an unprecidented 3-peat in our league-thanks to you. Do not use as endorsement, don't want my competion to know about you." - Greedy David

"I won my league with your help.  Thanks!" - Bill B.

"Just want to thank you again for my second consecutive championship in my second consecutive year with you. Your pre draft rankings were spot on and I basically started the same players every week en route to the title. It was the first time in our leagues 13 years that we have had a back-to-back champion. I have already renewed for 2012. Thanks again!" - Kevin Driscoll

"I just signed up for next year, 2012 season.  I won m league this year with your help. Thanks, I really enjoy your insight to the game, you made some great calls, D Murry was huge for me this year." - Don Coulter

"Your 7-part comment was right on while all the others harped on the elite QBs as only big game changer. You see that there are many aspects to FF and that is why you are the Mastermind!" - Bob McKinlay

"I won the Super Bowl in one league and took 2nd in the other. The only 2 pay leagues I played. So yes, your servuce is worth every penny. I won 348 + 160 = $508 for acost of $120 plus your service. And I felt confident staying with your choices. Thanks!" - Rick Perilloux

"Thanks for the FFMastermind service and your friendly advice, for the 12th year now. I'll be doing my early renewal in about a week. Best to you in 2012!" - Tim Pavlian

"Nice job on the premium site - this is my first year using it and I definitely appreciate the info you provide!" - Geoff Ford

"You provide a great service, Mike..........that's why I've been a customer for quite a few years now! I sincerely appreciate the hard work you obviously take pride in, and for someone like me---who just can't keep up with all the changes and news that impact fantasy football----your service is a real blessing." - Ray B.

"I mentioned when I renewed my Pro Bowl package that I've taken 1st, 2nd and 1st the past three years in my fantasy league. So, thanks again for that." - Kevin Bonham

"Of course I don't mind telling you why I returned. I'm the commissioner of a dynasty league and we're going into our fifth season this year. Your articles and draft program really helped me in the beginning (40 player initial draft).Over the last two years however I kinda lost interest in (fantasy) football and stopped subscribing. As a result I got stuck with two 1st overall picks in our rookie draft in a row." - Felix L

"I just signed up for another year (2012)... Took 2nd place in both leagues, including the big money league where I was high points!" - Ken S.

"I liked what you produced this season and look forward to the site next year. Thank You." - Scott Girasia

"I just renewed for next year I must be one of your oldest subscribers! I started with you when you were still a young pup.  I play in a 14-team Basic scoring league with the same guys for the last 24 years. I have one 6 Championships and am playing for my 7th title on Sunday( I know week 17 finals are ridiculous). Just wanted to thank you and your team for all the great work this year as always. Its no coincidence that the other guy I am playing in the finals is also a Mastermind subscriber." - Jim Taneyhill

"I am 4-1 so far and #1 in power ranking. Thanks!" - Bobby K.

"Sorry I ask so many questions through email... I'm not a huge football fan, but because I've been reading your premium site and I'm in 1st place! Thanks!" - Josh Strong

"Cool thanks. I'm a friend of Jeff G. He pushed me to sign up with you guys. I beat his undefeated team this past weekend. Send him an email and rub it in a little if you get a chance :)  Thanks for the help!" - Donny M.

"Thanks so much for your hard work.  Your draft guide helped me score 165 in week #1 and beat my arch rival and last years league champ...and everyone else in the league for that matter by a full 40 points!!!! " - Paul Batts

"I used your software last night for one of our drafts and the rest of the league was very impressed.... We've had the same group of guys together for the last 5 years (so we're not going anywhere) and we'd like to make your software a staple for our drafts too." - Kyle W.

"Great up-to-the-minute sleeper article! To think I was worried you guys might be a bunch of high-binders taking my money without a product during one of my drafts a few weeks ago!" - Michael H.

"I love your EDM tool! It truly helps me put tiers in perspective and it gives me the leg up on my competition. You're the man!" - Caleb S.




"I'm a veteran of fantasy football. I mean I've been around a long time, going back to the 80's. So when I found FFMastermind.com, I thought it might be cool to subscribe just because the owner of the site had been playing as long as I have. But what this site did for me in 2010 was just plain MAGIC. Really, I'm not kidding you, Mike Nazarek and his staff are a bunch of magicians. They produced the best MAGIC ACT that I've ever seen! And they did it over the entire season, with many e-mails and a few phone calls from myself.   Let me explain. I play with a very knowledgeable group of fantasy players. And we draft earlier than most, so when I asked Mike what he thought of the Texans running game in JULY of last year, I was shocked to hear that Steve Slaton might not be the man anymore. Sure, I knew the team had drafted Ben Tate, but what Mike told me was eye-opening. He said... "Don't be shocked if Arian Foster takes over as the lead back and keeps the job all to himself." Anyway, it was just food for thought at that time, but when it was my turn to draft in the 13th round, I actually called Mike on my cel phone DURING my draft! Amazingly, he actually answered the phone on a Sunday night! I told him I needed another back for depth and who does he tell me to take? Yup, Mr. Foster. So, I didn't hesitate and yelled his name out to the commish right there. I got some interesting looks on that one. Well, needless to say, I had my #1 STUD RB in the 13th round and my running back issues were a thing of the past.  But that wasn't all. Mike also told me to pick up Brandon LLoyd off the waiver wire early in the season. And he also told me Jacob Tamme was the replacement for injured Dallas Clark as soon as Clark went down. So I got him too. Needless to say, I had a magical season and won it all! Oh, did I happen to say that I play in a local high stakes league? Yup, the entry fee alone is more than $1,000. So, I pocketed more than $10K with Mike and his staff's help! So even with the threat of a lockout, I didn't hesitate to toss $50 to Mike and crew for 2011, knowing that even if there wasn't any football, he's have my back when there was. It's the easiest decision (and smartest) I've ever made! Thanks again, Mike, for all the help and advice. I won't play fantasy football again without your help!" - Barry P.

"With the help of FFMastermind.com over the last 2 years, I have won back to back Head-to-Head and Most Points championships in my big money league...i couldn't have done it without your expert advice. Thanks Mike!!" - Mike Pera - Owner FantasyDraftTools.com

"I won all three of my leagues this year! Wow - amazing. I'd never been in the championship of all three leagues before, let alone winning all of them. I'm already signed up again for next season - bring me some more good information and hot tips!" - Andy Bond

" Love the premium site. Back-to-back champion in a fourteen team league!" - Don R.

"I wanted to say thanks for all ur info on the website and ur help. I won my championship in my league this weekend." - Javin Livingston

"I am in two more fantasy championship games this week thanks to your help.  Always love it!" - Bogey Balata

"You're not gonna believe this. My weaker ESPN league team that made it to the championship round (which is Weeks 16 and 17) went into yesterday down 93-49. But I started Ryan Mathews (free agent pickup midseason), Michael Bush (FA pickup last week with your help), Rashad Jennings (FA pickup two weeks ago), Kenny Britt (FA pickup after his injury), Robert Meachem (thinking I needed a home run to have any shot), Rob Gronkowski (FA pickup yesterday that I mistakenly dropped before his big Week 16), the Chiefs' D, and David Akers. Who did I start at QB? To replace Jay Cutler (who I thought would only play about a half), just for the hell of it, I signed Tim Tebow a few days ago. 3 TDs (and 94 yards rushing!) from Tebow, 3 TDs from Mathews (finally!), a TD and good game each from Bush, Jennings, Britt, and Gronkowski... and I won. By two points. 188-186. Unbelievable. By far the biggest fantasy comeback I've ever had. And my team had the third-fewest total points in my 12-team league during the regular season and squeaked into the playoffs with a 7-6 record. I guess it ain't over 'til it's over. :) Thanks for all the help!" - Richard F

"I must be one of your oldest customers going way back to the **** days before your move to Vegas. In our 23rd season of fantasy 16 team basic scoring league I am in the semis vying for my 7th title I owe a lot of that to you and your team Mike!" - Jim Taneyhill

"At the beginning of the season, you did my a solid in helping out with software issues I had with the draft manager. I really appreciated it. I'm happy to say - last night I won my CBS fantasy league for the first time, thanks to your site. I can't thank you enough for the quality product you provide and the exceptional customer service. I've already renewed my membership for next year. Thank you very much!!" - Michael Daimion

"I'm back in the playoffs again this year. Just a quick thanks for all the info you provide!" - Erin McKenney

"Just so you know, I finished with the number 1 seed in a high stakes league 126 teams, I was two points off the overall points leader. I credit my success to FFMastermind..." - Charles Picton

"Last year I had 5 pro bowlers last year. Ray Rice, Sidney Rice, Marshall, Gates, and Andre Johnson out of nine players in 14 team league. This year, Roddy, Orton, Foster and Peterson possible four pro bowlers so your draft advise is always right on bro." - Bob McKinlay

"Thanks for the great lineup advise.  It helped me win my title.  Thanks a lot! Great customer service to go along with the great everything else!" - Ken C.

"I'm  new to the premium site and Ilove it -great job." - Danny Clemson

"Well, I'm a winner again this year.  I listen to your podcast every week. You guys have definitely helped me out in the two leagues I join every year. I’ll definitely be buying your draft package next year, even if I’m not in a money league. Keep up the good work Michael!" - Mike Cross

"Once again, great site w/ all the premium articles, lists & news. Keep up the good work!" - Craig B.

"You have a very good and very responsive website. That means a lot to your subscribers." - Jim T.

"I just want a quality cheat sheet to draft with and then timely news during the season.  That's why I always come to FFMastermind.com!  Thanks!" - Rich Uhrichs

"Now that I’m used to it, I really like the new website and how you release everything in sections and not in one big report at the end of the night. I think it is really helpful to be able to get the information quicker, even if it is not the entire document like in years past. Keep up the good work. I like the new sections as well." - Chris Pellegrini

"You have the best, concise waiver pickup Iist... really needed that... thanks!" - Terry Conklin

"I made it to the Playoffs last year with your guidance, so I like my chances again this year.  Thanks for all your hard work!" - Robert Turocy



"... Mike sent me a great cheatsheet with comments on each player just before my draft. I guess he had a crystal ball because he really pushed me into taking a LOT of COLTS players. Needless to say, I not only jumped out to a big lead early in the season, but won the regular season going away. We ended up TAKING IT THE DISTANCE, as I won the league by a record margin in the NFL playoffs! BTW, this was a big money league, so the winner (myself) took home nearly $2000! And without any prompting, I promised Mike I'd send him a good share of it. Well, once I got paid in the springtime, I cut Mike a check for $250! I gotta tell you. This was the most fun I've ever had in a fantasy league, and anytime I had questions throughout the season, Mike was right there to answer them. Mike, YOU'RE THE MAN!" - Joseph D.

"I can't believe it! Just like you did at SI.com, I just won my 4th fantasy football title in a row! A HUGE THANKS for you and your staff for helping me FOUR-PEAT!" - Dave Findley

"I just renewed for the 2010 season. Thank you for guiding me through the 2009 season. In spite of a rash of injuries, I managed to stay in the hunt, and my team came through. I won my league title. I couldn't have done it without your expert advice. I've been a subscriber the entire decade." - Kevin Bonham

"I'm living proof you don't need to read 30,000 pages of fantasy crap. All I did was use your draft guide strategies and weekly cheatsheets to win it all and a whopping $5,000! Thanks!" - Brian R.

"I just wanted to let you know that after having NEVER won my 25-year fantasy league, I finally won it all with your help! Wow, what a feeling!" - Joe Brown

"With your help, I just won my league championship and $1,500 again this year! It's the 4th title in 5 years!" - Jonathan Kent

"FFMASTERMIND.COM has lead me to my league's championship 3 out of the last 4 years. The in-depth analysis and "out-of-the-box thinking" is head and shoulders above other sites. The results speak for themselves." - Sam B.

"This is an outstanding service over the years. I never miss the Sunday hot scoop and have never been let down. At coming up on 73 years old, if I'm alive, I'll be with Mike and the Mastermind team. I took one 1st and one 2nd last year." - Larry Gindling

"Thanks so much, you're the sensei of fantasy football. Your advice led me to another title this season, that makes two titles and a second in 2 years. Keep up the great work! You're the 'only' service for me. Also thanks for taking the time to answer my e-mail!!" - Mikal Takahashi

"From the bottom of my heart to the top of my money clip, I send a hearty thanks to you and your staff for another tremendous fantasy season. Because of you and your staff, I made the playoffs in all four of my leagues; made the super bowl in two of them; and won one. I could not have done it without you guys." - Michael Iban

"I won the superbowl again this year in my 12 team league… I have been in the superbowl 5 years in a row and won 3 of them! Thanks again for your help!" - Ken Silber

"I am in an 8 team keeper league that has a rookie draft and a free agent draft and for the past several years I have benefited from your services. In fact, I have been fortunate to reach the championship the last 3 years, and I finally clinched the title in the 2009-2010 season." - Chris Lowry

"First, thank you. This was my first year using your site and I made it to the championship game and it more than paid for itself." - Jonathan Lesser

"I have decided to up grade my account this year to the super bowl package. I would also like to say thank you for such a great site, it has helped me enormously. Last year, I finished in 2nd place in my league! Thanks again." - Charles Ford

"Hey man, great job this year again. I was in 8 leagues, made the playoffs in 6, made the final game in 3 and won 1! Made a ton of cash this year. I won my most expensive league too. Rock on." - Jason Bechtel

"Just a note to let you guys know that I think you do an awesome job. Won my one league and should have won the other. I've used your services for many years and the info is great and gives me something new to read every day to keep me at the top of the heap. Keep up the great work." - Marc Campbell

"Ive been with you for 2 years now and Im playing for my 2nd championship and for that Im very thankful." - Mikal Takahashi

"I just renewed. Thanks for all of your help again this year." - Tony Harper

"I think you're one of the BEST fantasy handicappers around." - Alan Prezio

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"I don't usually enjoy sending you direct e-mails with questions I have for my lineup, as all the information on your site is usually enough. However, I am in the title game and have a big conundrum on my hands... Thanks for all your great stuff this year. Already looking forward to that first Master List for next year's draft." - Daryl Sherred

"I made the playoffs so far and am fighting for high points! $400 is at stake. Thanks all regular season and helping me to playoffs." Bob M.

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"I know that this is a hectic time of year for you so don't bother replying to this email. It is great to be back! I tend, during the off-season, to focus solely on the Vikes, but now is the time to kick it back into gear and get myself ready for the complete fantasy season. (Okay...I have been studying since the first of the month...but why quibble.) Great site with some nice upgrades. Of course I cannot recommend it to my competitors within my league, but I do advertise your service to my buddies in other leagues. You have a great bunch of guys here who offer some superb advice, and of course your guidance is beyond reproach." - John Schreiner

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"I can't tell you how much I LOVE your new MCP Board! It's very detailed and I can customize it for my league's scoring. Fantastic!" - Bill C.

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"Love that Sandwich Rule! Taking time out to make a sandwich 15 minutes before the games begin so you won't make stupid last minute lineup changes is a fantastic concept!" - Harold K.

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"You absolutely, positively do not want to go through a Fantasy Season without ffMastermind's In-Season Injury Quick Bits. Come High Noon on Sunday you have to check, see who's been ruled out, who's going to play." - Jimmy The Finger

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"I wanted to thank you for helping me out over the phone in regards to my account/ip address issue. I played football at the University of Texas from 2002-2006 and have always loved Fantasy Football. As soon as I graduated and finished up (I tore my shoulder up at my pro day leading up to the 2007 draft) I got really into Fantasy Football and found your site through the podcast. I love all the info and really appreciate the hard work. It may sound crazy but I literally refresh my premium injuries page almost hourly and sometimes more to get the latest info on players in the NFL." - Marcus Myers

"Thanks for everything this year...I had a lot of FUN!!! I was in two leagues here in Houston and won them both using your web site and your advice... I am in the money!" - Chris Csengery,DDS

"I would like to get the Pro bowl package again for 2009 and yes I would like to use the same card. I would just like to tell you your service is first class. Because of your service I won our head to head pool and if I listened to your week #17 player rankings, I would have came in 3rd place in our overall pool, but my team partner wanted to play Matt Ryan in week 17 instead of Kurt Warner. Because of that move we slid into 4th place. Oh well, he lives in cleveland and does not have a lot to do with the day to day operations of the team so how could I say no? Well, thank you for a great year I hope you did well in all your expert leagues and I will be talking to you real soon." - A.J. Prezdog

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"2008 was my first year with Fantasy Football Mastermind. Now that I have experienced it, I don't know how I managed without it. Mike Nazarek and his dedicated team of experts give you comprehensive coverage on all things fantasy football from rookies to veterans to those players about to break out. Their advice helped me to the playoffs in all three of my leagues last year and I expect I'll be winning a championship soon thanks to their advice." - Davlar

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"Let me be one more person that gives ffmastermind the credit it deserves. You guys do an outstanding job. Break down of my season, I'm in 3 leagues and my records follow: 9-5 keeper league, 12-1 standard scoring redrafter league and 14-0 in a flex player league. I am in the playoffs for all!" - Mark Martin

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"Thanks for providing the targeting stats. I am totally geeked out over this, but it also adds tons of value. Especially as a Seahawks guy, the reception percentage has my interest. Almost as many passes to FBs each of the last 4 weeks as to Engram. I felt that to be true, but it is fantastic to see it so easily displayed." - Rick W.

"I'm in 1st place in my league, and owe a lot of that to you guys, so thanks!" - George Nahra

"Your IDP coverage has been much better this season. The Blitz is more informative and realistic. The rankings are more reliable as well." - Paul T.

"Would just like to say in closing thanks for the excellent info that I am receiving which has helped me get to 2nd and 4th in my two leagues that I am playing." - Alan Rudd

"I'm in eight leagues this year, will make the playoffs in at least six of them! I've been a customer for a long time and always appreciate your responses. Thanks again." - Jason B.

"I'm off to a great 5-0 start. Thanks!" - David K.

"Wow. When I ready your first premium newsletter and saw that it was 87 pages when I printed it out, I knew I had bought more than my money's worth!" - Kim H.




"I had my draft last night. Thanks to FFMastermind, I did pretty well. You have the #1 Fantasy Football information web site. Keep up the great work!" - Jonathan McDaniel

"Thank you so much for updating the Sleeper & Creeper articles. Man I tell you, with every day that passes, I'm more and more impressed on how efficient FFMastermind really is!" - Victor Z.

"Thanks again for all your great all season advise!" - Bob S.

"Your solution to my issue with the Master Draft worked. Thanks for the prompt response. You have a great product here!" - Greg Roe

"I look forward to all the great fantasy information this year!" - Jim Hardwick

"Thanks for your reply & voicemail. I was able to get on the site tonight and order the Pro Bowl package with no problems. Thanks again guys & keep up the good work!" - Ben K.

"Thanks for the great preseason advice ... Couldn't imagine a season without FFMastermind!!!!!" - Dave Chambers


"Before 2005, I used FF Mastermind and won my local league twice and finished second once. The information was great and insightful and kept me ahead of the pack in my local leagues. For some reason during a couple year stretch (2005 and 2006 seasons) I strayed from FF Mastermind. Needless to say I endured two horrible years. I won't say who I was with, but they strongly stressed Value Based drafting. Now I know that STUD RB THEORY is the way to go. This site was cheaper and had tons of information. Well to much information sometimes isn't good from a bunch of FOOTBALL GUYS. Near the end of the 2006 season, I rejoined FF Mastermind. It was to late for that year, but I vowed to never use another pay site again. Let's move ahead to 2007. All year I used FF Mastermind advice to grab such undrafted gems as R. Grant, D. Anderson, and B. Engram. I felt like a crafty GM who had inside knowledge and used this to my advantage against hapless owners. When I wanted to dump Gore, you told me to hold on. Should I trade Romo? You called me crazy. Ok I didn't trade Romo. What about trading for Andre Johnson? You said target AJ and he could carry you to a championship. You told me to check out Ryan Grants playoff schedule? I did and acquired Grant. We know that Grant blew up. All of these moments along with a 41 point outburst from Anquan Boldin in the championship game carried me to the top of the mountain. By the way, your site listed Arizona WR's having a cake playoff schedule. I listened to that also. Thanks to Mike and his great website, FF Mastermind. I also need to shout out to the great subscriber forum for game advice. If testimony is what you want, then I will preach it brother. Thanks Again." - KCh Fan

"You guys are like the Neimann Marcus of fantasy football information. If you can afford the extra bucks, the quality makes the purchase a no-brainer!" - Road Runner

"This is my 4th year with FFMastermind, my 4th year with multiple Super Bowl champions, and my fourth year of money in my pocket. The staff prepares you for your draft, gets you ahead of the competition during the season, and helps you tweak your teams for success in the playoffs. In addition, there are discussion boards where subscribers advise on trades and free agent pickups. Best information and comaraderie I have found on an FFL site. Join in, join one of the subscriber leagues, and contribute to the site to earn an invite to the coveted Vegas League (compete with the master himself for bragging rights and a fabulous trip to Vegas)." - S.J. Bennett

"I had sent you an e-mail last year which was my first year being a member of your site. I had written you to tell you that I won my first ever Fantasy Football league and all I needed was the Chargers to win it all and it would have been a perfect season. Well we all know how the NFL season ended but fortunately I had my Fantasy league winnings to give my comfort. :-) Well, I'm writing to you this time to tell you that once again I've made it to the end and won my league's championship. That being said this season was a weird one and the best weren't really the best and you just never knew which way the win was going to blow. It literally took me 3 upsets in a row in the playoffs to win this thing. I've just resigned up for your next years membership and I wanted to tell you that you're doing an excellent job. Thanks!" - Robert Iracheta

"In what is becoming a yearly ritual, I once again had an extremely successful '07 fantasy season by subscribing to FFMastermind. Mike Nazarek and his staff have led me to multiple fantasy championships over the last 5 years. Week in and week out FFMastermind gave me information I needed to win. From who was the hot player to who was the smart pickup off the waiver wire. If you like waiting on information, see the other guys. If you want to be ahead of your competition, FFMastermind is where you should subscribe to." - Mark G.

"For the last 10+ years, I've been involved in Fantasy Football. I’ve tried about all of the known sites which provide advice and updates on various players from undrafted rookies to the established players. FFMastermind is one of the best and fill a very important nitch especially in the off-season when most other sites slow down. The information is easy to access the format allows you to open multiple screens and compare players without having to switch back and forth on the main page. The Rookie Drafts are one of the most important aspects in Dynasty Leagues which play both sides of the ball and the reports and updates are both excellent and timely! If anyone is looking for a site that's timely current and covers the new Rookies prior to the draft and keeps the material coming year round I'd highly recommend FFMastermind!" - Chuck Ingerson SE GA Swamps

"I've been subscribing to the Mastermind site for about 6 years now and, as in previous years, the advice and information provided by Michael and his staff is invaluable. The site helped me to another championship fantasy season in 2007. I won the championship in one of the 2 leagues I'm in and grabbed second in the other. With all the information available on the web, just about everyone in the league's I'm in have plenty of information but the insight provided by FF Mastermind helps put me over the top year in and year out, it's a lot harder to gain that competitive advantage these days but Mastermind gives you that edge and more, thanks, Michael, for the great work!" - MTF

"A fourth super bowl in a row, largely to FF Mastermind advice. One of your cardinal rules is always score at each postion. So I focus with your guidance to get the best bang at all positions including this year NE's D, Crosby at Kicker, and Dallas Clark at TE. Anderson was the waiver wire pick of the year who I grabbed early on your suggestion. Mix upcoming WRs like Jennings, Marshall, and James Jones with vets like Battle and Mason and you have a solid base. If you are lucky like me to have Westbrook and Lewis grab the other starters backups so your opponents are playing scrubs when their starters get hurt. Thanks again for all the great help and Happy New Year." - Bob McKinlay (14 owner PPR league)

"Thanks to FFMastermind.com, I have taken 2 of 3 fantasy playoff drafts..." - Lance Uhl

"I've been with FFMASTERMIND 10 years. Because of your expertise in drafting as well as the weekly rankings, I have again won the championship is 2007, my peers' admiration as well as a nice chunk of change. I have it all FIVE TIMES during this stretch, even though last year I traded away my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th picks." - Sal Lara Jr.

"Well worth the $60 to 'buy" myself another fantasy championship. If only my competitors knew my secret!" - Billy Millen

"Great job with another SI.com Championship- clearly you rule that kingdom with FOUR championships in a row! And to win it being the #4 seed, too. Awesome job!" - John Pittman

"I'd like to thank Fantasy Football Mastermind for all their great information this year. I was in five leagues this year. I made the playoffs in four of the leagues, had the best record in three leagues, went to the championship in three leagues." - Fred Masterjohn

"Chalk up another championship to FFMastermind! This is my 5th title in the six years I've been a premium subscriber!" - Dan Wilkerson

"I came out on top of my league. Thanks for solid advise (Nate Burleson). I trailed going into sunday 52-0 and played against Brady and Maroney. Stuck with Carson Palmer thanks to your rankings, while Portis carried me to the title. I'll be a follower of Mastemind again next year keep up the good work." - Al S.

"Thanks for your excellent service this year. With your help, I finished first and fourth in my two main (12-team) money leagues. The championship was my third in five years in that league, and was due mainly to the timely free agent pick-up of Kurt Warner. Work has kept me from being very active in the FFM forums this year, but I couldn't have done it without you and your great staff. I just renewed for 2008, upgrading to the Super Bowl package for the first time." - Buck Ramsey

"I've tried many other fantasy sites and none compares to FFMastermind." - John F.

"You have me as a premium subscriber for life. I'll be back for '08!" - AMW

"I won my Keeper league's Super Bowl this year. That tip on Bobby Engram paid off huge. My subscription is at 8 years in a row or more. Your site is the best." - W.W.

"I was one of your first subscribers and actually talked to you when you were first getting things going. A simply amazing job you've done." - D. Jacobs

"Your site is great and I am hooked. I will be a subscriber as long as I play. Great Job and if you use my testimony please only use my first name I dont want my opponents to know I use this site. Sorry..." - James G.

"Why go anywhere else when Mastermind has all you need to win it all? They helped me win my second consecutive title! Thanks!" - Willy G.

"I use your player rankings religiously, and it never fails to help me out in a close game. Thanks for all your great calls!" - Al Sacco

"I have stayed with you guys for a few years now...and your quick response and service is a major reason. Thanks." - Phil Oates

"In the last (2) years as a FF Mastermind subscriber I have won both leagues (12 team - 10th year) in 2006, and won one of the two last year (2007). Incidentally, the one that I did not win last year, I was the overall point leader for the year. The difference for me is all the information leading up to the Fantasy Draft, (the in-season information is also priceless) because if you are more informed than your competitors, you WILL draft smarter. I will continue to be a committed subscriber thanks to Mike and his Staff." - The Liquid Ambassador

"By far the best and most comprehensive preseason guide of any fantasy service." - Roger D.

"TWO IN A ROW Champ, thanks to those of you at FFMastermind that have gifted their knowledge and educated speculation 'week in and week out'... 2 years as champ in one league and runner up in another (despite the fact that I won the previous year-as a FFMASTERMIND subscriber)... I will be a subscriber for life... Cheers." - K.S.

"Your subscriber forum is one of the best places on the Internet for real, honest, and great fantasy advice!" - Harold W.

"Well, for the 6th year in a row Mike and his staff did not let me down and once again I won far more than my investments in fantasy football. Don't think about it any longer...just sign up now and you won't be disappointed. I haven't been!!!" - Turtel

"The key to my championship in 2007 was to utilize your premium services and to watch the waiver wire...and constantly...CONSTANTLY work trades from weeks #3 to our deadline. Thanks again. It was a fun season!!!" - Rob S.

"I checked Quick Bits daily for FIVE YEARS, then I joined your premium services and truly saw what I missed out on all those seasons. Boy, that was a bad decision to wait so long to get to the great stuff! I finally won my league with your help! Thanks!" - George Q.

"While I understand Mastermind's bread and butter is the fantasy football player, myself included, I think you are mistaken in not shouting how this site is for football fans, fantasy player or not. More information and quicker than any national site or paper." - Al Lian

"I made it to my finals this coming weekend, and I couldn't have done it without Mastermind. I can't imagine trying again next year without your service." - Joe F.

"Thanks to Mike and the loyal boarders I was able to salvage an injury riddled 2007 season in my big $ league. Losing S-Jax, J Walker,A Green,and Caddy,I was able to pick up Ryan Grant,Ernest Graham and Roddy White before others on the WW and win 4 weekly payouts. The quality and timing of the info keeps me coming back. Thanks Mike and his Staff as well to all the Boarders." - G-Gang.

"No one can touch your offensive line analysis." - Tommy K.

"Thanks for the timely updates from Pittsburgh, the weather and condition of Ben Roethlisberger. I inserted Big Ben at the last minute replacing Derek Anderson in my playoff line-up. The difference was 20 points in our scoring, the margin of victory. I'm on my way to the Super Bowl!!" - D. Wallen

"I've been a member of your site now for many years and you respond to my email questions all the time and called tonight about the credit card thing and I greatly appreciate the personal service. I'll be a member every year as long as that continues. Good job sir." - Jason Bechtel

"VBD is a joke. And the godfather of it is an even bigger joke. I see you took down his site once again in that 2007 experts league. Some things NEVER change." - Bobby B.

"If I win Sunday I get in playoffs for 6th year in row. Last three as Super Bowl Champ!!! Much of credit goes to FF Mastermind and your accurate and timely advise. I jumped on Colston last year and this year Derek Anderson on waiver wire." - B.P.B.

"Thanks again for a great premium service..." - M. Laquidara

"You know I've been a supporter for years but this year I'm UNDEFEATED AND AVERAVERING 11 POINTS MORE THAN MY CLOSEST RIVAL. I think that says it all!" - Jim Russell

"Glad I joined this year....keep up the good work!" - Tom Lowden

"Just wanted to say thanks for all of your intelligence this year. I’m a premium subscriber, and having a great year in my league…7-3 with high points for the season and 4 weekly high scores. " - David Nieland

"I love the product and all your updates. Thanks for all the help." - Mike Kessock

"Just wanted to pass along another word of thanks- today I traded Cadillac Williams (my no. 3 back) and Hines Ward (big name) for Reggie Wayne and Ryan Grant. Keep the great advice coming!" - Mike F.

"After floundering in the past several seasons, I bought your premium services and I'm 7-0! Can't wait to win it all!" - Sam H.

"I see you say your weekly newsletter is 60+ pages. Well, you're wrong. I just printed out the latest version and I'll have you know it's 86 pages! Keep up the great work!" - Kyle Rudder

"Picks to Click and Picks to Flick is my favorite section of your premium newsletters. You guys aren't 100% accurate, but you get waay more right than wrong with this feature and I appreciate it." - Freddy J.

"Gotta LOVE those weekly Strength of Schedule bonuses! I just love me some real statistics!" - Dave L.

"Updating your premium rankings each Saturday is one of your best newsletter features. I bet your wife hates the fact you work on Saturday, but I can tell you we subscribers love your dedication!" - Sandra Deacon

"Thanks for sending me my daily Quick Bits e-mail newsletter. It's the best way to start my morning!" - Nate Poole

"I love those gameday inactives. One handy list all in one place... right on premium injury Quick Bits. Right where I want to see them every gameday!" - Sammy W.

"One of the best features of your premium services is the special injury e-mail notices with not only news, but Mike's Views and fantasy analysis. I just can't get enough of that timely information!" - W.R. Bithers

"Sorry about calling Mike at midnight, but my draft was the first thing the next day. Amazingly, he actually answered the phone and gave me the advice I needed. Now that's customer service!" - Kevin J.

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"I just wanted to let you know that when I started to subscribe earlier, the kids started to get out of control and I had to ditch in order to "take care of business". I then forgot about it and wasn't going to revisit the subscription. Well, then I got home tonight and listened to your message on my answering machine. I am big into Customer Service and I don't know many other sites that would call a possible subscriber, let alone, leave a detailed message to see if you could help out with anything. TOP NOTCH. I wouldn't expect anything less, though, from someone who plays in the Fantasy Jungle, LOL." - John Haskell

"I haven't even been a subscriber a through a season yet, but this is already worth the money. After finishing last season in last place, I subscribed to the post-season guide for our playoff re-draft and won 1st place by a landslide. I'm looking forward to this season with you guys on my side! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in!" - Matt Wahlbe

"I was a subscriber a few years back, but got away from fantasy football for a season only to return in 2006 and you helped me win it all! FFMastermind is simply the best fantasy service on the Internet, PERIOD. Thanks again for all your fantastic advice!" - Steve Rodriguez

"Glad to be back! I am anxiously awaiting the season. It's always nice to go in as DEFENDING CHAMPION. I love bringing the trophy to the draft!!!" - Kevin W.

"Being a premium subscriber in 2005, I made the mistake of going with another service in 2006, and it landed me in second-to-last place in my league. As a result, I'm calling you today to return to FFMastermind.com to get back on the winning track. Thanks for the great service and for offering the earlybird special! " - William Calvario

"You run a great service and it's very appreciated!" - Anthony Lombardo

"So far I've been very impressed with FFM. It's May, but you guys have the content pumping out. I like it." - David Stevens, M.D.

"I will probably re-up for your premium services this weekend, just need to pacify the wife that I will pay off the card when bonus comes out in June." - L. Swango

"Looking forward to another year. It has been a long time with you guys. I got the Pro Bowl package as I think that is what I get every year." - C. Pellegrini

"I use your site all the time. On that basis, you might catch me shelling out some money as we get closer to the season." - Jonathan G.

"I like your premium service and plan to use it again this year." - Danny Thomas

"Looking forward to another winning year." - Richard Greenberg

"Just want to thank you for keeping your word and posting the free agent list before march 2nd. It means a lot to us that you do what you say your going to do. Very professional PERIOD." - Cablestocks



"I'm continually amazed by the quality of information Mike and the Mastermind crew put out. I've been a member for a number of years now and every year gets better and better. This year, THREE championships... I'll say it again, spending the money on the Super Bowl package is the smartest money I spend all year." - Sportsprophet

"Once again Mike and the FFMastermind crew deliver for me. Six leagues, six teams in the playoffs, and 3 super bowl winners. If you're looking to draft a winning team and make the right waiver and lineup decisions, this is the place to find it." - S.J.

"I'm a military member, who's frequently deployed overseas. Since the inception of FFMastermind, I have relied on the site for the most UP-TO-DATE information on all things NFL, no matter where I was in the world. Sometimes my ability to connect to the net is limited at best, so I could only go one place before being kicked. FFMastermind is always my first, and sometimes only destination. The Quick Bits are unmatched for REAL-TIME updates on whats going on with teams and players. If I am in the States to play fantasy ball for that year, I have ALWAYS subscribed to their enhanced services to ensure my success. I have NEVER finished lower than second in any league that I have used their services. The articles are exceptionally written, and well-informed. The six years I have been able to participate in a league, I have gone 4-2 in championships, and have become known in my circles as a ringer of sorts. I have FFMastermind to thank. Thank you as always for the superior services you provide, and keep up the fantastic work!!" - Eric Cave

"This is about my 4th or 5th year with FFMastermind. I come back year after year because you guys do a great job. Thanks for the e-mail, Mike, and keep up the good work." - Jon Runnels

"You read testmonials about others dominating their leagues after choosing FF Mastermind as their premium information service. Now after winning three Super Bowls in a row after being in my league 14 years, I agree Mike and staff are the true Masterminds. Sign me up again for 2007!" - Bob McKinlay

"Little pleases me more than seeing the shocked look on the faces of the other owners in my league when they read "breaking" injury news as it is posted on their source for NFL info only to find out that I have already grabbed the appropriate back-up thanks to reading about it hours earlier in the Premium In-Season Injury Quick Bits on FFMastermind." - Darren P.

"Thanks to your market feature, weekly newsletters and personal e-mails, I was able to take a decent team to a powerful team in a few short weeks. I started the wheeling and dealing in week 7 of the NFL season by trading a kicker, Jeff Wilkins, for a "name" back, Edgerrin James. I was then able to snatch Carson Palmer away from his frustrated owner for James and Bernard Brain (I already have Roy Williams, Plaxico Burress, Marques Colston & Laveranues Coles on my roster). The coup de te was then to trade Warrick Dunn & Brett Favre to the disgruntled Frank Gore owner (per your newsletter, no touchdowns since week 2). I got Ben Roethlisberger in the deal as well so I had a decent back up. I realize Luck has a lot to do with it but I like my chances with my lineup and I want to thank you for the advice, the service and the dedication to us Fantasy Football fanatics- your web site minimizes the "luck" factor tremendously. The information provided on the FF Mastermind web site is invaluable, it gives the Fantasy Football team owner the ability to consider things they may not have thought of and, in many cases, gives us the "inside" information (e.g. Frank Gore) that allows us to manage our teams successfully. I listen to Fantasy Focus on ESPN Radio every Sunday morning. I find the program incredibly frustrating because they spend most of their time rehashing the previous week's performances without ever discussing it's relevance to the upcoming week's games. In addition, it seems to me that they only answer the "softball" questions like "Should I start LaDainian Tomlinson or Ladell Betts?" (a slight exaggeration but you get my point). I want to thank you for providing detailed rankings, the Picks to Click/Flick feature and the Team Capsules, if you can't make an informed decision then you just aren't utilizing all the information you provide. Keep up the great work!" - Mike Ferrence

"Thanks as always for the awesome job you do in carrying the latest information, and making most of it free for all to enjoy. Your pay services are more than worth it for the benefits gained." - Dave Roberts

"I won my first Fantasy Football championship this year and I owe it all to your excellent information and insight. Many thanks and looking forward to next year." - Robert Iracheta

"I started this year as a rookie never participating in a pay Fantasy football leauge. Through a friend, I came across this site and the information was very insightful, accurate, and quick. The members on this subscriber board were very helpful with injuries, matchups, and their two cents. Let me tell you, I have much respect for the posters on this site as they are very savy with regards to fantasy football. I would recomend this site to anyone that wants to get the edge in their play or money leagues. It has all the information you could imagine for your success. I played in a high stakes leauge and came in 99th with 372 participants. I did not win any money this year, but am sure with the information this site and members have to offer it is just a matter of time. When you become a member look me up (my user name is Cablestocks). I will help you in any way I can." - Peter Geerlof

"I love the service as well as the premium info." - TMc

"Just renewed - I found your site on your last free year (1996) and have been a subscriber ever since. In that Span (11 years??? - Wow) I have played in three leagues and have only missed the playoffs ONCE. I only played in two this year but I won the Superbowl in one league and lost in the Wildcard in the other (Fred Taylor and his fricken Hammy in week 15). Your Sunday night waiver wires are pure gold, especially early season - I watch a lot of ball and I am always amazed at your insight on the talent waiting in the wings which often makes the difference in finishing strong. I also REALLY enjoy the team summary's in part II every week. Thanks for the great year!" - Terry F.

"Year after year the information on this site is second to none and the posting subscribers and Mike (the owner) are always willing to listen and teach on the forums. So if your looking for just one site for your fantasy football needs, then I would strongly recommend FFMastermind.com. Mike has never let me down." - Turtel

"Just a quick note letting you know I won my 6th title in 18 years in a 14 team league. I couldnt have done it without your help. See you again next year." - Jim Taneyhill

"I've been reading ffmastermind for a few years now, an just this past season joined a fantasy league at work. I thought, "why pay this site when there are hundreds of free ones out there?" I went to my leagues draft (auction 10, buy the rest) with a rankings list from a free website. The stars of my team ended up being Lamont Jordan, Randy Moss, and Eli Manning. I had last place locked up with 4 weeks left to play. We re-draft for playoff ... 10 people, all auction. I decided this time to spend the 10 bucks and go with this sites list. I won the playoffs ($200) by a huge margin. I had a big lead going into the SB with Rhodes, Addai, Wayne and T. Jones left to play. The next closest guy to me in points was about 60 behind and only had Harrison and Dallas Clark left. Well worth the money. I've already signed up for the super bowl package for next year. Thanks!" - Matt Ahlberg

"I won! Thanks for the great advice. Steve Smith and Steven Jackson carried me to the championship. This is my first one in this league after losing in the championship last year so it is particularly sweet! Thanks to Mike and everyone on this board for all of the hard work, it sure gives us all a leg up on the competition." - Willie Duncan

"I just want to say THANKS to all the board posters, Mike's staff, & Mike himself. Thanks to everyone that's contributed thoughout the pre-season & regular season. Thanks to all the help, I finally won that elusive fantasy championship!" - 11B

"Thanks for all your help this past year. As always your service and information is the best out there. I ended up winning three out of my four leagues (my local, 2 CBS leagues)." - Mark W.

"It's simple..if you want to WIN then subscribe. I've been a subscriber for several years now & my Fantasy Football game has improved every season. The forums are top notch with top notch posters, Premium Quick Bits will never let you down & the weekly rankings are never late. Instead of searching site afte site for misguided information subcribe to FFMastermind. One site, one stop for all the necessary info." - Davembo

"Thanks for a great year Mike. I won both leagues this year, and I guess I should give you and this site some props for some good advice and insight. Looking forward to next year. Thanks again, and keep it up." - Stiggy Hambone, the beer drinking stockbroker.

"I want in for the Pro Bowl package again. Do you have a phone number or can I give you all the info at this site? Thanks and Happy New Year!" - Larry D.

"Thanks for the confirmation e-mail on my renewal. I've enjoyed FFM for the last two seasons and came in 3rd place in my league this year because I was up against QB Peyton Manning in week 15 in the semifinals (he dropped 50 points on me and I lost by 30). Congratulations on winning the SI.com experts league! If I am lucky enough to win a t-shirt, I hope that you'll be able to send it to my address in South Korea. I'm Korean American and am originally from Chicago, but have been working in Korea for the last 5 years. Go Bears!" - David Y.

"Mastermind has blown the mind of my league after I took an unprecedented 3rd FF Super Bowl in a row in a very competitive 14 owner league. All my friends are calling me the FF Guru. I said no, just call me the Mastermind!!" - Bob M.

"I attribute much of my success this year to Mastermind. I mean, any blind hog could have found LaDanian, but I got a couple of players like Brees and the Miami D who have paid HUGE dividends late in the season." - Jeff Vasek

"There once was a guy who could not win - because he listened to everyone's spin - and to know "boy am I stinking!- what the hell have I been thinking"? FFMastermind is the best way to a championship win!" - Anonymous, a poet I am not

"Just signed up for the "early bird" SUPER BOWL Package. How could I resist after this year!! 10-3 with the #2 seed (and a first round bye) heading into the playoffs. If not for some key injuries, I would have gone 12-1 and got the #1 seed. It is due, for the most part, to the superior advice I have recieved from Mike and the rest of the FF Mastermind advice over this season. I would advise everyone spend a few extra duckets to get the premium service. While the rankings, injury quick bits, and other articles are VERY useful, it should be noted that the subscribers forum provides another avenue to recieve 1st hand EXPERT advice from numerous sources (including the Mastermind himself). The bottom line: If you want to win, you need to subscribe to this site.....or....pray that your opponents do NOT. Thank you for everything you have done this year.....I look forward to defending my crown next year and have already taken the first step by signing up now!!!" - D. Spears

"Thanks to Mike and everyone in the forums for helping put me in the Superbowl my first year in FF. My wife curses all of you for helping me find a new addiction." - Jim B.

"I made it to my championship game thanks to FFMastermind!" - Jerry Searcy

"As always, thanks for everything and most of all providing a great service to all. You are my only source this time of year and I sometimes lean on you too much." - Stephen F.

"I am a premium subscriber and thanks to you, I am in the Fantasy Bowl in two leagues this season." - Rich Uhrich

"Thanks for all your updates. It's nice to have everything summarized. I'll be back next year. I just wanted to let you know that I'm ranked 7th of 120,000 entrants for the ESPN Gridiron Challenge." - Greg Lanctot

"Just signed up again for next year... thanks as always for your help!" - Ken S.

"I gotta admit you have it Mike as far as knowing the players, stats, and matchups. I passed on Steven Jackson to take Ronnie Brown in draft and I was lucky he came back big in week 16 but Jackson was the #2 FF RB in our league after LT. I did follow your advice on grabbing many free agents like Colston, Gould, and Cutler who all started for my Super Bowl Team. Your weekly cheat sheet and newsletter info giving insight on players is the best . You aren't right all the time but three SI.com league Super Bowls is awesome!!!" - Bob S.

"Thanks again this season for all your help. I will be re-newing for 2007 soon. I was eliminated in our Circle of Four this past weekend but made some money and earned some bragging rights thanks to your help." - Mike Lucas

"Kudos to all your success and the success you help all of us to achieve." - Chris Warner

"Making money off fantasy football is a damn tough go, and I'll bet you are one of the few who does it successfully. You provide a damn good product and a HUGE amount of information on a timely basis week after week. You charge $35 or $40 bucks for a product that has one hell of a lot more value than some book that costs $25 bucks and then gets tossed in the corner." - Jack P.

"Thanks for all your hard work in making this hobby fun. Life is good. Remember we live better than half the planet despite our fantasy fortunes and relationships with those we love are far more valuable than a check and a trophy." - Keith from Minnesota

"With my renewal, I think this would be the 8th year (2007) with you. Enjoying every one of them." Marty B.

"With your help I'm winning my division in two leagues and in my third league I started 0-6 and have gone 6-1 since and have made it to the playoffs!!" - Andy Bond

"It's been a great run in my longest league of eight years. I have decided to retire from FF altogether after this season because my career has taken up much of my life and now I'm starting a law practice with two other attorneys in downtown Houston, after having been in firms for the past four years. I will say, however, that, including this year, I have made the playoffs of my league for EIGHT years straight, every year I was in the league. I am the only one to say that by far! I regularly purchased subscriptions from your site and a couple of others and was proud of the success fostered by those subscriptions! I wish you continued success and joy during this holiday season!" - Benjamin S.

"I am in the playoffs in 2 of my 4 leagues with the best record in one of those two. I give you credit for part of that success." - Richard Yust

"Thank you.....your dedication to your customers is impressive." - Thomas Robert

"I dropped Deion Branch and picked up Lee Evans about 6-weeks ago . . . YOUR advice. Neither were doing that much, until last Sunday when Evans went off. The only knock on him was having Losman throwing to him. Hope they got something started with each other with last weekends performance. Thanks for the advice! Tomlinson and Evans performances vaulted me into 1st Place. Great feeling!!!" - Tim Pavlian

"Love your information!" - Blake S.

"Hey Mike, I just wanted to say thank you for replying back to my e-mails so fast, and of course your good advice. You do a great job. I've been a member for around 3 years and it will be years to come. Keep it up and thanks again. By the way, this is the first year I have ever started out 9-0, and I have been playing for 10 years!" - Ryan G.

"I love NFL football and Mastermind is the best source of information." - Cassidy K.

"Since I am a many year return subscriber, I find great value in your service and the underlying assessment of NFL players. I hope all is well and thank you again for your fine service." - John Schreiner

"Thanks for the pep talk Coach. I've used your service for nine years, and although it's a little more expensive than some other sites, it is hands down the best in my opinion. Worth every penny. Thanks!" - Mark M.

"Great call on Frank Gore this pre-season, Mike. A real horse. I had him in for Westbrook (injury) today and it's good to see him crank out more points." - TJB

"Thank you for the incredibly fast e-mail response!" - Alan Offenberg

"I beat the tar out of my opponent this week using the advice that I recieved from your site. Most of my WRs were out (Steve Smith, DJax) so I had to work the waiver wire for starters...but I still scored the highest point total in my league!! Thanks!" - Mark S.

"Thank you very much, looks like I got a decent start to my FFL season. Glad that I use your service for my information as you seem to "get it right" with the players in toss up roles about 80% of the time. I do tell my buddies - in other leagues - about your services." - John S.

"Just wanted to let you know we really enjoyed using FFmMastermind again this year." - Denise Matich

"Everyone uses some form of fantasy football information from magazines, the internet, television, and radio. The information is out there for all to see and it's really a matter of putting together a service that is entertaining and knowledgeable. The best sites will not only challenge your own decisions, but cause you to debate the author's views and suggestions. To that end, we've seen countless magazines and other website printouts at different fantasy football drafts we've attended, but, I have to say that your service provides the most useful information available. We don't always go by your suggestions, but that's the secret to a great information source: It challenges your strategy before you make the moves, much like a great coaching staff does in the real game!" - Ray R.

"Great info, I think I rocked my daft!" - Joseph Maino

"Thanks for the personalized service here!" - Daren Hill

"Your service is certainly worth the money. Thanks!" - William Stevens

"Glad to be back for another year of your information!! You keep offering more and more, I'm expecting you to come out with those phones, a la ESPN!! Congratulations on all the work you and your staff have put in this year -- it really shows!!" - Brad Porter

"Keep up the good work. After being cheap for a couple seasons - and having the results to show for it - I subscribed against last year and promptly won my league. You guys do an excellent job. I love the "tiering" approach - it really makes it easier to figure out the best way to make good value picks." - Brian Hammond

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"You finally got me. I have been visiting your website regularly for maybe 7-8 years. I love your NFL Quick Bits. I also was in your Fantasy VIPs contest the last couple years. I have been playing Fantasy Football almost as long as you have, and have never paid for a service. I like to go by my own opinions, and have done fairly well. I figured I would give it go this year, plus I have enjoyed the articles you and various writers have posted in the past." - New 2006 Premium Super Bowl Package Subscriber John Lee.

"First off, let me start by explaining how surprised I was to recieve a voice message from you so quickly (much less....a vm at ALL from a web based program)!!! That is a definite testiment to the service that one recieves with your website. I am glad that I signed up for the Super Bowl package because I know that I am getting the best possible attention and obtaining the best chance to win my league again (I have not been to the SB for 3 straight seasons.....after winning the first 3 and playing in the 4th). I found out about your website by randomnly searching the web and browsing the different options that were out there for FF gurus to choose from. I read thru some of the freebies on your site and it appeared that the different types of articles, combined with the specific items they addressed, were something that I could find useful. Most sites provide the same information making it redundant to even consider any extra site outside of the information that your league site provides (we use Yahoo). Mastermind has proved that theory wrong.... You definitely strengthened the sentiment by responding to my inquiry so fast....and even more so by responding over the phone!!!!! Since I realized what I was doing wrong, I didnt see a need to contact you back (I know you probably have a full plate and could easily spend the time elswhere). I do have one more dilema........I want to tell EVERYONE I know about the site so that they dont waste their money on redundant info sites like I explained above....but then again...the competitive side of me wants to keep this a secret....haha....Regardless, I will remain a FF Mastermind customer from now on due to your direct attention." - Mike Spears

"Back for the 8th premium season, 'nough said..." - Fenton Miller

"You had just what I needed." - Peter Jones

"I made a mistake, please forgive me. I have been a customer of yours before you became a well known leader in Fantasy Football. Last year in 2005, I strayed and decided to try a new service. It was a terrible mistake, please forgive me and let me know when early bird sign-ups are being offered as I want to come home." - Al Lian (Subscribed to Super Bowl package on 4/18/2006)

"I'm really impressed at your response time to getting a new subscriber access into your Subscriber forums---especially during the off-season." - Darren Phillipson

"Hey guys, great site, been reading it for years. I visit lots of football sites every day of the year, and this is always the first one I go to." - Doug


"Thanks again for helping me win 3 championships in 4 years. Your site is great. Considering I won over $4,500 (net) in four years I would say your service is quite a bargain." - Kurt Rogers

"I have used a number services in my past 20 years of fantasy football participation, and I can say without any reservation that Fantasy Football Mastermind is head and shoulders above the rest. Their service is so personalized you sometimes wonder when your doorbell is going to ring with Mike delivering your weekly plays! I play in an 8 team league, and a few of the free agent pick-ups we were able to snake away from the competition were Neil Rackers(#1 kicker), Bears defense(top defense), Anquan Boldin, and Joey Galloway. So many fantasy football services have the top position players ranked the same....anyone can play it safe. Mike and the Fantasy Mastermind team are able to discern which players will outshine the others and increase their relative value versus the others.....now, that is worth it's weight in gold!" - SWB in Texas

"Okay, out of curiousity, NOT disatisfaction with your site, in the last three years I have signed up for Draftsharks, Footballguys, and this year FFChamps along with your's... 1)The funniest and best individual write ups are ***********, 2)The most disorganized mess by far is the ************, 3)The most limited, and contains almost NO information at all is ******** (the rankings on receivers are also very odd), and 4)Best overall site? Not even close: FFMastermind.com! Glad to be back." - Thomas O'Connell

"Until I subscribed 4-5 years ago, I was one of those people who would never pay to get fantasy football info. I was attracted to FF Mastermind by the quick bits, and decided to subscribe to see what else this site offered. I definitely was not disappointed. The information starts in January, with rookie previews, and continues all the way through the season. Everything you need for fantasy football is right here at your finger tips. Now, I wouldn't think about playing fantasy football without subscribing to FF Mastermind. If you subscribe, you will wonder, why didn't I do this sooner? I did." - John V. - Malabar, FL

"Simply the Best Company I've Ever FUMBLED Upon! Completed my 8th year, and each year has been a surprise; like, how the heck did he know that about a player. Mike is without fail the best at picking the gems, sleepers and telling you to dump (quickly) another. His personal help has got me into several playoffs and championships over the years, as well as, helping me to decide which player to take on that important, must win game day. Friendly like my good buddies, Mike and his team services are professional, timely, and informative above my expectations. GREAT JOB GUYS! You've easily got another year from me!" - Marty B (New York City)

"After two years of being a premium subscriber and two league championships in a row, I'm back for 2005. Thanks so much for this website. Im telling all my friends (who arent in my league) about it. Also thanks for all the regulars who took the time to give me feedback when I needed it. FastForward to December 2005... After being the first to win back to back titles, now I went and got myself a threepeat. I'd like to thank FFMastermind, all of you on the premium board, and .. oh ya.. Larry Johnson. If I weren't so damn greedy, I'd tell all my friends about this site including the ones in my league! - C.M.

"You guys are great! I have been a Premium Subscriber for five years, and every year I have won a championship in either my local or internet league and sometimes both. This year, I lost Javon Walker the first week, lost Bulger late, but with your free agent picks each week, helped me pick up Joey Galloway, Terry Glenn and Joe Jurevious to make a difference. Your draft boards make drafting for quality easier, I find gems in the middle to late rounds. When everyone else is picking 'chick' picks or 'deep/deep sleepers or creepers', I am picking up guys who make a difference. Each week I used the player rankings to help make my decision on who to play or who to sit. I don't know what I would do without this service, actually, I do, I would lose, instead I have been winning each year. Thanks again." - Mike T.

"By the way, thanks for all of your help over the years!" - Bob Paleczny

"Great site -- happy to rejoin." - Jeff G.

"With the help of FFMstermind.com I won my league championship. It's not just the cheatsheets or the rankings. It's the in depth information, analysis and columns from your staff that make FFMastermind.com a must have tool for every fantasy football geek out there. Thanks!" - Mike S.

"Yes, another FF title! Two in row. First time in our 13 year league history. Thanks FFMASTERMIND for keeping me current and always looking to improve my team." - Bob McKinlay

"Well, we (my brother and I partner) have finally did it. We won the pub league I started 4 years ago. It started out with very simple scoring so that all the players (all were new to FF) could understand how the game is played. First year, we came in 2nd and lost in the semi-final and had the most points in the last week (would have won the super bowl). Second year, we added some new scoring items and we again came in 2nd and lost in the semi-final, but had the highest scoring team in the final week. Third year, added some more items and again was 2nd and lost in the semi-finals but had the highest scoring team in the final week (is this a repeat???) Boy, we have been getting toasted over the brews from the crew. Each year a different owner won, usually by luck... This year, new scoring to bring the league to the standards held by the guys on the Subscribers Board. This year, we finished 1st in the regular season, by one point. We won the semi-final by over 100 points and then pulled out the victory this week. What a relief, now I don't have to take all the "heat" for being the guru who could not win. Our team as follows: QB: E. Manning, Hasselbeck and Delhomme; RB: Priest, LJ, Tiki, KJones, TJones, Benson and Suggs; WR: Holt, S. Smith, Boldin, Shockey, G. Lewis and R. Brown; PK: Stover and Lindell; D/ST: Carolina. We traded Mike Anderson, Barlow and Stallworth and received Boldin and Suggs as our only moves. What a year. The draft was excellent and the team just kept scoring... It is a testament to FFMastermind.com premium services and the paying subscribers that a team like this could be drafted and maintained all year. Thanks guys, for getting me off the HOT SEAT in the local pub... Once again thanks to Mike, the stall and all boarders here for all your support and knowledge, it definitely makes a HUGH DIFFERENCE." - Turtel

"Thanks to my bears Defense I just won the championship Just want to thank Mike and his staff the service is EXCELLENT! & I'll definitely be back next year,Thanks to all of the board members for all of the helpful advice!" - Slammers

"I started subscribing to FFMastermind a few years ago and all I can can say is WOW! The information is fast and correct and an absolute must for anyone who wants to win a fantasy football title. The opinions of the active users on the posting boards are also a plus and have helped me in some very tough weeks. I won three fantasy titles this year and couldn't be happier! Viva La Mastermind!" - Rodney from Florida

"No matter what happens this weekend, I say THANK YOU. You all have been awesome. The advice I've received here at FFMastermind.com and in the premium subscribers forum is second to none & I greatly appreciate it. I play in ALOT of leagues, made the playoffs in most & owe alot of it to you all." - Davembo

"I too want to thank Mike and Staff for their support during the season. I also want to thank everyone that participates on this premium board. It is nice to always have a sounding board and be able to share opinions." - Oldguru

"Just signed up for 2006 and wanted to say thanks for the best service on the net. See you this summer!" - Buck Ramsey

"I've subscribed for five years now. I've won three championships and came in second five other times. Prior to me subscribing, I was at a total loss in how to play fantasy football. If anyone is serious about winning a championship (or two or three) then FFMastermind is locked and loaded with any and all information needed to get to the next level. The message board is also the best in the business with many different opinions and knowledgeable fanstasy owners who love to help other owners win their leagues. I'd recommend this site to everyone, except those in my leagues!!" - Bill Dannhardt

"This was my first year as a member and I sure am happy I subscribed. Not only is the research first rate and laid out in an easy to follow format but the Member Boards are top notch too. Unlike other sites, the management AND members contribute excellent information there which helped me come in first in total points in both my FF leagues this year.
I will be back for years to come." - John K. - Vero Beach, Fl.

"I've been a member for 3 years and couldn't be happier with the results. The success I've had over that span is due in part to the information I get from FFMastermind. Five championships over that time span has made the money spent for my subscription the smartest money I spend all year." - Mark G. - Springfield, Ill.

"Stop bouncing around from site to site for fantasy football information. Subscribe to the best site out there in FFmastermind & you won't regret it. I did a few years back & won't go a season without it. Everything you need from breaking news, player rankings, to gameday info is right here. Let FFMastermind help make you a champion." - Dave B. - Michigan

"Been using your site for several years now, made the playoffs every year so far and have taken 1st or 2nd every year but one. Thanks to you and the subscribers in this premium forum!" - Kamacozzi

"Again, I had a great year--finished with the best regular season record in the league--but lost in the championship game--Thanks again." - Steve

"Thanks to picking up Samie Parker last minute, I just won the championship! Thanks Mike! You, the staff, and the service is EXCELLENT! I'll definitely be back next year. Thanks also to all of the board members for all of the helpful advice all season long!" - Glenn

"Glad to be back aboard and looking to next season." - Dan

"This sight offers a wide variety of useful tools and information needed to run a successful Fantasy Football Team. The information is timely and the advice is sound. A must for all Fantasy Ballers!" - Billy W. - New Bern N.C.

"Thanks again for another great year... Won big $$$... Just renewed again for next year!" - Ken Silber

"To Mike and all the staff, thank you so much for providing an excellent product. I have been playing this game for 15 years and had arguably my best overall season using your service. I never thought I'd pay for fantasy football information. Thank you once again." - Dan (DJOmaha)

"Thanks for the reminder. I just signed up for next year. I'm looking forward to next year." - Jonny D.

"Thanks for a great product! I didn't pull out any league championships, but it certainly wasn't because you did not provide accurate and timely information. In the absence of your assistance, I would really have SUCKED! In fact, I suspect I was competing against others who subscribe to your information and insights. Some of those dudes pulled some real shrewd moves. See ya next season!" - Jack B.

"I play in several leagues all performance scoring except 1 basic scoring and really enjoy your service. It's why I've come back year after year." - Jim T.

"I have to applaud you on your information this year. If I was to guess, my bet is this has got to have been one of your better years. Everything seemed spot on, especially as far as the rankings went. Great job and thanks again." - Mark G. (Sportsprophet)

"I reached the finals, and I was ranked # 2 out of 12 teams during the regular season. 8 teams made the playoffs starting in Week 14. The # 1 ranked team got knocked out last week.....yaaaaaaaa!!! I just wanted to say your service is top notch and I'm glad I'm a subscriber!!!!" - Urlacher54/Rick

"I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my questions. I lost my top two draft picks this year due to injuries and I am in the final four in our league. I could not have done it without your service. Thank you again." - Eric Russell

"I've been with you guys for years. Really a quality job. Keep up the good work!" - Larry Meixner

"Thanks for your advice over the phone concerning Rudi or Samkon! It made the difference in my winning my playoff game!" - Robert R.

"Thanks once again for another outstanding year. I use your site in 5 different leagues. I'm currently first or tied for first in 4 of the 5 leagues and 3rd in the other." - Mark G.

"This is my 7th year subscribing. It's been worth every penny!" - Marty B.

"Not to sound like too much of a dork(probably too late), but your info is awesome! I'm in three cbs-sportsline leagues and I'm in first as ususal. I spoke with you on the phone a couple of times over the past few years (premium subscriber for 5 years) and you are the greatest thing in the world for someone who doesn't have as much time (like I did in college) to do research. From my subscribtion price to you, I consistantly make 12 times that in winnings. I'll take that over the S&P any day. I am currently 11-1, 10-2, and 8-4 in my three leagues and it is largely due to your insight. As much as I want you to prosper, I have to say the same thing to you as I have over the past 5 years....shhhh, don't let my competition know. You got married and are in LV now right? Anyway, I'm sure you don't remember speaking with me over the past few years, but the service you provide is awesome. I almost wanted to send screen shots of the three, 12 team leagues, standings (two snake draft, one auction), but I am sure you believe me and I didn't want to bog down your site. I'm in for next year, and next year, next year. Enjoy Vegas but keep up the phenomenal work!" - Kurt R.

"Thanks for the Week # 10 Fantasy Player Rankings. I really appreciate it! Love the site!" - Kirk Spaeth

"Is the Mastermind a real super hero? Your analysis and predictions sure make you look like one!" - Harry

"Your drafting tips and analysis were great once again this year and was a big reason we were able to get those 3 WR on draft day. Thanks again." - Mike Kaufman

"Nice job with the gameday inactives and late breaking news. It's much more convenient when a
subscriber doesn't have to go all over the site to find the information needed. that's supposed to be one of the many advantages of subscribing right?" - Mike S.

"Thanks for sending your free fantasy newsletters! I'm already with another service, but I'm going with you next offseason for sure." - Paul

"Thanks Mike. It's been another great year." - Dennis

"Kudos, for from what I have seen, FFMastermind.com was the first place by a few hours, the information in relation to McAllister and his ACL." - William L. Zitrick

"Man, it's so nice to walk in from church and instantly find the info I need to set my line-up: Joe Horn out, Kevin Curtis in. Done in about 60 seconds. Thanks for making my morning a whole lot easier!" - John K.

"Just a quick note to thank you for today's Re-Drafter rankings. They're a big help and much appreciated." - Joe Soper

"Thanks again, and thanks for your premium service." - Richard Yust

"Love the site, been a subscriber for years." - Chris Pelligrini

"I especially appreciate the commentary you give for each of the preseason games, and what it means for the players. I can read the AP boxscores and game summaries, too. But your insight into what it REALLY means has been very valuable as I've prepared for this year's draft." - Jeff V.

"Good job. Our league has been drafting IDP's for fifteen years. We appreciate any and all info regarding defensive players. Thanks." - Czarina2

"Above and beyond the call of duty. But I have come to expect the extra mile from your group." - Mike Lynch

"Your draft guide looked good. I had one draft last Sunday and it worked well. I have two more on Monday." - David L. Peters

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"Glad to be back. I'm going to order in a couple minutes. You guys have brought me to quite a few payoffs with my leagues over the years!!!" - Todd from Germany

"I am a new premium subscriber. I heard about FFMastermind through FF articles on the web. Last year was my first season playing FF. I'm picking this site over Rotowire for next year." - Bob Bateman


"I have been a Mastermind subscriber for six years now. Over that time I have won several titles in both re-drafter and Keeper league formats (including another title in 2004!).  What can I say,  great information and insight on players, player rankings, waiver pickups, trades and rookies. For me the Mastemind Super Bowl package puts it all together.  And for those tough decisions just e-mail the Mastemind to get an extra opinion on a trade or line-up decsion - you can't go wrong. My best advice this year - Look to win now - Trade your running back depth to shore up your TE position. Well, I acquired Tony Gonzalez via trade and Tony G helped me to a 10-3 record and another title.  I look forward to another exciting year in 2005!  Thanks!" - C.L.

"Thanks to FF Mastermind information especially the rookie report, subscriber forum and the weekly updates, you saved my 2004 fantasy season. In fact you helped me to do the impossible and win/dominate my regular season (by 2 game advantage over the #2 ranked team) and go to the championship game in the Fanatics Football League playoffs . This after I lost one of my key keepers (we only keep 4!) in Ricky Williams even before my league draft and going into the draft without my 1st and 2nd rounders that I dealt away to acquire him! Thanks to FF Mastermind info I had one of the best drafts ever and I had the jump on all the key Free Agents. I curse you Ricky and thank Mike for saving my season!" - Jyri Makela

"Guys, I wanted to tell you that I subscribe to many other premium sites in addition to FFMastermind, including ************.com, ****, and The ******* **** to name a few.  And I just have to say that your services really put all of them to shame.  With your help (and only your's), I won my big money league and a cool $5,000!  After not getting the type of informative service and advice from those other pretenders, FFMastermind stepped up to the plate and knocked a home run for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it!  Well, since I've already renewed my Super Bowl package subscription for 2005, I guess you already know just how much. Happy New Years!" - Barry Hankly


"Thank you! I won my league with all the information provided by FFMastermind." - Steve Del Rey

"I think FFMastermind is the best fantasy football info site on the internet. The news on players is posted almost as quick as it happens. The injury updates are very timely, and the player rankings, both preseason and during the regular season are very useful and have been instrumental in me placing in the upper end in my league from day one of my FFMastermind membership. I've used alot of fantasy sites, and you can't beat what FFMastermind provides, at any cost!" - Mike Alewine

"I have been a subscriber for many years and this is by far one of your best years with regards to content and accuracy." - Mike P.

"Not a lot of coverage down here. We get 3 games a week plus Sportscenter, so I rely on the net for a lot of info and ever since I joined your premium services, I have been flying... and I have learned a helluva lot as well. Thanks again and I will be back next year." - Brett Hanley (Melbourne, Australia)

"Just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff, for your input and hard work on the site this year. If you don't remember, I am the one with the funky scoring system, and the $20 first come first serve waiver wire pickups. Anyway, I was in our super bowl today and won by 10 points...Thanks to my kicker (Denver). Don't let anyone ever say kickers dont matter..LOL Again, Thanks and I've already renewed for next year." - G. Head

"Thanks to FFMastermind, my draft and free agent moves were always one-step ahead of the rest of my league. The result was a 15-1 record on my way to winning my league this season. In fact, since subscribing 4 years ago I have made it to the championship game 3 times." - David S.

"I appreciate your help and all the great info on the site. Have been really impressed since I came across the site a few years ago." - Mike Albers

"After 5 years of finishing in the middle of the pack in my league (which is full of guys who like to rub it in through the entire off season) I finally had my revenge this year.  The difference was that I subscribed to Fantacy Football Mastermind Inc.  Sure, I got a little ribbing after the draft because their cheat sheets didn't value Curtis Martin as highly as mine.  A few weeks into the season the ribbing was about how lucky I got picking him with a mid-round pick.  Then it was about how lucky I was to pick up a few key players off the waiver wire just a week or two before they started performing.  I'll have fun in the off season reminding them how "lucky" I was to be in first place the whole season." - David Owens

"I love that strength of schedule/Match up thing you put into your premium newsletter every week.  It's been a big help in determining who to play in my TD only leagues as well as the yardage ones. Could be my best season so far." - George aka TB99

"I think that the FFmastermind.com site is top notch. Their premium services are the top. There was more than once this past season that their Sunday morning news kept me from starting a player that ended up being inactive for that weeks game. I dont know of any other service that keeps a person as well informed as the FFmastermind.com site with their premium services." - Mike (BEAR) Antholz

"I won my Super Bowl last night 78-55 and wanted to thank you and the guys for all the expert information before and during the season. Since I have begun subscribing to FFM, I have won 3 out of 4 Super Bowls, which I owe to your thorough analysis...and some luck. I appreciate the help. Have a great New Year!" - Tony Gervino aka TGinNYC

"I have been a subscriber to FFM for years.  I used to play in money leagues but now just do the Yahoo thing but I still subscribe...I want that edge.  I place in at least one or two leagues every year, due in large part to the assistance provided by FFM. I won't go into a football season without it." - Dave T.


" I am happy to say I made our Championship game with the help of your fine premium services.  Thanks again!" - Dave M.


"I discovered FFMastermind part way through the 2003 season after watching my team struggle in the first half of the season.  I read the free articles and lurked in the non-member forums as a guest.  The information I was able to glean helped me in that I was able to make some good waiver picks based on what I read.  My team played above .500 for the remainder of the season, however, I wasn't getting the injury information that I really needed to give me the edge on my competition.  So, I joined as a premium Pro-bowl member for the 2004 season.  That entitled me to information that clearly enabled me to field a highly competitive team.  I had a great draft using the mock draft and "insights" that were provided.  I plowed my way through my 12-team league all the way to the Superbowl.  The bottom line is that the FFMastermind premium subscriptions give accurate and timely information that is simply not available elsewhere for free." - Darren P.


"Thanks for the last four years.  I won our 12 team league again as you can see from the comish message from our home page.  Keep up the great work." - Kurt Rogers


"Thanks again for your premium service - 3rd year for me. Not do the rankings and articles give you an edge, the message board is a great place for advice and last minute updates. Thanks again!" - Bob Paleczny

"Your service is absolutely great. Thanks to you, I was the highest scoring team in my league for the 4th straight year. I won my division for the 3rd straight year. But more importantly, I won our Super Bowl for the 2nd straight year. Back-to-Back Championships! Your rookie draft coverage is extremely valuable to me. Our league has a "rookie keeper" rule, so I look forward to reading you coverage on this years rookies to help me stock my team. Keep up the great work." - P.T from S.I, NY

"Every year lately, I seem to make the playoffs.  I don't think it's a coincidence that I have been a premium member during this run, do you?  Thanks for everything!" - Billy Z.


"Just a note to say that I am SO pleased with your service. As a result of the excellent advice I've received throughout the season, I have clinched FIRST place in my league this season. Last year I pulled down a Second place because of your advice. The key has been the weekly info on free agents and Hot players. I'll definitely be signing up for next season." - Jeff V.

"A couple of years ago I joined a fantasy football league. Before this, football was just something I watched when my "home team" was playing. With the help of Mastermind, I am well informed about my players, know who I want to pick up and who I want to drop. I have placed "in the money" each year!!! I couldn't have done it without Mastermind, it gives me a significant edge and I find it more helpful than any of the other services. Thanks to you!!!  My wife loves it too because I don't have sheets and papers strewn about the house." - J. Canfield

"Your site is GREAT!" - Tim R.

"I've been a FFMastermind subscriber for multiple years now, and have  recently found it most useful in converting our league to a Keeper / Salary Cap league.  We will use the projected cap figures that come out right before the season to set our players dollar amount." - Lou Martin


"I’ve been a premium subscriber w/ you for quite some time... Thanks for all your help and hard work during the season, the new web site is fantastic." - Mitch Stemm

"I won my money league, but finished 7th in my other league. I will say that your website, which I have used almost exclusively for 5-6 years, is a great source of ideas and information. It keeps me on top of the real scoop from each of the different cities my players play in. Without it, I would be lost with regard to any of my players that aren't Dallas Cowboys. Getting ready for the draft is much easier with your info. The last couple of years, I have had to rely on your lists and my gut because I have been too busy to really go over every team and its players. And, it works. The rankings page of the website is the meat and potatoes. When I don't have much time to prepare (which is most of the time these days), I can print the rankings, set my lineup, pick up the best defense for the week, and let it roll. If I have enough good players to start, that gives me an edge. Oh, and did I mention I won my money league? Thanks for all your help." - Chris Groff

"Once again the FFMASTERMIND has guided me to a sucessful Fantasy Season.  With all of the info that is available to help you out, you CAN'T go wrong if you pay attention. THANKS ALOT for your services !!!" - Raymond Jason

"Your site was really great and was instrumental in me winning my first FFL title in our league.  It gave me information that became vital in picking up free agents.  It help in picking rosters for the week.  Please keep up the good work and lets win another title." - Rick Gollhardt aka Bad Boys


"My personal reason for using FFMastermind is the in-season insight and info from you and your staff- you guys work hard!" - John P.

"I am a long-time fantasy football player who has now been running a league for over 10 years. I have tried several on-line services in the past, but have finally settled on Mastermind for good. Two years ago, I won our Super Bowl by tearing up the league from start to finish. But this past year was where your service really came into play. Due to a rash of injuries, I finished the season just below .500. But thanks to your fine advice, I was able to make many useful pick-ups as the season progressed, and ended up repeating as Super Bowl Champ. I wouldn't have done it without you!! Thanks so much!!" - Garry Stebbins

"As a long time subscriber, I can say that your service has improved vastly over the years. I particularly enjoy the Picks to Click and Flick, and the daily news updates. I recommend your service to my friends enthusiastically." - Mike Morrissey

"Thanks to FFM, I have made the playoffs in our 5 year old league all 5 years. Two first, one second, and three thirds. This would not have been possible without the help of Mike and his staff. Thanks for all your hard work, and looking forward to the 2005 season." - Gene '1rebmun'

"I had an excellent regular season. Had a record of 11-3 which was the best in the twelve team league." - James Bento

"Just want to thank you. I picked up your service last week as I prepared for my fantasy bowl. I was a subscriber last season and won the bowl. This season I didn't order and finished 1st with most points, but had some tough decisions to make for the bowl. With McNabb, Ward, Barber and Brien in my usual starting rotation (along with LT, Horn, Witten and Pitt D), I was looking at free agent options for the obvious reasons. Based on your rankings and data, I went with Collins, Evans, Larry Johnson and Lindell and won a very tough high scoring game. Thanks. Best $10 I have ever spent!" - Todd G.

"Your site is fantastic...I have finished in the money the last 4 years in a row (12 team league) and won twice. I couldn't have done it w/o your timely information and insight!" - K.S.


"Thanks to you I am in my fantasy super bowl. Once again, using your services, I drafted a great team and once again, I out-managed myself but, overall I still had a good team in spite of Priest Holmes’ injury. Thanks again and Merry Christmas." - Eric Russell

"Merry Christmas and a safe Happy New Year to you and your family. I’m in my semi-finals thanks to your great website. Here’s to making it to the finals." - Derek Riddick

"Glad to be aboard for another year. If I win this weekend, I win my league! Thanks to Mastermind!!" - Dan T.

"A win this week give me my 3rd Superbowl win in 4 years, thanks largely to you guys!" - Scott Warren

"This is only our second year in a FFL. My Brother and I play in a an approx. 20 yr. old, very competitive, 16 team league that places scoring emphasis on TD's, with yardage for WR, RB getting one point every 50 yds. With your Super Bowl package, our team this year has been great from start to finish. By using Master Draft prior to our draft and then reading all of your great content every week our team has been in first place since week 1, is in the championship game this week, finished 15-3, got the two week bye and won our playoff game, and has outscored the other 15 teams by more than 200 total pts. Wow! Thanks so much for all of your help." - John & Paul McGovern

"Thanks....I have wrapped up getting into the playoffs WITH AN AWFUL TEAM...other than Peyton Manning. Would not be there without your advice." - Phil Oates


"Your premium service is outstanding! Consistently, I have performed well in all my leagues. This year's record, to date, is 19-5, with one left to be determined tonight...too close to call yet. The playoffs are just around the corner, and I expect to do very well, and perhaps win one of the two leagues. The second league was a keeper team I inherited and have worked it into a winner this year, but it may still be too soon to win it all." - Todd Thompson

"You site is good and your drafting tools are exceptional.  I will be signing up again next year.  Thanks!" - Tim Bulva


"Just signed up for Super Bowl Pkg.. I think this will be my 6th year. Can't remember exactly. Anyhow, you are doing great. Great service, Great insights, Very dependable, Always making improvements, Love the Value addeded stuff, and always a whole lot of fun." - Marty B.

"I just wanted to take a quick minute and say thank you for Mastermind and being my FF support service for the last 2 seasons. Since I joined up, I have had 2 very solid winning seasons! Last year, I came within 1 half of winning the very coveted championship gold and this year I'm tied for 1st place in my division at 9-3. Your forums, insight, draft help, and rankings have been a tremendous support to me while growing me as a savvy FF General Manager. I just wanted to say thanks and tell you how much I appreciate you and your staff." - Jeremy Lacy

"Thanks again for all your help this year. The advice in your newsletter is top notch, and has helped me dominate my leagues!" - Mark R.


"We've played the same formula every year and used your service to keep us on track. You're kind of the Billy Preston (known as the unofficial fifth Beatle) of our team. So hopefully, we'll win OUR (including you) 4th title in 5 years!" - Ray B.


"I`m a "FFM" believer, converting from Draftsharks!" - Brendan S.

"Dude, your column rocks! Have a good thanksgiving and keep up the great work. we look forward to your slick picks every week the past five years!" - Steve Reinholtz


"Excellent fun! Great web site. You never let me down!" - Mike Panet


"At your suggestion I grabbed Julius Jones off waivers last week, BEFORE he was a hot item. Had I waited I'd have had no shot since I pick last in our weekly waiver pickups (in my league you're allowed one priority pick, and those with the best records pick last). Another good call on your part. Got to be proactive in this business." - D. Riddick


"I've got the best record in BOTH of my 12-team leagues.  Your service is superb.  Thanks!" Aaron "Buck" Ramsey


"Your rankings of Bears D over NE in week 10 gave me victory and assured me of playoff stop. 'Da Bears scored a defensive TD and punt return TD so I will start them through the playoffs. Many thanks Mastermind." - Bob McKinlay


"Mike, excellent newsletter part II tonite. You should know that some of us appreciate this type content, top drawer and thank you!" - Richard Yust (3rd yr. subscriber)


"Just a little pat on the back. I just bought the mid year package and with your help and some insight of my own, won my league wk 8 with the highest score in league history 176 point My high was 120 or so!" - Randy Rabenold

"I have been following your advice to a tee this year and am 5-1 so far." - David S.


"Thank you for getting the injury information this morning on the premium injury quick bits. As soon as I found out that Domanick Davis would be starting, I removed Wells from the flex spot of my lineup and inserted MARCUS ROBINSON!! That was the difference in my game. I won thanks to Mastermind!" - G.B.

"Last week, ESPN said Moe Williams would start but the Mastermind and his crew directed me to Mewelde Moore instead. After the briefest hesitation, I picked up Moore and started him. It looks like the 18 points Moore got me will be enough to win the game this week. This good advice was key in getting me past a tough week. I'm 2-3 now and my team is coming back to life. Thanks for the good advice." - Mikey Emp

"I have been a yearly subscriber from before you started charging for the service. Yes I first hooked up with you from a link from a ****web site, and the first year your service was free. I have been into fantasy football for many years.  Simply put, your service is the best!" - Jim J.


"Thank you! Your web site is worth every penny!" - L. Kirby


"Dear Mike and Staff: I've been a long time follower of your website (since 1997) and this year a subscriber. I'm in a 14 team league at Pepsi in Burnsville. Its a tough league (my 13th year in it) Only been to the fantasy bowl once. This year three days before our draft my sister was killed in a car accident in Illinois. I couldn't make the draft so I asked the guys to draft a team for me. I gave them a few names of the guys I wanted Alexander/A Johnson/Gates. A couple of the other owners sons drafted my lineup. Going into this week I'm 4-0. I can't help but think my little sister is looking down on me (she was always the lucky one in the family). Thru all this I have been reminded how important people are. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the hard work and energy that your organization puts out in giving fans and fantasy hobby nuts like myself a quality product. I hope that this day finds you and your families in good health and good spirits. I hope that none of the petty problems that pop up in life keep any of you from keeping good relationships with friends, family, and co workers. I don't know if I'm gonna win it all this year (picked up wheatley for 25$ and he got hurt after two points..lol) But despite all that I love your service and read it every day. So keep up the great work and every penny I spent on the subscription has been worth it. God's speed..." - Keith "Bogie" Bogaert


"Last Wednesday concluded my 25th draft, of which your info was of great help. In fact, people like you and others make it too easy for the lazy I used to be able to research to beat. After review of those who drafted using competitors junk they still made some very stupid picks." -  David Foote

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"New site is awesome! Great graphics. Easy to navigate. Information?? Wow! There's no other site where I could be more informed." - Dan Turner

"I used to go without any pay service, kind of like a bodybuilder without steroids I could win "naturally". I had a lot of success, applying my own opinions on top of the readily available information. But as our owners grew smarter, and services were the norm, winning was more difficult because the wealth of information available over the Internet. I tried Mastermind and won a few championships. But then I thought could do better with a more gung-ho service that tried to pick sleepers and dark horses, who had a bit of recent luck and success. The luck ran out. The mistake was mine! You rely on a service as much to avoid the duds as you do to pick the studs. Forgive me Mike ... I'm back with Mastermind to stay. Watch out Twigg!" - Daniel Stamp


"FF Mastermind was instrumental in helping me finish in second place overall in the high stakes Fantasy Jungle this season. That finish along with a league championship was worth a cool $6,000! Thanks again for everything!" - Silent Bob

"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you (Mike) and FF Mastermind for your help and expertise the past Fantasy Football season. I won my Sports Buff League, was Nevada State FF Champ, Yahoo League and Super Bowl Winner, and ESPN league Champion. Last year, I also won two League Championships. I believe in good preparation, but I also recognize the need for expert help and advise. My FF week begins and ends with FF Mastermind, and I appreciate the professional info and insight you offer. You seem to get better each season, and that is important to me. Now, did I mention that last year I was also blessed with a little luck! I am already looking forward to next year, and I will be counting on your continued dedication to Fantasy Football." - Ronnie Frayer

"We did it again; another fantasy football title! I am in a very competitive 12-team, 3 division, 16 player, performance keeper league. I have been a FFMastermind subscriber since 1999. My record since then is 57-22-0, 4 division titles, and 4 league championships. This year thanks to the superior information provided by FFMastermind, I traded for Chad Johnson during the offseason and picked up Domanick Davis and Anquan Boldin BEFORE they "blew up" and everyone wanted them. Now I am looking VERY strong for next year! Feel free to post my e-mail on the website. People who read this need to know that the most important thing about FFMastermind information is you get valuable information well before anyone else. Also, FFMastermind's golden rule, "Buy Low, Sell High." convinced me to trade Keyshawn Johnson years ago while he was with the Jets for a brash young receiver named Terrell Owens. I also drafted a rookie QB in the 6th round named Daunte Culpepper. He hadn't played one snap, but, FFMastermind experts stated he was the "real deal." The rest is history! FFMastermind has helped me build the following roster over these years; QB-Culpepper, RB-Deuce McAllister, Ahman Green, Anthony Thomas, WR-Owens, Chad Johnson, Boldin. Who wouldn't want to have this roster in 2004? If you want to win, subscribe to FFMastermind TODAY! Don't be cheap either... get the Super Bowl package! Thanks again Mike!" - Michael A. Shaw


"Your service is OUTSTANDING!!! I have been receiving your reports for three years now.  My first year I came in second, and my last two years I have won both the leagues I participated in.  The best part of winning this year's league is no one would trade with me because of last year's victory.  Thanks to the key tips Mike gives about who to start and key pick-up, I was able to draft a winner and win my league with no trades. Mike gives a no hype and straight forward view on how to build a winner. THANKS MIKE!" - Brian Stecker

"I've been a fan of FF Mastermind Quick Bits for years and in 2003 finally became a Super Bowl premim subscriber. I play in a very competitive 10-year keeper league - and subscribed to regain some of my former FF glory. Having only won once before, I wanted more. Well, Mastermind delivered with timely info pre-draft and most importantly during the season - I moved from the middle of the pack into the FFL Superbowl game in one season! Now I'm in the position to win regularly with improved keepers, and Mastermind info and feed back from their subscriber forum! I can't wait for another dominating season! Thank you!" - Jyri Makela

"I wanted to take a minute to thank the Mastermind staff for all of the great information and service that you guys provide. I have been a premium subscriber for FIVE years now and am a religious user. I have just capped off back to back championships in my 12 team league and have won 3 out of the five seasons that I have been a subscriber! The information that you provide for the draft as well as weekly lineup decisions is second to none! I am also a league commish and the site has helped me create a better league for my fellow owners as well. Thanks for the tireless efforts and long hours that I know you put in to keep the content relevant and up to date. You not only report the latest news, but more importantly you give an educated point of view on these developments that I use to make important decisions each week. Thanks again....and if you ever offer lifetime subscriptions, I will be the first in line!" - Travis

"Last year, I was in an eight man fantasy league. I used FFMastermind for the draft. We draft 45 players and we have no trades and we cannot pick up any free agents that is why we draft so deep. I had the first pick in which I chose Tomlinson. On my second pick I picked Tiki Barber because running backs were going quite quickly. On my third pick, I chose Daunte Culpepper. My fourth pick on the way back I chose Stephen Davis. I strictly did this pick on FFMastermind's draft sheet. I also managed the following wide receivers: Derrick Mason, Chad Johnson, Santana Moss, Darryl Jackson and Reggie Wayne. We played one quarterback, two running backs and three wide receivers with a kicker a offensive Line and a defensive team. FFMastermind throughout the exhibition games continued stating that Carolina was the defensive to have and I followed their confidence and chose them as my #1 defense after Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Philly and Miami. Needless to say, I won the league starting 0-3 and then winning 8 in a row. I finished with a 12-5 record ending with a defeat of the second place team. I use FFMastermind every year and have been satisfied with their hungry approach to the game, not resting or satisfied with what they did the year before. I have already paid for the next year showing my confidence in them. I highly recommend them!" - Tom S.

"I have been a Fantasy Football Mastermind, Inc. subscriber for 3 years. I play in two leagues and have won them each twice in those three years. Had I taken Mike's advise one year when I lost the fantasy bowl, it would have been 5 out of 6. I am extremely busy and sometimes I just don't have the time to read through all the articles and analysis. I need a way to drill down to the heart of the important information. The Mastermind gives me that. What I pay in annual fees to the Mastermind, I easily make up in winnings. You know, I enjoy the bragging all year too." - CWO4 Mark Hanchey USN Retired

"Your services are second to none! With your help, I finished in the top four teams in 5 out of the 6 leagues I participated in, including 4 teams with the regular season best record. From the rookie draft, through free agent pick-ups, to your weekly rankings, the knowledge you and your staff provide is top notch. I have been in fantasy football leagues for over 15 years, and have experienced many "services" that claim they are the best. Mastermind speaks from experience, and lets your subscribers do the talking. Looking forward to a successful 2004 season..." - Bob D from Jersey

"Thanks, Mastermind, this last year I finished second in my keeper league and had the most points for starters as well as 8 high games. In the last 7 years as a Mastermind subscriber, I have been first or second 6 of the 7 years. If it was not for Mastermind, I do not think this would have happened as I have come to trust and use the info I get. Thanks again." - Ray Weaver

"I've been a subscriber for three years now and the proof's in the pudding, so to speak...I've finished tops in scoring in two separate leagues in each of the past three seasons, I've won the League Championship in two out of the last three years in both League's and when I didn't win it all, I finished 2nd (injuries to Priest Holmes and Terrell Owens in 02; Clinton Portis and Joe Horn in 03). Key acquisitions recommended by Mastermind along with weekly player rankings assisted in putting me over the top!" - Mike F.

"Mike, your service is great! Makes my Fantasy Football friends think I know something about fantasy football. All I really know is your service puts me in the money every year! Thanks!" - Bob Wiborg

"let me take a moment to say I have greatly benefitted by using your services over the last few years. After using your free information for a year (mainly the Quick Bits), I saw the value of ponying up and subscribing to a premium option if I was to get serious about this addiction--I mean, hobby. So for the last two years, I have been a Super Bowl premium subscriber. This year, I was in only two leagues, but in one I won the championship; in the other, although I stumbled in the playoffs, mine was the highest scoring team and had the most wins in the regular season. A footnote: I tinkered with subscriptions to a couple of other sites this year, but found yours to be the most consistent and informative. As you know, I got my subscription in early this year." - Ron Womack

"Your service is excellent. The Premium Injury Update is really great, as are all of the forums. Your service saves me so much time and aggravation, not having to go to different web sites for information. I already can't wait for next year's draft. I'll be prepared & ready to win my division & my league." - Mark M.

"I came in first place by a full 10% margin thanks to your premium service. Not only did I have current draft material that was more valuable than the outdated football magazines print prior to preseason, but I was provided decisive information on who to play each week. Will I share your name with my football buddies? You think I'm crazy? I don't want to lose my advantage. - Chuck Coburn

"After much research, Mastermind provides the best and most timely advice on the Internet today. I believe one of the reasons our team does well year after year is this insight." - P.O.


"Since becoming a loyal subscriber in 1996, I have never missed the playoffs in any of my leagues, have been to the Super Bowl eight times, and have won six titles (including two this past season). Besides providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date information, Mike and his incredible staff provide the most responsive customer service and support. I will never start a season without FF Mastermind." - M.N.I.

"I think that Fantasy Football Mastermind, Inc. is the top site for fantasy football information and timely insight. It has frequent updates each day that can be critical to a team's success. I particularly like the Rookie Premium Site and the Keeper League rankings. Makes my draft night a lot easier and more successful." - Brad Freeman

"I was a third-year subscriber to your service in 2003. My first year I placed second in the only league in which I participated. Last year, I won three of the four leagues in which I played and placed second in the fourth. This year, I was third in three leagues (losing in the semi-finals by less than 8 points total, but having the highest point total in super bowl week -- what a bummer!) and fifth in the fourth (injuries and more injuries). I have already signed on for a fourth year because my investment in your site has allowed me to become the "guru" of the leagues. These people actually think I'm smart, when in reality, I rely on your site for most of my information. Keep up the good work and I'll keep using your site for years to come. Of course, I have not told anyone about your site. Sorry!!" - Bill Dannhardt

"I had the knack for picking all the underachievers at my draft this year: McNabb (2nd rd).. Canidate & Buckhalter (4th and 6th).. Rice & Keyshawn J. & Conway (5th, 7th & 10th).. I started the season 1-5.. Thankfully, I had Mastermind-recommended sleeper QB John Kitna to fall back on at QB, and using the free agent advice from "The Market" section, I was able to add players like Dominick Davis and Steve Smith midseason to go on a 5-3 run over the last 8 games to scratch and claw my back into contention for the playoffs in a weak division. With Mastermind help, I was able to salvage my season despite how poorly my draft turned out!" - Pete M.

"Thanks for the help once again this year. I was in three leagues this season, finish second twice and a first. One of my best years yet! See you next year!" - Jim W.

"My team was in a company league. I won my division and had a bye week #15. I won week #16 game setting up for the championship on week #17. I have two Rams on my team (Bulger and Holt), that killed my chances as they did nothing. I lost the championship game by 4 points. Bulger's interceptions cost me more than that. However, I still had a great season and looking forward to next year's premium services." - J. Bento

"It's has been about six years that I have been subscribing to your services... FFMastermind is sound advice and I would recommend your premium service to anyone playing fantasy football, (except the ones in my league). They are on their own this next year." - Mel McDaniel

"I won my league twice and have been to the championship game 3 times in 4 years I've used your services, beating my brother-in-law down twice to get there. 'Nuthin' sweeter than that!" - Derek Robertson

"I saw that you used my quote from earlier in the season. As an update, I went from a 1-3 start to coming in second in my league. Thanks for the good advise through out the season." - Mark Lewandowski

"After being in 4 finals and only winning one, I at least feel like I won something now after winning one of your fine T-shirts in your renewal promotion. Thanks again, and keep up the great work. You are second to none." - Bob Doelfel

"Congrats on another great season, by the way. Appreciate you doing the digging and collecting that none of the rest of us want to do, yet rely on so much. **** who? Hats off." - Brian R.

"I've been with your premium service for five years, and won three fantasy championships and would have won a fourth if I had followed your advice in my championship game last year. Oh, I've also been in the playoffs all five years. Thanks for all the great help!" - James Russell

"Thanks for another great year. Because of you, I finished 2nd this season!" - Jason Van Curen

"I've been playing FF for four years. The value of your service is hard to describe. From the time savings of the Injury Reports to the easy to follow weekly articles and rankings. I made the mistake of telling my competitors this year that I subscribe to a FF service and of course I was "smacked" to death b/c I "wasted money" on a FF service such as yours. Well, if the third place winner in one of my two leagues this year had used your service for week 15 he would not have started TWO players that were inactive for the day, costing him the game and a shot at the championship! I look at the small amount of money I pay you as an investment... I've been lucky enough to win two championships in my four years of FF to include a championship this year (Antsports.com, Die Hard League, Team: Titletown, USA). I look forward to "wasting" the money you've helped me earn. Keep up the great work!" - Pete B.


"Out of a 16-team league with 4 divisions, my team won our division and one playoff game before losing in the pre-Super Bowl game match.  So, we had another very successful season, in large part due to your hard work........thanks again!" - Ray Breckenkamp

"Thanks for a great product! I hope the new year is the best ever @ ffmm. I'll be back again next year, my fourth. If nothing else, just to save face. Fourth in points, worst record. unreal bad luck this past year. Sometimes you eat the bear, sometimes he eats you. See ya! - Ken

"Thanks for another great season of information and advice. Both of my teams had their best years in their respective leagues. They are both CBS Sportsline private leagues which use the same rankings to achieve a Power Ranking. My teams not only finished at the top of their resepective power ranking, they both had perfect scores. I'll definitely be signing up again next season!" - Ray R.

"Thanks, I was the CHAMP this year!" - Anthony

"Well this is it! I am a half game out of first. I do have second place locked up along with 600 dollars. A loss from him and a win by me bumps that up to $1000. BTW, I will soon be renewing my subscription. Thanks for all your help! - Jason Young

"Well, with last week's advice, you helped me get to the Super Bowl once again. Thanks for all the help over the past 6+ seasons!" - Trey Jacks

"1st in points scored this season and league champion third year straight! All my winning teams have been built around your stud running back theory with mid-draft talent at QB. Steve McNair was a pleasant surprise for me this year, and you were high on him from the start! Thanks for all the help..." - Tom W.

"Mike, congrats on your latest championship season (and happy anniversary as well)! If Marcia is like my wife, I'm sure she's looking forward to the end of the season almost as much as we are! Just wanted to let you know I'll be playing in my fourth Super Bowl in seven years this weekend and it would not have been possible without your premium service. I wouldn't dream of going through a football season without it. Thanx again, Merry Christmas to you and Marcia, see you next year." - Ray "Razor" Blachura

"Got knocked out of the playoffs in round one with the owner who had Jamal Lewis. He eventually won the Super Bowl too. But I won 3 high game weeks out of fourteen owners. Ended up with most points during the regular season. Took a disappointing 0-3 start and used Mastermind to turn around to 9-5 season to make the playoffs. Just think what we will do in 2004!! Thanks Mike and staff. After paying for the holidays you can bet I will resubscribe!" - Bob McKinlay

"I just renewed my subscription for next year. I had a great year this year with a championship in two out of three leagues, including an undefeated team in a yahoo! winners league. I've been a subscriber since 2001 I believe... Thanks again for all your help and keep up the good work." - Rick Morton

"Nice job this year as usual with the guide and updates. I plan on renewing for next year after the holidays and things slow down." - Chris P.

"I am Champion once again Mike! I'll be renewing for 2004 tonight!" - TJB

"I just wanted to let you know that I have renewed for another year. I am in my league finals again this week, and your draft preparation and weekly reports are the main reason. I've been with you for quite a few years now, and I have to say that the quality of your work is a bargain at the price. This is my fourth time in the finals of a 14-team league, and I'm hoping for my third title. So thanks and best wishes for the holidays (and playoffs!)" - Joe Farrell

"Thanks again Mike. Your service is outstanding!" - M. Bach

"Thanks for the great 2003 season full of information, you have a great company!!!!" - Rob Kiernan

"FYI, I was on your Premium Injury Quick Bits page clicking 'refresh' every minute or so up until gametime, and thanks to your 'Volek to Start' update I made the substitution in time and won my semi-final game, propelling me to our Super Bowl game this next weekend. So thanks for the good work!!!" - Mike Coady - Long-Time FF Mastermind Subscriber

"Thanks for the great "heads up" on Thomas Jones Sunday night in your Waiver Wire report. Our league uses CBS Sportsline and it wasn't until today that the news of his starting made their news. I was really in need for a RB given that it's playoff time and I'm not about to rest my chances at #2 RB on Tyrone Wheatley vs. the Ravens. So, I was able to quickly (and way before anyone else in my league even thought about it) obtain Jones who has immediately made the starting line-up for this week (Houston) and next (Atlanta). It's good to leave 'em wondering what hit 'em! Thanks. Once again, strong work." - John Pittman

"You da man!!!!! Love your website. Keep up the AWESOME work." - Derek L. Riddick

"Thanks for your service. Not only have I made all SIX of my leagues play-offs, I managed to secure a bye week in every single one of them with your help. What's the cost for a life time subscription??? Just kidding, but I'll continue to sign up every year." - Don Raudenbush

"Mike, I would just like to thank you for all your work this season. By using the info from your Masters List and implementing it to my scoring system I am 9-2 and 1st place in points. Thank you also for the tip on Jon Kitna, he has had two big games for me. With three games remaining, I am shooting for a bye and a $800.00 prize for the points lead. Thanks again for all your help!!!!!" - Frank T.

"I've been a subscriber for years. Last year, went to the fantasy bowl in both my leagues (won one). This year, I'm in first place in both leagues (high points in both). Just wanted to say thanks for the great service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Scott B.

"I'm still atop of my league at 8-3 and 2nd in points! I'm having the best year ever so far. With two weeks left to go, I want to make sure I lock up the number one seed. I can't believe it! I've been #1 all year! I hope I can ride this thing out to the gold! BTW, I just wanted to thank you personally for your instant remark to my question. Because I am a subcriber to your service, I'm that much more aware of player potential and what they will do from week to week aside from the luck factor. " - Don Mega

"I love your service, I've won a championship, 1st runner up in another, and am considered a "shark" in the league year in and out!" - B. Sanders

"I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the timely advice on Joe Horn on Sunday. I was travelling and could not watch the pre-game shows. I was impressed with how quickly you got back to me as Horn's status changed Sunday. Even though it didn't work out for me, I really appreciate your effort." - Rick M.

"Mike, really like the new look of these notes you sent me via e-mail... very readable, very quickly!" - Ray B.

"Mike, I just dropped O. Smith and picked up Rudi Johnson just before the games started per your advice. Can you say TD?! Thanks Man!!!!" - Robert Reed

"Been a premium subscriber for THREE years. Love your stuff!" - Bob Loose

"I'd just like to say what a great service it is you provide from preseason all throughout the season and in the off-season, I will never switch to another service. Thanks." - Michael Alvarez


"As a premium subscriber for the past three years, I can say that your Masters List is the most versatile and powerful tool you have given us yet! They alone are worth the $59 I pay! Great job! Thanks for a great product!" - Derek Neeld

"Don't think for a moment that your hard work isn't appreciated by all of us who love to keep up with the latest breaking news. You and your staff do an excellent job. I just wish I could quit my "real" job and be able to keep up with all the great insights you provide!!" - Dan T.

"Thanks a ton for all your work on IDP information and analysis - very grateful as I am just leaving for the draft now. That's why FFMastermind blows all others services away." - Steve Ward

"I really want to thank you and your staff for your help and analysis help. I was VERY pleased with my draft and I know that a big part of that is that I was more educated by you and your staff prior to and during my draft. You guys are awesome! Thanks!!" - Jeremy Lacy

"Mike, you said the following in your draft guide... "I continue to believe that WR Darrell Jackson will produce just as well as WR Koren Robinson, but he'll come at a much cheaper price in most fantasy drafts." I'm with you on this one. In a 12-team draft last night (re-draft league), I let my brother take Robinson in the 4th, then I picked up Jackson at 9.11. I'll be looking to do the same in two other upcoming drafts. Thanks!" - Aaron Ramsey

"Wow! That Masters List is great stuff. You continue to add another dimension to FFMastermind to keep yourself in front of the pack! Thanks." - D.B.

"It's draft day in my local league and I wanted to say "Thanks Again" for all the info you provide in your Premium Package. I have dominated this league over the past six years due in large part to your advice and this year should be no different! I am drafting in the 8th position and I promise to not deviate from the "Stud RB Theory" that has proven so successful for me over the years. I'd say wish me luck, but with your service at my disposal, I know that I won't need it. I'll let you know how I come out." - Trey Jacks

"Hey Mike! Thanks for the quick response! I just wish I had ordered earlier and taken advantage of some of the other specials. Oh if you could let me know how to access the Dynasty cheatsheet I'd really appreciate it. I have a draft this Saturday and it would definitely help. Also, I wanted to ask if I had access to the strength of schedule chart. Anyhow, thanks again and just want to say the website is awesome. Keep up the great work!" - Kevin

"Just checking out the new Masters List cheat sheets. Nice addition to your service. It seems pretty user friendly as well. Overall, It looks like a nice tool. It's a great addition to your services." - Matt T.

"You chewed me out a couple of times because you had me confused with someone else. Something about sending in too many requests for help and you were on vacation/catching attitude from the wife, etc. It didn't sit well at the time and I bailed. One of the other guys in my league put me onto ******* and I went with them for a year. MAJOR MISTAKE! Without going into a whole lot of detail, I'm back in the Mastermind fold and happy to be here. Re the 2 Sep cheatsheet; the sooner the better. Thanks for the excellent product." - Paul G.


"You've got a great product, and I really appreciate your efforts to keep us all informed!!" - Randy H.

"Hey, Mike! I'm a returning subscriber, one you might even remember --- we exchanged a phone call and a few e-mails during the season, which are probably best left undescribed --- but I wanted you to know that I was grateful for your insights all season last year. I've signed up again, albeit too late for the special rate, and I look forward to reading your views on the players and teams and fantasy football itself in '03. My teams were very successful in '02, winning in two leagues and losing in the superbowl of two others, and I consider it due in no small part to the constant flow of significant, well-interpreted information from the "FF Mastermind." Anyway, thanks for the newsletter -- I'm looking forward to the 2003 Edition." - Jim Renthal

"I am really excited about having the premium services this year. Since I've never won any of my leagues the last three years, I am hoping with your help, this year will be the year!" - Christopher C.

"Hey Mike. How's it going? Busy, I'm sure. Hey I just signed up again for the Pro Bowl Package this year. I've been with Mastermind for 3-4 years now, I forget, and you guys do a great job. Keep up the good work. Good luck this year. Thanks for the great service." - Clinton - Springfield, MA

"I just wanted to complement you all on a great job with this site... I know that not many fantasy football people out there including the big sites don't take the time to update and still broadcast the news and updates during the off-season like you guys do... I just wanted to commend you on a job well done... Also, I want to thank you for not putting up frivolous pictures of baseball players or cheerleaders or whatever... I like the no picture format which makes it much easier to view during working hours... Nothing is worse then when your employees see you surfing the web for fantasy football info... Congratulations again on a great job!!!!!!" - Corey Weber

"I've just reordered Mastermind sevices again this year, which I enjoy greatly! I can't imagine not having the expertise of the staff throughout the upcoming F.F. season!" - Nick Maltese

"There are only 3 sites I go to for my info: ESPN, NFL.com, and FFMastermind. Keep up the good work." - Paul B.

"Mike, thanks for the offer. I took you up on your 35.95 Pro Bowl package renewal again." - Anthony Smith. England.

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"Your premium services helped me win $5,000 at the WCOFF. Your products are informative and valuable for FF players who don't have the time to look up all the little stuff that can make differences in a season." - Rodney Pickering (Rodney's Big Moose)

"Five years of premium service... Five years of SuperBowls and three Wins. Thanks!" - Joe Ems

"I once again captured first place in my 2002 Eight Is Enough Fantasy Football League (EIEFFL). This is a very competitive keeper league which was formed in Oakland, Ca in 1978, one of the oldest leagues in the country. This will be my 12th season in EIEFFL and using access to Mastermind's data, especially the daily Quick Bits and Premium Forum, my Bandits also won the 2000 crown and finished 2nd in 2001." - Bob Dickson

"Just a note of thanks for your and your staff's hard work this season. FFMastermind always gets the scoop first. As you know, I've been a subscriber for years. I follow the STUD RB theory which more often than not pays off. This season's pre-draft advice was especially on the mark. Unfortunately, I started off the season with a dismal 0-4 mark. But I stuck to your recommendations and was patient and went on a 6-0 win streak. My team of Tom Brady, Ahman Green, Corey Dillon, Joe Horn, Plaxico Burress, Laverneous Coles, David Akers and the Pittsburgh Def made it through the first two rounds of the playoffs unscathed. Then comes the finals. Your analysis of Brady and my backup Fiedler was obviously correct. What did I do? I broke a steadfast rule of the playoffs and went with a hot hand...HASSELBECK! You had him at #6 I believe and I grabbed him off the free agent wire. He single handedly won the Championship for me and my Poachers. This is my second championship with our league (which is a really tough, savy bunch) and I've made it to the quarterfinals/finals numerous times since signing up with you. Thanks for a great year!" - John Pittman

"I definitely believe after having subscribed to the ****, *************, ***** ******, and FFMastermind, that it appears three of them "copy" your information... So this year I will use ONLY Mastermind!!!!!! Mr. Nazarek you have put together a very fine product, one that I hope to stay with as long as I remain in fantasy football." - D. Jones

"Thought I'd let you know - I won our big money league yesterday and had the high score. $700 total for Highest point total for the year and winning the Championship game." - Dale B.

"I stumbled onto your website literally one hour before my fantasy draft this year. 14 weeks later I've won the regular season with a 12-2 record! Virtually every player I've picked up as a free agent based on your tips has contributed big time immediately (Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, Dee Brown) and your weekly rankings and "Picks to Click/Flick" have almost always been right on the money... You've earned a loyal customer for as long as I'm playing fantasy, just don't post this with my name cause I don't want the other suckers in my league to learn my secret. Thanks for an awesome regular season." - D.R.

"I hooked up with Mastermind and brought my often cellar dwellar team into contention this season. I was estatic on my first winning record and was debateing on renewing my subscription to Mastermind, when out of nowhere I get a phone call from Mike Nazarek! I talked football with Mike for about half and hour and I ended up renewing my subscription on the phone. Looks like FBG's has their work cut out for them." - Alan T.

"Although I do not know you personally, I will say this, I believe you and your staff must be some of the hardest working people around. I was in 5 different leagues this year and I know the time it takes to be prepared for the draft and also to stay aggressive and knowledgeable making the right trades. I would like to thank you for giving me the information necessary to come in first in three leagues and second in the other two. Without your draft kit and weekly articles, I do not believe such results could be achieved. Kudos' to you and your staff, I've already signed up for my third year with FFMastermind. Keep up the good work!" - Bill Dannhardt

"First year as a FF Mastermind Premium Subscriber and first year winning our league championship. Coincidence??? I don't think so! Thanks Mike!" - Mike St. Clair

"I wanted to give you my final results. Last year, I played in one league (20 teams) and was League Champion. This year, I played in two leagues. In one (18 teams) I was League Champion. In the other (FF Mastermind Scout League-12 teams) I finished in second place, having lost the League Championship game by 6 points. My combined record in the past 2 seasons (3 leagues) is 34-14. So my teams have won 71% of their past 48 fantasy games. Of course, your writings and advice contributed greatly, so thanks for the help!" - Brad W.

"Glad to be back with Mastermind for another year. Your site this year was excellent and the mix of features was first rate." - Dan T.

"I just wanted to thank the Mastermind staff...AGAIN. I am in a very competitive 12 team, 3 division, performance league. Our league allows owners to declare between 4 to 8 keepers each season. With Mastermind as my ONLY source of fantasy football information I have been my fantasy football league's champion 3 out of the last four years; 1999, 2000, 2002. Please note I still made it to the playoffs in 2001. Not only does Mastermind provide outstanding information, but, the customer service is exemplary. I still do not understand how you can respond to all the e-mails you receive so quickly and still keep the costs to subscribers so low. Anytime I send an email to Mastermind, I get a response within hours...at the most! In fact, on several occasions I received responses in MINUTES !!! That is OUTSTANDING! Based on Mastermind information, I drafted Donte Stallworth...in the late rounds of course and picked up Donald Driver & Laveranues Coles as free agents. In the keeping with the Mastermind motto of "Buy low, sell high" I traded Michael Bennett and Kevan Barlow (at the pinnacle of their seasons) for Ahman Green. I realize Bennett is showing promise, but, with Ahman I don't have to worry about Garrison Hearst and Moe Williams stealing carries and touchdowns. With FF Mastermind I am truly a "man" playing amongst "boys". See you next season!" - Michael A. Shaw

"Thanks for another great year. I started out 1-4 and ended up winning out and winning my league. I couldn't have done it without your weekly ratings and free agent pick-up advice." - Brian Stecker

"I just wanted to say thanks to you guys at FFMastermind. I won my Superbowl and most points this year in a 10 team performance league with my buddies. With your insight, I was able to draft Gannon, Barber, Martin, Harrison, Burress and Moulds!!! With the 9th pick overall!! I won the Superbowl 2 years ago also!! Keep up the great work!! Ill see you next year when I go for another title!" - Mike L.

"You really give some good info and I'm glad I joined up with you. You might remember being on the phone with me as I'm a convert from ** ****** who should go to jail for robbing me of $40!! Now they send me an email to get me to spend $25 more for the team analyzer service you provide as part of your package deal. I thought you'd laugh at their further attempt to rob me." - Joe the Ref

"The information in your premium services was great this past year. It helped me win two Fantasy Bowls!" - Brett Powell

"I have been a premium subscriber for 4 years now and have loved every second of it. Mike and his staff are top notch. The advice they give is sound but not 100% because nobody's is. However, they are the best in the business and anyone would benefit from their premium services. I actually went against your advice last week and started Marcel Shipp instead of Jimmy Smith because I had a gut feeling but it is always nice to have a "professional view" and that is what Mastermind gives me." - M. Lucas

"THANK YOU!!! I won our Superbowl 57-52. Thanks again for your great product! I have won twice in the last 6 years and have been in the playoff's every year and the information you provide is invaluable. Thanks again." - Terry T.

"Ken Silber here from Wonderlic...I Won! $1400 total... not too bad. I just renewed as well!" - Ken Silber

"I won my first championship!! I took your advice and went with Elam over Gramatica and it gave me six extra points. Culpepper, Shockey and Elam had great games this weekend. Thanks for your help this year." - Jeremy Miller

"Going into last night's Super Bowl I was down 24 points, but thanks to your preseason draft guide, I had the Steelers defense. Well, I wound up winning by 2(!!!) and driving my college friends crazy once again. Thanks for your advice about Hasselbeck and Garcia this week. I appreciate it and have a great Christmas and a super offseason." - Tony Gervino

"I just clinched my keeper league championship with 2 more games left. I have been in the same fantasy keeper league since '87 (Street & Smith Days) and just wanted to let you guys know that FFMastermind is "by far" the best fantasy football product available! I don't even bother looking at other crap any more." - Lloyd Rogan

"Keep up the great work. FFMastermind has always been THE Premier source of FF info." - Rick Prest

"As a subscriber for 5 years, Mastermind gives me the little edge vs. my competitors who also consider themselves knowlegeable. That little edge has often made the difference between winning and loosing a game and or title." - Paul W.

"By the way, last year I tried **** Fantasy Football, just to experiment. Your site is MUCH better. Glad to be back." - Derek Riddick

"Thanks for all your help this year. I am in the playoffs in 7 out of 8 leagues." - Russell Weatherly

"This is my fourth year using your service and I have won the league 2 of those years and am in the finals in two leagues this year. Thanks again." - Alan Bau

"Quick bits, your 4th and One injury analysis and Matt Rader's OL advice gave me all the info to win the first round of playoffs. Mastermind is the best, no doubt about it." - Ray B.

"Thanks for your help - allowed me to win our Super Bowl!!" - Banker Bob

"I grabbed Portis in week 3 or 4 on a hunch. Mike confirmed my hunch with an excellent analysis of why Portis would emerge. Same with me watching Koren Robinson lately: grabbed him last week as a last minute sub for T. Owens. I played in a 12 team league and each of my 3 boys played in a 12 team league. Two of our teams finished first, one team second, and one team the wild card (with a 10-4 record behind a team with a 10-3-1 record, top 2 teams in same division). I advanced to the semifinals last week and each of my boys advanced to their Super Bowl. It was the little lineup changes that made a difference each week and having some idea of which defense or kicker might do well. Do your own work and have a trusted advisor like Mastermind. Good combination I'd say." - Steve

"Thanks for all the helpful hints. As you can probably tell I am already signed up for next year. Happy Holidays!" - Billy Zitrick

"David Akers has been a gem for me this year. Pure FFMastermind draft aquisition. Thanks!" - TJB

"Thanks to you and your staff for helping me win my first league championship. I've been playing FF for six years, winning four division titles and losing one other SB. I subscribed to the Pre-Season Guide for the first time this year. Coupled with my usual research and your guide, I finally got the monkey off my back. I'll definitely be back next year." - B. Hackers

"Thanks for your help the past four years and good luck to your publication in the future. I will make sure to pass on good word about Mastermind to anyone who might play next season. Thanks again!" - Gary F.

"The premium services you provide ROCKS!" - Opie

"I've played in fantasy leagues for 10 plus years now... won some, lost more. This is the first year I've subscribed to a pay site, though I admit using info from Quick Bits forever. The information I've gotten from Mike and his staff is available out there for free somewhere, i suppose... if a person had mega-hours to do all the digging. But having timely info available to me all in one place... and having the insight of people who obviously have more on the ball than I do...has been worth every penny." - K.C. Gator

"Thanks for all the help this year. I will be renewing before the New Year. Good Day." - Bill L.

"I honestly think the $59.95 is a real bargain. In the three years (four?) that I have been a subscriber I have not only become a better fantasy owner, I have become a much more informed thinker. I am better at putting together a team of players that compliment each other, filling in holes, and making my team deep where other teams don't. I'm glad to be a premium subscriber again knowing that I will be in the running in any league I play in next year." - A. Dunn

"Thanks for the effort you put into the weekly newsletters. I do a lot of decision making because of what is in there." - Daniel Bond

"I have subscribed for the past four seasons and have won each of my leagues once in that time and have not finished lower than 4th (out of 12) at any point... and am in the championship game this weekend in one of my leagues. It may not be worthwhile to some, but it has more than paid for itself in my book. At the end of the day, we all make our own line-up decisions, but this resource has been better than any other that I have come across. Much props to Mike and the Mastermind staff for another year well done in my book!" - Buckshot

"This is my first year ever doing fantasy football. I wanted to "test the waters" this year to see how the whole thing worked, including getting input on players, etc. I basically found this site through a web search, and I can definitely say that it has been a big help to me. I lost in week 2 and haven't lost since, and I am now headed toward a Superbowl showdown next week." - H. Marino

"Thanks for the timely update on Dee Brown. Hopefully, since my league opponents seem to read KFFL (which has not yet run the story), I will be able to pick him up thanks to your keen observations." - Bucky

"Thank you and the FF Mastermind staff for your prompt response! I don't know of ANY other site where the staff would have helped with logon problems on Thanksgiving day. Hats off to you and the great work you all are doing at FF Mastermind. You've guaranteed another very happy and satisfied customer for your next season as I find the information priceless. Again, Many, Many Thanks!" - Roy N. White

"I've been checking your weekly picks for about 4 or 5 years now. I've always enjoyed reading your take on the upcoming games and would like to thank you for another great year." - Brad Sovich

"By the way, my Poachers started out a miserable 0-4 then with sage advice from you and your staff kept the faith and went on a 6-0 rampage. Now sitting at 7-5 I'm a lock for a playoff spot! As always- thanks!" - Joni

"Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put into this process every week. I am sure that episodes like the report on Deuce leave everyone with a few gray hairs during the day until your realize that you were right on the mark." - Jim (The Mean Machine)

"Just a quick note. Good job handling the Deuce McAllister situation this past weekend. You noted a report regarding mccallister starting, but gave a nice caveat "he certainly isnt 100%" and your previous report was that he would suit up but not start. ******.com is scrambling today after declaring that McAllister WOULD INDEED start yesterday, so their advice was basically go ahead and start him. It's pretty funny how they are blaming Haslett." - Jay G. Durst

"Thanks for the e-mail answer to my question. I know how hard it must be for you on early Sunday mornings trying to get the very latest news out to us. It is much appreciated." - Marilyn

"Thanks, your premium services has been the best investment that I could of ever hoped for. A great product, great insight. I'll never do it any other way." - Scott Warren

"Quick Bits is the best site on the net!!!" - C.P.

"I just wanted to let you know that I made it to the Super Bowl in my WCOFF league... Thanks again for all the help and hard work you have provided on your site this year. The info that you make available is priceless!" - Bob Thomas

"Thanx for the advice. I left my lineup as is as you suggested and added one more to the WIN COLUMN." - John H.

"Thanks again for all the waiver and trade advice. Here's hoping it all pays off this season with a title and the $$$$" - N. G.

"I'm kicking myself for religiously using the other website tools and waiting until week 10 to start using the forum! Next year will be my third year and you can bet I won't make that mistake again. Excellent site and information, its addicting! Kudos to Mike and the rest of the team!" - G. White

"Great site, I appreciate your service!" - Tim M.

"The advice and information I've gotten from FF Mastermind has allowed me to turn my season around, and go from a record of 1-3 to 5-4, and the top of my division. Once again you've proven to be the best fantasy service out there. Thanks, again." - Mark L.

"I've been a subscriber for a few years now, and I just want to tell you how much I value the info/advice I get from FFMastermind.com. Great job!" - Mike Coady

"I think fantasy owners that use your resources as a scouting service and make their own calls will always be 100% satisfied with your website. Anyway, count me in for 2003 after another great week of information. I needed the win this week and you really came through... again." - Ray

"I just wanted to say thanks for another year of great service, Mike. For the most part you are the #1 Fantasy Football guy on the net when it comes to delivering quality product as promised on time. The on time part is where others fail. I especially like the inactives and other Sunday morning tidbits that you post in real time on the message board. I think this is my 3rd year for your premium product and have not been dissapointed." - Eric in Edmonton

"Mike thank you very much for putting up with all my questions, you've been very instrumental in me being in first place!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!" - Kevin Riggleman

"I always appreciate your prompt replies. Great job on the site this year!" - John Grasso

"Thanks for all the great advice this season. Thanks to FFMastermind I at the top of my division in every one of the games I am playing this season. Keep up the good work." - Mark Lewandowski

"For you to call my home personally within 10 minutes of posting my E-mail speaks volumes about your commitment to quality service. You will have me as a subscriber every football season. Keep up the great work, It is really appreciated and saves me hours of time each week. Thanks again." - Bob T.

"Keep up the good work. Three year subscriber and counting..." - Doug Langdon

"You are 'da MAN!!! I also wanted to thank you for all of your help throughout the last six years. Because of your annual draft guide, and weekly updates, I have been very successful in my various leagues. Last year, I won one league and just barely lost in the Super Bowl in my other league. In case you were wondering how accurate your preseasaon rankings are compared to how players actually finished, I ran a statistical analysis and found that your rankings correlated at about 68%, compared to about 40% by your next closest competitor. That's pretty darned good. And you've done this consistently throughout the years. Keep up the great work." - Michael N Iban

"Thank you Mike for the quick reply, you're the best. Looking forward to your input this week. Thanks again." - Mike Mendel

"This is my 1st year as a subscriber and I'm LOVING it! THANKS!!!! -" Tad Sprenger

"Don't know how I got this deal but I feel like I got a steal here. I gave up Wesley Walls and Matt Bryant and got Keyshawn Johnson! I know your busy but just wanted to let you know who I ended up getting. I shopped and shopped like you said to do and feel it paid off in the end. Thanks for your advise." - Ryan Hall

"Your site has the Sunday night injury update and waiver wire report, which I use a lot as I am always looking over the wire... I love your articles. Overall, your site is one of the best, and I forsee me being a regular premium subscriber for years to come." - Gene Head

"I want to thank you for having your picks and comments on the games up each week for my football "EDGE - U - CATION." With your help, this GIRL, sure put a few good men in their "know all" place. As a bonus, I learned a lot about football and am now at the TV each weekend yelling at those big guys chasing that little ball on a 100 yard field." - Tami

"Let me start this off by saying that I was a little skeptical of paying for fantasy football service. I mean after 14 years, you begin to think you know it all. I was way wrong. Your must start of Lamar Smith early in 2002 was right on the button. Thanks, I'm a Mastermind subscriber for life!" - Marc M.

"If it wasn't for you guys I would not have won the leagues I was in the last three years." - Craig Terdich

"Don't ever let anyone tell you your premium service isn't worth every penny. In a country where customer service is such a joke these days, your's is top notch and it is definitely appreciated from me." - Andy Dunn

"As a 3-year subscriber to your premium services, I have to say that what I enjoy most about your site is the Quick Bits. I find the news postings to be detailed, concise, and useful. I try to log on a few times a day, just to see the updates." - Jeff D.

"It looks like a lot more work is going into this years FFMastermind!" - John M.


"If your other subscribers haven't already said it---- GREAT JOB!! You and your staff did excellent work in turning out the player analysis a day early (last week in August). My draft is Saturday and having the extra day was a tremendous help. I've been very impressed with your site this season and this kind of commitment tells me that I made the right choice. Again, thanks to all the folks who worked so hard and now let's kick some butt!" - Dan T.

"I have used your premium service now for three years and have come in no worse than 3rd place since then. Last year, I came in 1st in two leagues and 2nd in the third thanks to your site's help and information. Only bad thing is that everyone in our leauges now knows about you all so I don't have an advantage anymore." - Rick L.

"I just submitted the order form and you should have it by now. As for the price, your service is worth every cent. With your premium info and advice as my secret weapon, I have won more money at this hobby over the last four years to make up for the subscription costs as well as all franchise fees ten fold. Looking forward to another successful year." - Trey Jacks

"Great job with this site. I am in my forth year of fantasy football. I found your service last year and it took me to a title. I am just hoping that it stays a secret in my league. With so much information I have to be very careful about leaving any papers around." - Griff Finnegan

"I have never seen such content in my life. No wonder you are rated #1. I'm glad I changed over to your premium services. Now I have to find the time to sift through everything. I can see why you work at least 16 hours a day!" - Pat Giordano

"I have never seen such a complete work of art. This is and will be the best draft guide. I will never purchase another book for drafting strategies. Thanks Mike and the Mastermind staff." - Premium subscriber B. M. on the initial release of the FF Mastermind 286-page draft guide.


"I love your premium products and have recommended you to many of my friends, keep up the great work!" - Ryan Ridgeway


"I finally got the national trophy from "Homegrown Sports' All Out Blitz" that I won out of hundreds of competitors last year. It's one of the nicest I've seen. Since the league is non-keeper and you can get ANY player at ANY position EVERY week, you must be on top of what is happening. It's a real compliment to MASTERMIND PREMIUM that I won! Thanks again!" - Jim Russell

"I am looking forward to using your premium services again this year. It saves me a ton of time... One of these days I will renew during the early bird promotion and save myself some money. I have been a subscriber since the first year you charged (1997), so I suppose I have missed out on a ton o' savings. Anyway, keep up the good work." - T. Duncan

"I have lived abroad in London for 2 years now, raising a family and trading commodities, and FF Mastermind has been my life-line of Fantasy Information so I could maintain a competitive position in 3 leagues. I've had to relinquish my commissionershiop, but have stayed at the top based in part to your insights. Thanks. I've just re-upped my 2002 premium membership, and am hopeful for the highly coveted XL Mastermind T-Shirt!" - Daniel T. Stamp

"I was a premium subscriber for a couple years and last year tried ****. Well, needless to say, I'm back. And I'm back for good this time." - Mark P.

"I honestly encourage everyone (except those owners in my leagues) to subscribe to the Super Bowl package. The weekly rankings and premium news bits are invaluable. Once again, I hope to use your site/guide to win another Championship. This is my 6th or 7th year with you and I banked another Championship last year bringing my total since subscribing to four. I have two 2nd places finishes and a number of 3rd/playoff births as well. This is in a total of three leagues a year. I'm known in two of my leagues as "The Preacher" since I bring such a useful "Bible" (your guide in a 5-inch binder). Last year, in a new work league, the 'Bible' scared several owners, who just bought a magazine the day of the draft, into making dumb moves like drafting Jeff Garcia with the 5th overall pick. Or maybe since they were just dumb enough to start research the morning of the draft I can't really put all the blame on intimidation... but it sounds good!" - M.C. Welsh

"By the way, your content is second-to-none already. I'm more excited about my fantasy draft than ever before. Thanks in advance." - Jeff Sealey

"Your info and analysis is the BEST out there!" - Bob D.

"I used to spend all my "posting" time at **********, but now that FFMastermind has this new service, I'll be around here instead. There's less than 100 days until the season starts. It's never too early to speculate! Good work with the web site." - Darin R, commenting on our new FF Mastermind Forums.

"MM Staff, I just wanted to let you know your doing an awesome job. I love the Super Bowl package! This is my first year with you guys, and I can't wait for the season to begin!" - Butch L.

"Thanks for answering my questions. As a premium subscriber, the competition is far behind you guys. Bottom line." - John G.

"Best rookie analysis I've seen - great work! I Really appreciate the IDP (individual defensive players) analysis too. Next year, I won't waste my money on any other NFL draft guides." - Super Bowl package subscriber Dan LeCluyse regarding the Madness 2002 April Pre-NFL Draft Guide.

"Thanks again for all the great information. I been in fantasy football for 18 years and there still is NO website that can hold a candle to you. I think the rest of the websites take the winter off and don't start up until mid-summer. Way to much information is lost and hard to catch up to the hardcore fantasy studs. Thanks again!" - Jerry Grams

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"I have been a subscriber to this service for several years and have been very pleased with the service both from the free Quick Bits page and the Premium service. There are many sites that provide information about fantasy football-some just give news-some give rankings-some assist with drafting. However, there are only a few that try to do it all. The great thing about Mastermind is that they do everything well. The drafting expertise led me to a championship in the past. I was keen enough to pick up sleepers that produced far better than other team's stars. But this year was the most amazing of all. While I drafted well, my team was totally decimated with injuries-Derrick Alexander, Fred Taylor, Ed McCaffrey- and that is just the tip of the iceberg. By keeping up with all the latest news and through the premium newsletters, I was able to make astute pickups such as Anthony Thomas (before he became a solid producer), Jason Brookins, Marcus Pollard and Shawn Bryson. Well these guys helped guide my team all the way to the Super Bowl of my league. This, after my team was left for dead by week 3. With the help of Mastermind Services, I gutted out this season through grit and determination-and keen trades and pickups. Although I did not win the Super Bowl, a season of disaster was turned into a very successful experience. I cannot wait till next year when I win it all. Thanks Mike!!" - Randy Juxter

"This is definitely the site to subscribe to. I hope you try it out. As for the owners in my league, I hope you never find this site!" - Chuck P.

"I joined FF Mastermind in 1998 after coming in 4th place in my league 4 straight years. I proceeded to win the league in 1999 and 2000. The best part of this all is that for the 2001 season I finished in second place because I did NOT listen to Mastermind's advice and made some trades and drafts for flyers against the advice of Mike. I truly feel I would have three-peated if it were not for my bone head moves. I have learned my lesson and cannot commend you enough on all your hard work and insight. I would recommend FF Mastermind to anyone that wants a Winning Edge. I would love to remain anonymous as all my friends read your Quick Bits, but are too cheap to join (great news for me!!)." - Anonymous By Request

"I subscribed to the **** last year as well as your premium service and still think your site is head and shoulders above the rest. Especially on the weekly reports." - Chris Pellegrini

"Keep up the good work!! 3 championships in a row, 3 years with FF Mastermind.... think there is a connection?" - Greg Woodsum

"I really enjoy your product. I have been a subscriber for the past two years, it's really informative and a whole lot of good stuff year 'round. Especially enjoy Morey's Madness since I am in a Dynasty league and we draft NFL rookies to restock our rosters." - Patrick Silver

"Just wanted to take a second off from renewing my subscription for 2002 to say that in my first year as a subscriber, FF Mastermind helped me win our Super Bowl and league high score for the year. The pressure was on as I won both these honors last year and the other eleven in our league were gunning for me, but with your help, I came through again. See you next year!" - Jack H.

"I've been with you for several years now. In a basic scoring league, I've taken 3rd, 1st, and 2nd this year. I got beat out by a good buddy who I told I was using FF Mastermind. He subscribed this year and took 1st from me in the last 2 weks. But, it was a good year, thanks, I'll be back for 2002." - Mel McDaniel

"With Mike being a writer at FF Mastermind I was introduced to the awesome pre-season guide and weekly newsletters. I am in a ten-team re-drafter league with nine men from work. When I told them I wanted to be in their league I got lots of ribbing about "girls can't play fantasy football." Well, after using the FF Mastermind tools, I drafted a team that included a core of Aaron Brooks, Marshall Faulk, Duce Staley, Marty Booker. Amani Toomer, Tony Gonzalez, John Carney and the Green Bay defense. The guys quit laughing pretty quickly. I also picked up free agents like Tom Brady, Maurice Smith, Dominic Rhodes and Antowain Smith. I hoarded running backs so my opponents couldn't get them. I won the Fantasy Bowl as I romped through the playoffs. The guys were pretty quiet as I hurt them where they are most vulnerable, their wallets. I can't wait until next year. You can bet I'll be reading everything that FF Mastermind has to offer I can so I can kick butt again. The bragging rights are priceless!" - Bonnie Nease

"Well, I won it again for the 2nd year in a row thanks to your help!" - Tim Benham

"I was pretty lucky this season, but you certainly helped. I had very few injuries, but Emmitt Smith got hot at the end of the year just like Mike predicted after week #4 in the newsletter. As a FF Mastermind subscriber, I would like to thank Mike. I used his player rankings and set the lineup of his recommendations. So Mike had a big part in pulling the right strings to gain me my championship. Looking forward to next year!" - Mark H.

"I must say, I am terribly dissapointed I didn't win one of the FF Mastermind T-shirts in your renewal giveaway. I would wear it proudly. I have been a subscriber for many years and I use your service exclusively. I am in two leagues. In 1999, I won the championship in one league and had the best regular season record and lost in the semi-finals in the other. In 2000, I made it to both of my leagues championship games but unfortunately lost both. This year, revenge was sweet. I made it to the finals in both leagues once again and won them both. I just thought I would take the opportunity to let you know of my success with your service and to let you know i'll keep coming back." - Mark Rosen

"I have renewed my subscription for next year because honestly I think the info you offer is much better then the others I tried this year. Not going to mention the other services, but I think you do a damn good job and let me thank you for it." - Joe Harris

"I appreciate your help throughout the year. As you know, I lost some major players this year including Edgerrin James, Jamal Anderson, and Ed McCaffrey. Despite the injuries, I was able to get some great players off the wire, and take my team to a Super Bowl. I'm now up more than $1200!! Thanks for all your assistance and fast response." - Mike Proia

"Thanks for all the great advice this year. This is my first year playing FF and I went in with gusto, joining 5 leagues. When I started playing this year I hadn't watched serious football for many years and didn't know much about the players. Thanks to the information from your site, I won the championship in 2 of my leagues and was in the playoffs in the other 3. Most importantly, one of my two wins was at the office FF league. Now I get the coveted "Homer Simpson Plaque" to hang in my office, bragging rights, and the cash prize. As an extra perk, the Director of Information Systems, who came in last place in the office league, invited me to a Raiders playoff game in congratulations!" - Darin Reinwald

"Thanks again Mike for another great year! I have won my league the last two out of three years. The other year was a third place finish. Not a bad record, huh? Thanks again." - David Brown

"Thank you for you assistance and thank you for helping me to the Super Bowl for two years straight! One year, I won it, and in another, I was runner-up. Thanks again." - Cheryl L.

"Thanks for the great site and best fantasy football info on the net. I only wish I hadn't told the other members of my league about you. I use to dominate my league before I tipped off the competition to your service. Many other league owners joined you last year. My league was so tight last season that the fantasy playoff picture wasn't decided until the last week of the regular season. Keep up the great work." - Randy Hamacher

"Thanks for the help this past year. When I picked Antowain Smith in the fourth round of my draft, one guy said he wasn't even a starter for the Bills anymore. I didn't say a word. We won it all! I sent in my renewal for next year today." - Charlie Bukowski

"Always a pleasure doing business with an old friend." - Multiple-Year Subscriber Ron Broadhurst

"Thanks for another great year. I have been a subscriber for approximately 4 years now. Your site keeps me well informed at all times and gives me a decisive edge over my competitors. I use your cheat sheets to start off with a great draft and then I use your weekly information to improve my team by obtaining key players via waiver picks and trades. Usually by the end of the season, I have one of the best teams and challenge for the Championship on a regular basis. I participate in two leagues, I have won in my 10 team league 2 out of the last 3 years (lost Edge James due to injury and lost in the semi-finals this year) and I have won a 14-team league 3 years in a row. In the 14 team league, I have had the last pick (#14) every year. I am not sure if I can win again next year, but with your help I am confident that I will make another good run at it." - D. Bishop

"I won my league again last year...the second in a row. I have been a loyal subscriber to FFMastermind for the past three years and very satisfied." - Darrell Cassidy

"Thanks for a nice first season subscription, I`ll be back again next year." - Bert Munger

"I just thought that you should be made aware of an e-mail I received from *******************. They are spamming people who don't even use them to vote for their site as the favorite for fantasy football information and analysis. This is criminal. Naturally, I voted for FF Mastermind instead!" - Kevin W.

"Looking forward to being back next year!" - Multiple-Year Subscriber Dale Novakowski

"Here's what I liked best this year: 1. Up to the minute information; 2. To the point, readable, quality weekly reports; and 3. Willingness to take a position on a player instead of bailing with "check status". The only thing I didn't like were the on-line ads, but I understand your need to supplement your income. OVERALL GRADE = A" - Steve Zaso

"By the way, I won my league 'Ghettobowl' this year. And I started off with Edgerrin James as my first pick in a 16-team league. I'm the master tradesman and drafter. Thanks for the help throughout the year." - Clinton Young

"Once again I appreciate everyone's help at FF Mastermind as I won my 2nd consecutive championship today. A particularly obnoxious owner, long since eliminated from the playoffs, was heard ridiculing my choice of Paul Edinger as my field goal kicker, because he was kicking in the snow. Was snow forecast in Chicago? Your ranking of #2 proved corrected as Paul kicked 4 FG's and 3 XPT's." - Johnny Brannon

"Just as an FYI, my team, the SoCal ImplanTTs won our 20-team League Championship with a final record of 12-3-1. Thanks for all the help!" - Brad Willis

"For the third straight year we've made our Super Bowl. Thanks again for all the great work and giving us the information we need to make educated decisions on player moves and lineup rosters." - Wendel Lahoz

"Just wanted to drop you line and thank you for the great job you do with Slick Picks. I look forward to reading them every week. You're one of the reasons I renewed Mastermind for the fourth year. Keep up the good work!" - Drew Stump

"I never actually tell you this, but you do a great job with the premium service. Keep up the fabulous work!" - Dave Sheehan

"Thanks for your great service. I've been a suscriber the last three years and have finished 1st once and 2nd twice during the regular season. I've been in the playoff championship game all 3 years (if I win today I'll have won 2 of those 3 years)." - Mark Bell

"Michael - I didn't tell you on the phone when you took my order, but you do great work. I prefer your services to any other. Keep up the good work!" - Sean Sullivan

"I have Edgerrin James and Ricky Watters in two head-to-head keeper leagues. Needless to say, it was a big blow to lose both of them this year, especially since I wasn't able to acquire Dominic Rhodes or Shaun Alexander in either league (Ricky Watters was my number 3 back in each league.) Thanks in part to all of the information made available on your premium site, I managed to make the Super Bowl in each league, as well as make a push for the points championships. I have been a loyal subscriber to your site for the last four years and plan to re-up once again. I just wanted to say thanks for all the help and for making yourself available for all of the questions that I have sent you via e-mail thoughout the year. Thanks again." - Bob Thomas

"I made it to my Fantasy Bowl! Thanks!" - Walt V.

"I am in playoffs in 6 of 7 of US Fantasy Sports playoffs, including making the top 16 of their big cash league and would be in the money this week if Chris Chambers had not had a career night on MNF. I am also the top seed in two of the leagues. I will be giving myself my usual X-mas gift of a Mastermind subscription." - Chip Woodward (Subscriber four consecutive years)

"THANKS for the timely response to my questions! You ARE the true "Mastermind"!!! - David DeFosha

"I'm a premium subscriber and have won a championship and come in second twice in the past three years with your help. Thanks!" - Ken Sanders

"Just wanted to drop you a thank you note. I did not win my league this year, but I did make it to the semi-finals. I was not a subscriber, but looked at the quick bits sections several times daily to keep up with all the going ons of the NFL. It was the best info site that I have found, and this was my 10th year of playing. Once again thank you, and I will keep up with the site during the off-season for all the changes." - Jim Martin

"This my second year using your service. It's second to none. Thanks for all the help!" - Ben Waldron

"I would like to commend you and your staff on your wonderful premium service. I will be renewing for next season very soon! We (the Skinny Puppies) just clinched our league champiohsip this past week, and would like to give FF Mastermind their just due. I have been a subscriber to your service for 4 or 5 years. Two years ago, I won my first league title (with great help from FF Mastermind). This year, we are 13-2 with 2 games remaining. The Pups have set a single game scoring record 2 different times and are averaging 95 points per game, also a record." - Rock Cesario

"I want to thank you for your excellent service, this is my second year of Fantasy Football, and my second year with FF Mastermind. I have every intention of renewing." - Ross Peters

"Your service is kick ass! The details and 'nitty gritty' and the insite you provide have helped me immensely in my league. I am a first time subscriber and loved every minute of it!" - James Kelly

"Thanks Mike for the early help! I have to say that next year I will be going with your premium service from the start. By far I think you're the best. Thanks again." - Joe Harris

"I love your premium service. I have been in a fantasy league just two years and have two league titles! Your info helps immensely!" - Steve Brown

"Your premium service is fantastic and I will be a continuing subscriber. I may even get more stuff next year as I will be back in the US. I have been managing my team this year from the UK (you can imagine the difficulty with no live games, no ESPN or FOX, and the time change during free agency night on Thursdays etc...) this year and your service has put me in first!!!!!" - Kevin Witherell

"With your help, I have won my league 2 out of last 3 years!!! Thanks again." - Bobby Meizer

"Thank you for your help and for your great site, which has me zeroing in on yet another Championship. I cannot thank you sincerely enough!" - Jim Ferreira

"You're doing a fine job! Thank you. We are currently 8-2, thanks in part to FFMastermind premium services, and tied for the best record in a 14-team league, the Puget Sound Fantasy Football League, established in 1989. This is only our 2nd year in this very competitive league! - Matt Wells

"Your service has been great! I have only had if for 2 weeks and I love it. I will most definitley get this great newsletter next year!!!" - Brian Stecker

"Thanks for all your hard work. Although team owners have to pay attention, your input is a great assitance. I have picked up Tom Brady, Shaun Alexander, Antowain Smith and Marty Booker. That has helped offset Emmitt Smith, James Stewart, Trent Green and Eric Moulds." - Phil Oates

"Thanks for the immediate report on Edgerrin James. Thank you for your wonderful service and friendship." - Jeff Cox

"Thanks for taking the time to answer many of my questions regarding trades. By the way, your suggestion that I trade to get David Boston and Anthony Thomas in return for Rod Smith and Fred Taylor has worked wonders for my season. I've won 3 straight since that trade and am back into contention for a playoff spot!" - Premium Subscriber Nick P. on the quality fantasy advice FF Mastermind Michael Nazarek offers to all premium newsletter subscribers.

"Thanks for this last minute notice about James Stewart not playing today. It saves me from starting an injured player who's not playing!" - Premium Subscriber David Watson on the special e-mail injury notice FF Mastermind sent to all premium newsletter subscribers before game-time week #7.

"I have won the fantasy bowl in our league the last two years using your premium services. In fact, they changed the draft rules because of me. Thanks for everything!" - Jim Kenney

"I uust wanted to say thanks for the Slick Picks last week ... Followed all your picks and won my office pool!" - Perry Taliaferro

"I know it's not Fantasy gospel, but the Picks to Click/Flick have been awesome this year, especially last week. I played every guy I had on your Click list including Tyrone Wheatley and I beat my opponent by 40 points! Thanks!" - Ian Oregan

"I took a subscription out this year with **** and kept ***********. They were helpful in the pre-season just to have different points of view to compare with FF Mastermind, but there is absolutely no better regular season service than yours - hands down!" - Joe Soper

"Your premium service is great! I look forward to logging on every day!" - Mike Lyons

"E-mail can be a great thing. Thanks for the update! After I read your message, I took a chance. Since I have RB Mike Anderson and RB Olandis Gary (behind Eddie George, Ricky Watters and Terry Allen), I traded QB Matt Hasselbeck and RB Terry Allen for QB Brett Favre to beef up my QB position." - Premium Newsletter Subscriber Ray R. commenting on the premium e-mail injury message sent to him on Thursday night during week #2 just after 1:30 AM CDT.

"I have been a loyal subscriber to your premium service for the last four years. First, let me start by saying, I am in a performance league where the stakes are high and the bragging rights are worth more. I have won our Fantasy Bowl three out of four years. I also am one for two as Champ in my basic work league. The years I didn't win, I didn't listen to the information your premium service gave with regard to player rankings. I learned real fast how insightful and right on your rankings really were! I religiously look forward to reading every bit of your newsletter each week of the season and wouldn't live without it! I also want to commend you for all the insightful preseason information. As any true FF player knows the true battle begins on "Draft Day" and your information for premium subscribers makes this day a walk in the park. Last, but not least, thank you for the lightning fast e-mail responses to my draft day strategy questions, game day questions, and trade questions. You are truly customer oriented. Price, Service, and Quality are the cornerstones of any great business and you rank #1 in all categories. I feel I should share the trophy and winnings with your staff but please, just accept my humble "Thanks."" - Super Bowl Package Premium Subscriber Troy Livingston


"Just for the hell of it, this year I signed up for your premium services, of course, and two others. There is absolutely no comparison. Your services are light years ahead of these other sites. Maybe later in the year these other services will pick it up, but FF Mastermind is leaving them in the dust right now..." - Tom O'Connell

"The premium stuff is great! This is my first time using a service, and I'm glad I chose FF Mastermind." - Walter Vinson

"It was good talking to you (Mike) this afternoon and I appreciate you processing my order so quickly. I'm back for my 6th year in a row and have loved every minute of it. I've been in our league (16-teamer) playoffs all 5 years with 3 trips to our Fantasy Superbowl, 2 of them wins! Thanks again!!" - Michael Bach

"As a renewing subscriber once again, I just wanted to say you have an AWESOME premium service!" - John Stoddart

"Thanks for the return call about my premium order. I gotta say as a 4th-year user, I am extremely satisfied with your service (And what a kick ass job you have - I'm jealous!)." - Tom Yardley

"I gotta tell you.....your response was promp and courteous. I like the premium info I've seen so far and, at least at this point, am happy with your service. Thanks!" - Kent Bloom

"Your Premium Quick Bits are awesome! Thanks for condensing it this year so we don't have to scour through all those news bits. The site just keeps getting better and better." - Chris Pellegrini

"I'm a newcomer to the whole fantasy football scene. I am getting into fantasy football as a way of hopefully reviving my interest in the great sport of football. Your website is proving to be an everyday visit of mine, and your information is invaluable. Thanks for the great job!" - Todd Thompson

"Fantastic job on the draft guide. This has everything you could want and need to help win a championship. Kudos to you all!!!" - Chris Deigan

"Did you have to release the draft guide this weekend? I had tons of work to do and the only thing that I got done was reading the guide. Excellent work, as always." - Paul Tupis

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"I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you guys for the valuable help you gave me in what was my most successful season ever. I entered three teams in the highly-competetive ESPN leagues. I led two of those leagues in regular season scoring (I missed the third by three points!). They were all very different teams. I ended up in the final four in all three leagues with one championship, a second and a fourth. FF Mastermind was certainly a big part of that success (e.g. the weekly player rankings, quick bits, injury reports and the lightning-fast response to the occasional e-mail). We both know that no service can protect you against losing key players to injuries or help you if you are clueless. However, when I was looking for that boost to put my teams into elite status, FF Mastermind was a key part of my weekly strategy. On a side note, I renewed my subscription one day after the season ended. Thanks again for a successful 2000, and here's looking forward to an even more successful 2001." - Richard Schmidt

"FF Mastermind is, without doubt, the best Fantasy Football information service I've ever had the pleasure of receiving, and I've been participating in this form of entertainment for 15 years. The other products I used to buy are a thing of the past----the only info I need is from your service. You provide the most timely, critical information of any service I've been associated with, and you'll be my ONLY service next year. Thanks again for all your help!" - Ray Breckenkamp

"Just thought I would drop you a line and tell you that my team, Undertow, was victorious in the title game today (NFC Championship games week), dominating by a score of 36-3. That Toomer/Hilliard Combo against the Vikes worked out quite well. Thank you for all of your help and congrats on your win in the SOFA Web War!!!" - Lucas Kirby

"It is my pleasure to renew my subscription to FF Mastermind. I've been a subscriber for three years now and my team has gone from 3-11 to 7-7 to 13-4 and winning the Championship trophy this year. I have been through injuries to superstars and somehow alway manage to overcome that because of the free agents that I'm tipped off on from your newsletter. I read your Quick bits page daily all year round and that keeps me more prepared for the draft than anything else I've tried. Thanks again, you guys really do a wonderful job." - Andrew Dunn

"You guys are the best." - Lee Carmona

"I just sent in my renewal for 2001 and thought I would also say a few words... This year was as good as last year. I defended as Super Bowl Champion and High Points Champion. It's the first time it has happened in our league history (7 years). We have a 12-team league which spreads things pretty slim. I drafted in the #11 spot, taking Marshall Faulk in the first round and Eddie George in the 2nd round. I went 9 weeks during the season WITHOUT a quarterback point and still won it all. In the next to last week of our regular season, I set a league record for number of points scored in one game (beat the old record by 25 points). In our Super Bowl game, I missed resetting the record by 4 points. I won the total points war by 200 points! The next 5 places were separated by only 62 points Unfortunately, they are on to me now. I made them a believer of the "Stud Running Back" theory. 2001 will be a new challenge, hopefully we are up for it." - John Blackburn

"With the help of your premium services and timely replies to my e-mail questions, I placed in the top 25 of the USA Today Midseason Challenge. I had a shot at the top five, but came up short. Thanks for your help and insight during an especially tough FF year. My line-up looked like the ER in most of my leagues. Keep up the good work, see you at the start of next season!" - Mark Lewandowski

"You're STILL the best fantasy football site!" - David Marshall

"This was my first full year with Mastermind and admittedly, my expectations were exceeded. Last year, I subscribed to Mastermind midseason with a fantasy team drowning fast at 1-6-0. Armed with the wealth of information available only to subscribers on the Mastermind site, my team finished 9-7-0 and won its Superbowl as a wildcard team. This year, I decided to put Mastermind to the ultimate test. I signed up again last summer. With Mastermind as my ONLY source of fantasy information, I managed FIVE fantasy football teams; 4 in performance-based leagues [including the team I mentioned earlier] and one in a salary cap league. I am still amazed by the results. My salary cap team not only finished in first place by more than 3000 points, but, held first place for ALL seventeen weeks; my NFL.com team was a #1 seed going into the playoffs and won its Superbowl; Both of my CBS Sportsline teams were #2 seeds going into the playoffs and each won its respective Superbowl; My AOL team was a wildcard team which lost in the Superbowl. Not bad, huh? Sometimes during the season, I felt guilty as I watched other owners make bad moves... ESPECIALLY IN THE DRAFT! In case you haven't figured it out yet, the Mastermind staff IS for real and I look forward to next year. The team I mentioned earlier that started 1-6-0 last year finished 12-3-0 this year and repeated as Superbowl champs. The stars of that team included QB-Daunte Cuplepper, RB-Ricky Williams, RB-Ahman Green, RB-Mike Anderson, RB-Lamar Smith, RB-Tyrone Wheatley, TE-Tony Gonzalez, WR-Keyshawn Johnson, WR-Mushin Muhammad, Saints Defense, and Eagles Defense. Unfortunately, I can only keep five of these guys for next year, but, I am looking forward to making some nice trades in the off-season. To those who read this, if this testamonial is not enough reason for you to join Mastermind, that's fine... it just means more fantasy titles for owners like me. See you next season!" - Michael Shaw

"Your premium service is great! It helped me win my league's championship and $1,100.00!!!" - Johnny Brannon

"Guess what? I won my league championship for the second straight season using your premium services! I really appreicate all your fine advice throughout the entire season. Your product is the bomb and I'm definitely re-upping for 2001. I play in a very competitive 16-team league, meaning there aren't many free agents left after we draft, so your sleepers and late-round advice was invaluable. Keep up the great work and I wish Mastermind all the best in the coming year!" - Michael Held

"I just wanted to say thank you for a great season. This year was my first in subscribing to your services. In the past years, I've always went to the free sites like the Huddle, Roto News, Fantasy Insights and the Sporting News. I have to honestly say that your site is 100 times better than any other site that i've been on (Everything up to date, things you report about ESPN reports the same thing a day later) I've been in a football pool since 1988 and have won it two times, the last time coming in 1995. This year was just awesome, after signing up for your premium services, I knew I was in good shape after reading some of the articles. Using your preseason draft guide, I had the best draft then I ever had in seven years. Using all the info that was on your site, not only did I win my division, but after Monday night, Torry Holt brought me home a Championship, all because of your site I had more info than any of my opponents. I knew when people were deactivated, when gameday on ESPN never said anything and just those little things made the difference in a win or loss. So, Mastermind, Thank You Very Much!" - Keith Brown

"Thank you for the help and for the GREAT services! I won my tough league two years ago thanks to FF Mastermind. This will be my 3rd year in a row using your help and am looking forward to contending once again, barring the injuries I took last year." - Jim Ferreira

"Last year, I won two league titles and it was because of your premium player rankings every week. It helped BIG time. Thanks!" - Robert Babcock

"To Mike and Staff - With your help, I have won back to back championships in both leagues that I participate in. One of the leagues is a 10 team league and the other is a 14 team league. In the 14 team league, I have had the 14th pick both years! Thanks to all your research and insight with the draft, waiver picks and opinions regarding trade offers I have come out on top 2 years in a row. You and your staff do a great job. Keep up the good work! P.S. - I would recommend you to other owners in my league but I don't because I don't want to lose my edge." - Don Bishop

"Mike, thanks for the wonderful job you and the folks at FF Mastermind have done to help. I have had a tremendous amount of success this season with your help. Thanks again." - Kevin Dominic

"I just want to say "thanks" for another great year of information. I believe that this is either my 3rd or 4th year as a subscriber (maybe even more) and I really appreciate the job that you and your staff do at FF Mastermind. I have used several informational services and almost always, you're on top of the action before anyone else. Thanks to you, I have won my national league last season and will be trying to make it two in a row this week. That leads me to a couple of questions. I think I know the answer, but I want confirmation from my "secret weapon"... p.s. You'll find my renewal for next season in your system." - Chip Grubb

"Thanks for the work you do. Last year I really shopped around for a premium service before deciding on FF Mastermind. As you can see, I am back this year. FF Mastermind is basically the only site I will use this year." - Deven Coggins.

"I can't tell you how much I enjoy your premium service and what a great tool it has been in helping me make weekly lineup decisions. Keep up the GREAT work!!!" - Gary Willmann - 5-year subscriber

"Thanks for your help this year. I finished 1st in one league, and 2nd in the other. I probably would have took 1st in both, but lost Jimmy Smith to injury in the final game of the season. Thanks again for your help, it was a fun year!" - Carl Ballard

"Your work is excellent. In just my first year with ffmastermind, I was able to dominate my league. The info is accurate, insightful, and obviously well thoughtout." - Darrell Cassidy

"As a subscriber, I owe you a big thanks. I am in FIVE different leagues, and made the finals in FOUR. To top it off, I won THREE of these very competitive leagues. It was a huge benefit to have your opinions/selections/rankings at my disposal in times of need. You have a top-rate fantasy site. Again, thanks for your help, and have a great New Year." - Bob Doelfel

"Thanks for all your help this year and I look forward to working with you to win once again next year!" - Jason Young

"Master, thanks for your great help and advice AGAIN! I was caught in a bind for my Fantasy Bowl because my starting QB, Daunte Culpepper, was a game-time decision, while my backup, QB Jeff George, wasn't even starting. Fred Taylor helped a little, but Antonio Freeman did nothing! Going into the Monday night game I was down by 27 points, but when it was done I had won by 10 points. Thanks to a magnificent performance from the Tennessee Defense you recommended, I won! Is there any reason not to sign up for next year? I think not. Injuries to Dorsey Levens and Ricky Williams did me in another league. However, I did manage to make the playoffs and won the consolation game. Next year I will go for a clean sweep of titles!" - Roxroy Richards

"I have valued your premium services over the years. Your service seems like an old friend. I always make the playoffs every year... after that it is just the breaks of the way the ball bounces any given Sunday." - Jon B.

"Thanks for a great product!" - Kevin Guers

"Congratulations on another good year. I run a global investment management firm, and your premium service provides me with a lot of enjoyment and 'release' during the season. I look forward to reading your work and that of your associates next season!" - Mike Morrissey

"I won my league two out of the past three years using your services, thanks for the great premo stuff!" - John Grasso

"Thanks again for a great year, especially the premo stuff prior to the start of the season. I am still amazed at how good it was. You guys must have killed yourself to get all that good stuff out. Give my best to Holler and Rader and all the guys that put out the good stuff. There are lots of folks out here that really appreciate it." - Thomas O'Connell

"I'd like to thank you for the premium service you provided. It was great info at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, I've lost my taste to play due to lack of interest in my league, but if I ever do start back up again, I'll look you up." - John Sampson

"Aloha Mike, thanks for another great season. I locked up my league title a week early thanks to you and your staff!!" - Dean Manning

"Thanks for all the great info you provide! Your NFL Quick Bits is the first place I visit each time I need to get the latest info. We have a first-come, first-serve waiver wire in our league and Quick Bits helps quite often. Thanks again." - Mark Weber

"I MADE IT TO THE SHOW!!! With a lot of help from you, Mike, and the staff I've made a quantum leap this year and will play for all the "marbles" this week. Took first place in my division; survived an 8-team playoff format, and am holding firm in the top three for total points for the season. Thanks for everything!" - Paul Gorman

"Well it's been a up & down season. We play total points, all 17 games, I'm 4 pts. in the lead now. It's going to be a very exciting last week. Thanks to FF Mastermind and Eddie George, and Marshall Faulk (I own all three). I've been with you for 3-4 yrs now. Thanks again." - Mel McDaniel

"Once again, Mike, with your help I'm in the championship game. This is twice in the past 3 years (Champion in '98, third in '99). I've already secured the Points Championship for the season. Looking back, it was draft day that made the difference. Although I got Edgerrin James and Duce Staley in rounds 1 and 2, it was rounds 8-10 that sealed the deal (Terrell Owens, Ryan Longwell and Derrick Alexander). Getting Charlie Garner in round 6 was a big help, too. Just wanted you to know what a big help you were on draft day. The STUD theory pays off big in that I get STUD RBs first (the rest of the league is hurting right now) and the late round WRs make me look like a genius :) Merry Christmas and remember...never bench the STUDS!! (you've taught me well)" - John Pittman - After Week #16

"I have used your premium services for a few years now and it is great!" - Marco Scioletti

"I won all three of my games this week and was high scorer in two out of three leagues thanks to my mind and Mastermind. Thanks for being the best." - Joey Duncan

"I would just like to say that your draft guide was awesome. However, after seeing your newsletter for the first time I realize that it is the product that is going to help me win my league. What an AMAZING product!! By the way, I am 1-0 and scored 64 points this week and I owe a portion of it to the FFMastermind staff. Thank you very much!" - Lucas Kirby

"In my 12 team league, what did I do with picks #1 and #24? I drafted E-Train James and Duce-is-Loose Staley. While I did get numerous laughs regarding my FFMastermind Draft Book (over 400 pages!) and a few with my Duce pick, I looked unbeatable this first week! I was Champion in '98, but took third in '99. Now I have a strong start in Y2K! Coincidence that my luck changed when I purchased FFMastermind premium services? I think not! THANKS!!" - John Pittman - After Week #2


"I spent an hour or so looking over your special Y2K yardage strength of schedule chart and can't tell you how much I appreciated the article. I used a very similar approach last year when assessing my sleeper picks, along with the invaluable FF Mastermind drafting advice, which lead me to draft Stephen Davis. We both know what he did last year ..... along with winning me the overall title and a bunch of $$$ in two of my four FF leagues. Thanks again for a great service!" - T. Bohlen

"I just recently subscribed to your premium Super Bowl package. I am really enjoying your site and think it will be very helpful as the season gets closer. I really like the special strength of schedule chart... Keep up the good work!" - Steve Kraus

"Thanks for adding me to your free mailing list. I've been using your site as a primary information source for the last four years and have had tremendous success, winning four league championships between two 12-team leagues over the last three years. Four out of six trophies ain't too shabby. Last year, I used the pre-season Quick Bits to draft both Stephen Davis and Kurt Warner in the late rounds; I would never have picked these guys if not for the intelligence gained from your site. I also got the jump on acquiring Patrick Jeffers from reading your site; that guy was a stud in the playoffs! So, thanks for building and maintaining such an excellent resource. I just hope nobody else in my leagues figures out where to find the best FFL info available!" - John Carter

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"I am afraid I was premature in thanking FF Mastermind for the tips that helped my team clinch its division in my AOL performance league. I should have waited until today, so I could thank you for the tips that helped my team become 1999 LEAGUE CHAMPIONS! My team was 3-5-0 averaging 66 points per game during the first half of the season. Thanks to FF Mastermind, my team finished the second half of the season 8-1-0 averaging 97 pts per game to win our first championship. This is even more amazing considering my week one roster contained the following players: V. Testaverde, K. Stewart, B. Morris, S. Hicks, R. Williams,and E. Kennison. Believe or not I had the #2 pick in the draft! I am too ashamed to tell you how high I drafted those players. Unfortunately, I was not a FF Mastermind premium subscriber at draft time. Thanks to your services I made the following free agent pick ups during the season: O. Gary, T. Dwight, P. Jeffers, T. Gonzalez, G. Crowell, and J. George. BTW, I also took first place in my CNN/SI Fantasy Football League! See you next season!" - M. A. Shaw

"In addition to subscribing to your fine services, I also subscribed to ****, *******, and ******* ********, and I'll have you know your services are by far the best of the bunch. I won my league following your insightful advice and just wanted to let you know I am only going to subscribe only to FF Mastermind for Y2K. Who needs the others when I can get everything I need to win right here? Keep up the great work!" - Damon Geddins

"I want to thank FF Mastermind for helping me win the Head2Head Fantasy Football Challenge Championship and the $15,000 prize that goes with it. I signed up for your premium service in week one, and the information I got from your site was a big part of my success! Keep up the good work!" - Dave Butler

"I would encourage anyone who is taking their fantasy football league seriously to subscribe to FF Mastermind. This was my first year in a fantasy league and I knew nothing about it. After finding and joining FF Mastermind, I not only learned a lot, but I won my league! Without FF Mastermind, I could have never made the moves that I made to make this possible. The player rankings from Mastermind have been the difference for me. I traded for Warner, Faulk, Fred Taylor, and James Stewart and then started the remainder of my team according to Mastermind's Player Rankings. I visit other fantasy football sites frequently and I can tell you that some of them are informative, but NONE of them give you the consistency of FF Mastermind. This site has everything you want and is constantly and consistently updated. Any time I have a question, I e-mail Mike and I get a response IMMEDIATELY! This guy will work his butt off for you. Joining Fantasy Football Mastermind, Inc. was the best decision I made this season." - David Brown

"I want to thank FF Mastermind for helping me win my league. You always say you want to help us win our league, but I never realized it would work. Thanks again for all your help. I will subscribe to FF Mastermind next year and every year from now on!" - Jay Hackett

"I'm in my 3rd year in participating in a Dynasty League of 8 GM's. My first 2 years I compiled a record of 9-19. This year I was headed the same direction. On draft day I was laughed at for not buying a preseason publication to study. Armed with a USA today, I filled an empty wide receiver roster spot with Mark Chmura (not realizing that he was contemplating retirement due to injury). After being laughed at by the other GM's I knew I had to find some sort of edge somewhere during the season. With a 2-2 record I thought I was headed toward another mediocre season. Then in week 4, I stumbled upon FF Mastermind as I was browsing the web. After signing up with your premium service and following the weekly flicks, I won my next 4 games and picked up some "no names" (at the time) like Marcus Robinson, Patrick Jeffers and Albert Connell. As a matter of fact, whenever I picked one of these players up, I was laughed at by other GM's. Now they want to trade their 1st round year 2000 draft picks for these players. With FF MASTERMIND, I've gone from the laughing stock of the league to our league's SUPER BOWL CHAMPION. I owe it all to Mike and his staff for putting together cutting edge, week to week and day to day information. Your daily bits helped me to stay on top of NFL news and your weekly player rankings help take the guess work on who to start or pick up during that particular week. I'm making FF MASTERMIND a permanent partner of my FANTASY FOOTBALL LIFE!!!! Thank you for a successful season and I look forward to working with you in the future to help defend my title." - Jeff A.

"I've used a lot on on-line services in the past, but I can honestly say FF Mastermind is THE BIBLE of fantasy football services. In fact, I like your services so much, I switched my team name to the Masterminds, and not surprisingly, had a very successful and fun season. Thanks for all your hard work, and sign me up again for Y2K!" - Raymond Jason

"Thank you for providing your service and extra advice throughout the year. FF Mastermind has been most insightful and has helped make fanstasy football much more entertaining than any previous season. I have very much enjoyed the Quick Bits section, the AFC/NFC capsules, rankings, and Inside The Lines (Matt does a great job). There are two keys to winning at fantasy football in my opinion: Information and knowing which of your sources to trust the most when you're making the tough decisions. I believe that FF Mastermind provides not only the best information, but also provides the best reasons to start or bench players each week of the season. Thank you again for a great year." - Ray D.

"Champs, that's me, thanks! All due to great late round picks in the draft based on FF Mastermind data." - Jeff Cox

"I have played in Fantasy Football leagues since 1988. All different formats and scoring systems. I would get all the magazines and weekly football publications. I always have had good success, yet as you know it is more difficult to win a league championship than it is to have put together a solid top tier team. I subscribed to your premium service last January or February. Information is not only important it is the difference. I now play in a 6 team keeper league that is extremely competitive. An edge is difficult to obtain. In a year when I lost Fred Taylor and saw far lower production from Owens than expected, I am 92 points ahead with two weeks left. It is due to information, when the Vikings signed George, that day I traded Warrick Dunn and Chandler for him. When the Rams showed signs of life, I traded Levens for Marshall Faulk after week 3. After Biakabutuka had his two big games, I traded him for Germane Crowell and Cris Carter who at the time was struggling. I e-mailed you frequently for your opinions on all these deals. I would like to thank you for your accessibility and for giving fantasy owners, who take it seriously, a place to prepare and play 12 months a year." - Bob Carr

"Good News! With FF Mastermind's help, I won the Super Bowl in our main league, Big Bucks, Big Trophy. My winning roster had only 5 of my orginial 14 drafted players. Thank's for your insight in making the right moves." - Paul "The Demon Dogs" Fitzpatrick

"Two leagues, two scoring titles, one championship and one second place. It does not get much better than that. Your website and advice are great. The time and effort put into your services are greatly appreciated and obviously played a great part in my success. Also, thanks for all the personalized assistance. I know I asked a lot of questions. Keep up the good work and I look forward to all of the off season information and hopefully another successful season next season with FF Mastermind." - Creighton Abadie

"I appreciate the time you take individually to respond to each fantasy question. I've reccommended your services to three other out of state friends (who aren't in my league) because I believe your information has truly helped my standings in our league this year!" - Moose

"Thanks to you and your staff, I am the champion of our league for the first time! I have been in this 10-team league for 5 years. The Skinny Puppies finished with a 14-4 record and 1196 total points. I have used internet fantasy services for the past three seasons and FF MASTERMIND is without a doubt the best one that I have encountered. Thanks again and I look forward to next season!" - Rock Cesario

"Thanks for helping me win the Championship in the 20 team league I've played in for seven years. My team went 13-4. Thanks again for the help!" - Jeff Brake

"Just wanted to write in and thank you for all the information, stats, and premium rankings over the last season. I am now the Superbowl Champion and get to talk smack for the next 10 months. I really enjoyed your website and think it was a large part of my success. I would like to tell a friend, but I don't want to give away such a valuable resource." - Chris Pellegrini

"With another fantasy title under my belt, FF Mastermind has certainly been worth every penny I paid! Keep up the good work, and advice!" - Tim Deebs

"Thanks for your help and keep up the GREAT SITE. I will be back again next year as a premium subscriber." - Ray Jason

"Thanks a lot for all your time and hard work. I have been spending a lot of time this year on your website and have found it very interesting and informative. Hoping you keep up the good work!" - Dale Walker

"I've used your premium service this year and plan on using it in the future... I want to renew now... please tell me how. Thanks from a very satisfied customer..." - Blake Meyer

"As a premuim subscriber, I played in three leagues and led in points in all of them. I also won two of them and finished a close third in the other. This is the only site I use, and consider it the best site EVER for fantasy information. Thanks!" - Ben Waldron

"I wanted to thank you for your help this year. I won both leagues I am in playoffs, head to head and total points. In one league my first 2 picks were Jamal Anderson and Vinny Testaverde. Talk about scrambling! I grabbed Kurt Warner and Steve Buerlein as QB on your advice and was carried to a championship by Steve and Patrick Jeffers!" - Jim Boisselle

"I am a premium subscriber who first used your service last year and tied for 1st after a last place season the year before. However, I deviated from your lists and strategies this year and was back in the basement. I promise to pay more attention next season to your advice." - B. S.

"Just wanted to let you know that I used your rankings about 95% of the time... Anyway, I won all three of my leagues. My final victory was last night. I was down 23 points going into the game, but because you "talked up" Tim Dwight, I went ahead and picked him up off waivers, and then started him and he WON me my game! Thanks for your help." - Mike Miles

"Thanks for anther great year with your newsletter. I am in a highly competitive 12 man league that we all began 10 years ago. I have won the Superbowl this year and this is my second one which is the record so there is a lot of parity in our league. Count me in next year for your full package!" - Andy Watt

"Just a note to let you know... I think I told you I won our super bowl this season!! The following week I went from third to first and won the yearly points race!! Great season. Thanks for the help. See you next season." - John Blackburn

"I went from league doormat to being in the championship playoffs in three of the four leagues I'm in. Consider me totally satisfied and a customer for next year." - Richard Schmidt

"Thanks to everything involved with FF Mastermind, I have won my local league Super Bowl for the second time and am in the Super Bowl in another league this weekend." - Kevin Vroman

"Mike, thanks for answering my questions. It's just another example of why you run the best fantasy product on the market!!!!!" - Jason T.

"I have been playing fantasy football for four years with marginal success. This year, I decided to make a serious commitment to winning and subscribe to a couple services with yours being one of them. I am currently in the MSNBC Challenge and a local league and doing great in both. I am the second seed in my local league and number three in my division for MSNBC. Thanks for your timely service. I will be back next year, regardless of my success down the stretch." - Paul J.

"Thanks for your advice last week on starting Jeffers as opposed to Alstott or Enis... thanks to your reinforcement, my franchise, the Orlando Outlaws, won the eastern conference of the 16-team keeper Sunflower League based out of Leavenworth, KS. I play for all the marbles this weekend. I am thrilled with your site's premium services... consider me a 'lifer.'" - Mike Lucas

"I'm in first place at 8-1 and lead the league in scoring. I must admit, I owe it all to your service. Several others in my league discovered your site last year and they all rave about it. I told them it's the best and I've been a subscriber for three years now! Can't say enough good things about it. Thanks for all your information and advice!" - Gary Willmann

"I'll have you know that I am with your service for the 1st time this year and I can't tell you how excited I am about your service. I have been in a dynasty league for 3 years and have never received this much help from any other source. I credit you for being 6-2 and in 1st place out of 10 teams. Thanks to you I picked up sleepers like Marcus Robinson and Jeff George early!!!! The only sad part is that I can't share this info w/ anyone in our league. I do tell others outside of it though. Thanks for all the help." - Jeff Agustin

"Your service is unlike any other. It is a one stop resource for the most timely and accurate information anywhere. I have been an active & successful participant in Fantasy Ball for 7 years and have never had the jump on information and game time data that I have now. Additionally, your personal advice has always been candid and insightful. I could not ask for more in a service." - Scott S.

"THANK YOU for a hell of a start for me in '99. I am off to a 6-0 start with a two-game lead in my division and it is primarily due to waiver wire pick-ups... you are personally responsible for my acquisitions of Charlie Garner, Tyrone Wheatley, and most recently Olandis Gary. The reading of your newsletter has become a nightly ritual!" - Gary Foster

"My subscription to your newsletter is WELL WORTH IT. I had previously subscribed to Fantasy Football *******, but yours is much better. Your quick response time to my fantasy questions are most impressive. Thanks for all your hard work!" - Phil Oates

"Thanks for your patience in reading my long e-mail questions and answering them promptly. Thanks for the valuable and wonderful service that you having been providing!" - Mike P.

"I love your NFL Quick Bits page... Best page for info on the net! First thing I read after getting online! Keep up the good work!" - Larry Beatty aka. Jumanji


"Unlike other fantasy football information services, you actually help your customers on an individual basis when they need it. This value of this is immeasurable when you have a last minute question or need some help right before a draft. Every time I've asked you a question about your fabulous guide, the response was immediate and thorough! Your help to me in fantasy football has been priceless! You are, without a doubt, the best in the business. Believe me, I know. I've tried the others. If anyone ever asks me for a good fantasy football info service, I'll tell them that FF Mastermind is the ONLY place to go! Keep up the good work, and thanks for all the help!" - Russ McCuen

"I have been a customer of yours now for three seasons, and I am continually impressed and pleased with the scope of your Draft guides and services. You have a very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable staff. I truly appreciate the dedication that you have shown to make our hobby that much more enjoyable. The "99" Draft Guide in my opinion was nothing short of absolutely awesome. I don't know of anywhere a more comprehensive layout could be found. I hope you guys will be around for a long time and continue to prosper. You have always answered my e-mails in a timely manner and have always led me to believe that if I had a question or problem that help was only a short time away. Thank You." - Tom Petrovick

"I can honestly tell you that I am a very hard to please person. You have by far outdistanced yourself from EVERYBODY, not just the FFL sector, but any service industry, with your great (prompt) customer service. I will continue to spread the word about FF Mastermind. Keep up the good work. I believe customer service will sell more products than quality/amount. I think you have the BEST product out there, I don't know for sure though because your's was the first one I subscribed to and I have no reason to switch. Darn, 12:15 am and you are responding to me. I love it!!" - Robert Windmiller


"Even though I've played fantasy football for the past eight years, this is the first time that I've chosen to subscribe to anyone's premium services. I've used the FF Mastermind free site the past three years, and the information I've obtained there has helped me win the Paradigm league championship two of the past three years. The primary reasons I chose to subscribe to your premium services in 1999 were: 1) price--granted, you're not the cheapest service out there, but you're at the top in terms of what subscribers get for the price they pay; I'm especially excited about the off-season premium articles, because I've always hated the lag between the Super Bowl and the summer, when many services start their coverage, and 2) the depth of coverage you offer--like many of your subscribers, I'm a football junkie, and the numbers and analysis you offer is enough to satisfy anyone's appetite." - Mike Schneckloth

"FF Mastermind is by far the best site I have ever visited! Thank you for everything and keep up the good work." - Bob Thomas

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"In the two leagues I played in, my hometown league and the online league SIFFL, I have won the fantasy bowl in each one of them... I want to thank the FF Mastermind staff for the job you guys have done this 1998 season. I don't think I could have done it without you. John Holler's reports helped me into taking Randy Moss in one league. He does a great job reporting up in Minnesota. Your site is the only site that I know of that subscribers can email you and ask you questions about their fantasy teams. I know once I got to the playoffs, I was e-mailing you all the time for advice, and look where that got me, and what it got me!!! There's no doubt, I will use your site as long as I am playing Fantasy Football. " - Jason Beard

"Thanks for everything! This is my third year as a subscriber, and I'm in the money as usual!" Dr. Michael Adamczyk

"Just a quick note to say thanks for another great season and another Superbowl appearance. That's two years in a row, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I owed a lot of this success to the information I received from FF Mastermind. You guys run a quality operation... I couldn't have gotten to the Dance without your help. Keep up the great work!" - Jeffrey Preston

"Discovering your service last season was the best thing that ever happened to my fantasy football career. I couldn't imagine a fantasy season without it!" - Dave Chambers

"Three seasons of your premium services, three consecutive fantasy bowl victories! What more needs to be said? Sign me up again in '99!" - Vern Ingham

"I just want to thank you for the quick response to my recent e-mail question. In my league, I have made the playoffs for the first time ever! I have one of the wildcard spots, and I have to say that you have not always been correct, but I never would have been at this position without your help and guidance. Thanks!" - David Bottiglia

"Thanks for the great information in 1998. I would not have won the Superbowl if it were not for your great premium services!" - Donald Raudenbush

"I wanted you to know that I use your complete site several times per day including the off-season. I find the information invaluable and others in my league using other sites are much less informed. They continue to ask which site I'm using. I tell everyone I know except my league members where the best info is, sorry. I finished 4th in '97, then followed up with the league championship this year. Thanks for all your great information and I'm sure long hours." - Bob Shorter

"I managed two teams at Exit42 in two seperate 12-team leagues, and made it to both league championships... I owe much of my success to your opinions and the timely information I received through your service. Much Thanks!!!!" - Martin Neal

"Fantasy sports are truly reaching unbelievable heights, and I can honestly see the FF Mastermind premium product being at the forefront." - Jason Throne

"A few words of thanks... I am a first year FF player and it has given me reason to watch NFL games from a whole different perspective. I have checked out only a few other FF sites during the season. One of them being "The Huddle" since you have mentioned it a few times. The reason I have not checked any other sites out is simply because I don't feel as if I need to. Your attention to detail and the care and professionalism of your staff is very obvious. Plus, I am a firm believer in the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't go tryin' to fix it". Suffice to say, I have already ordered your premium services for next year, and you have won yourself a dedicated owner. Thanks again for letting us in on your FF knowledge!" - Bryce Henry

"Your premium services helped me win my Fantasy Bowl! That's all I need to know to convince me to sign up once again in '99. Thanks!" - Jack Bush

"By the way, I have enjoyed your service very much and I am a lock to re-subscribe next year. I also subsribed to **** this past year which I think is not as good as your's... Last year, I subscribed to ******* ********, their insight and rankings were absolutely a joke. I didn't subscribe to your pre-season guide this year, but I certainly will in 1999!" - Alan Satterlee

"I won my Superbowl, I appreciate your help all year long. One of the reasons I keep using FF Mastermind is the personal touch you give to your customers. No matter how busy you are, you always respond to my questions. You have been a great help!!! Thanks again." - Tony Harper

"With your staff changes at the end of last season, I was unsure of which way to go this year for my fantasy updates. I knew from previous years that Mike was the main writer, so the decision wasn't that tough. But you went on and definitely improved the services this year! I found that the weekly premium newsletters had improved information since last year and were definitely helpful. The preseason rankings helped with my draft. I have to say that we don't take everything you write as God's truth, but use it as another information source... this year it was a valuable source. We ended up winning our league, had a great draft, and went 15-1 over our 16 week (including 2-week playoff) season!" - Mark Zarick

"The results are in and my team is the Super Bowl Champ!! I've been in a family/friends league for six years and this is the first year I used your service. The help from your player rankings and other tips proved to be the difference. In the last two weeks, I was needing a RB to shore up my team since Leroy Hoard disappeared when Robert Smith came back. No one else in my league had a clue who James Allen was. They knew that Bennett wouldn't play but couldn't remember Allen's name. He was the help I needed to out score my opponents. Thanks for providing a quality product. I'll be renewing my membership for next year!" - Rudy Martinez Jr.

"I owe Mastermind a big thanks for tipping me off to Eric Moulds, and for pointing me toward Torrance Small instead of Ricky Proehl late in the year. I'll be renewing soon." - David Horiuchi

"I just wanted to send a quick note of thanks. My team won their first ever Fantasy Football League Championship this past week. We found your weekly advice as well as your pre-season information to be very instrumental in our success. Over the past eight years, prior to this year, we had a 1-6 record in the opening round of the playoffs. This year we went 3-0 in playoff games enroute to the championship. Our eight year regular season record is 64-35, for a .646 winning pct., and this year we won our division with a 10-4 record. I look forward to becoming a subscriber again in 1999. Once again, thank you!" - Rob Wilson

"My second season with your service was another success story. I was a first-time winner in one league and a back-to-back champ in another! Thanks again for all your help. I'm looking forward to your premium services once again next year!" - David Timmann

"Thanks for the great advice this year Mike! Team Soper finished first in the "WALF" League and second in the "Joe" League (but won the playoffs). I've attributed much of my success to you at FF Mastermind, and we'll certainly be back next year. Having personal access to you makes your package the best service available!" - Joe Soper

"Thanks for the information in your e-mails. It helped me win my fantasy league. People thought I was nuts for taking players like Robert Edwards, Fred Taylor, and Rob Johnson (that last week was a killer!). The money is in my pocket now. Next year, I will subscribe to your premium newsletters. Thanks again." - Stan Peplowski

"I've been very pleased with your service. I won my league this year and took second last year. Your insights have been invaluable. Thanks for your help. I look forward to another great season next year!" - John Bridenstine


"To update you on what happened at the end of last year, I finished in 2nd Place (CNN/SI) out of over 200,000 owners. When I wrote you last, I was in 15th. I lost first place overall by only 6 points. I must thank you guys for that effort and I'm back on board once again this year. Hopefully, I'll take 1st place this year. Thanks again!" - Gary Spicer

"I signed up for your premium services back in April, mainly based on the strength of your web site, especially the NFL Quick Bits page. This is by far the most detailed information page around. Keep up the great work!" - Clyde Annach

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"You've probably heard of CNN/SI's fantasy football league. There are supposedly 200,000 people involved. I just moved up to 15th and it's mostly due to Mastermind. You see, I have Levens, Murrell, Kaufman, and I picked up Biakabutuka the week he scored twice. My receivers are Freeman, Rison, Tim Brown, and Owens... I have used your rankings on RBs & WRs all year for my line-up and now I'm ranked #15 overall. Thanks a lot!!" - Gary Spicer

"I made it to the big game this week as a rookie in my league. Thanks for all of your help. I wouldn't be there without Mastermind Services. One week later... I just wanted to say thanks again for ALL of your help and patience with my MANY e-mails. I won the bowl in one league and took third in another. I can't wait until next year." - David Timmann

"Just to let you know, I picked Mastermind as a "Second Opinion" Newsletter to my other Newsletter of several years... You were superior to them and they are not as good as they were previously. I am only using your service next year. Thanks for the great advice and weekly columns." - Dave Antis

"I also won the Fantasy Bowl (first time ever in our league that the regular season champion has won the Bowl) and will forever extoll your virtues as a premier fantasy expert. Thanks a lot!" - Roxroy Richards

"I just wanted to thank you for all the help this season. The information was pretty much dead on... The pick up of Darnay Scott was the key to the victory. I won my league for the first time in SIX years. You guys finally pushed me over the hump. Thanks. Sign me up for next year." - John Orsini

"Mastermind Premium Services offers a truly outstanding service, both regarding in-season weekly newsletters/updates and the pre-season draft guide -- the "sleeper" lists can set your team apart (e.g., Mastermind was the only service last year in pre-season of which I was aware that identified Fred Lane as "someone to watch." I never would have heard of Lane but for Mastermind's designation of him as a "sleeper."). With Mastermind's assistance, I won the ten team league for which I serve as Commissioner, and placed third and fourth in a different ten team league despite suffering major injuries to key players. One service that sets Mastermind Premium apart is my ability to customize specific inquiries as to who I should start that particular week given all of the real-life NFL matchups. Mastermind's response is always PROMPT and more often than not right on target! This ability proves especially critical near year-end when any extra edge could mean the difference. Right on Mastermind! You know who I am subscribing with this year." - Charley S.

"I have been playing fantasy football for three years now. I barely made the playoffs my first year and lost in the first round. Then I found Mastermind!! With your information by my side, I won my division and walked through the playoffs to the league championship!! Last year, I subscribed to your pre- season draft guide AND the weekly newsletter. I drafted solely by your guide and checked your newsletter religously on my way to a 13-1 season!! Unfortunately, my wife also found your newsletter and defeated me in the playoffs -- but you helped her win the league championship last year!! Don't worry though, I will only let her see your information if she's not playing me!! Thanks for all of your help in making fantasy football that much more enjoyable!! It's always fun when the other owners laugh at you for starting Charles Way, then scratch their heads after he helps you defeat them!!!" - Brad Porter

"I am pleased to say that I used several different preseason reports last year, but the one that I used the most was the Mastermind report. The content was very precise and on target. It helped me a great deal and I plan on wearing it out again this year. It's the greatest!" - Mike Antholz

"You've made me a believer. My first year using your pre-season draft guide and we won the whole thing! This year, we're signing on for the whole year as insurance to go back-to-back. Thanks again." - Christopher Perez

""You get what you Pay For" is a motto that I've lived by growing up. With that said, your service is by far head and shoulders above everybody else! With timely and accurate information from NFL Quick Bits and your weekly newsletter to the pre-season draft guide, all revelant information is in there. For people on the go like myself, your site is my life line to Fantasy Football information. And my record proves it with winning my League two years ago and coming back from 10th to second this past year! Thanks Mastermind!! My investment has paid for itself for the next 5 years!" - Tony Molina

"I have been playing fantasy football for 7 years now and have used FF Mastermind for the past THREE years. What a great tool it is and what a difference it has made for my team (Two Super Bowl appearances in the last Three years in a 16 team league)! This will be my first year to get the pre-season draft guide and I'm sure excited about getting it. What really separates your service from the others, and I have looked at quite a few, is that you get right to the heart of the information that fantasy coaches are looking for. Info like the picks of the week, who's hot - who's not, sleepers, hot free agents, and your local scouts are what make the difference. At the beginning of last year, you gave me a lead: Fred Lane. I drafted him as my last RB to the chorus of "Who??" What a great call. Keep it up!" - Robert Alaniz

"First of all, everyone is saying how great your site is and I agree 100%. But, rather than go on saying that I did great in all my leagues last year, I want to let everyone who hasn't subscribed before why it is the #1 Fantasy Football site. It all starts in the preseason. You give updates on which player go where and how you think it will help or hurt that player's value, plus the other players on that team for next season. There is also a free page that has the starting players as of now. I know a lot of them will change, but it is nice to know who the coaches are hopeing will start. It also helps in letting me get a head start on my Draft sheet so I can compare mine to your's when you have it ready. Then, we get to the Draft Guide. This is what makes your site the best. I have gone to other sites and checked out their Draft Guide. At other sites, all I find is a list of players. At Mastermind, I get a list of players along with a write up of why you have them ranked at that spot. During the season, you have a list of who is worth while picking up and who you should stay away from. Also, you give a list of players that we should consider trading before we can't get anything for him. The one other thing I really like during the season is your Clicks and Flicks. This is a great source to find out how good or bad a player or team does against their opponent that week. Being able to e-mail you with questions and getting a response or your opinion in a timely matter is just another example of your great work. Thanks!" - Chuck Miller

"Your tips and insight helps me to choose the proper player for my team and gives me the edge when I line up against others. Thank you." - Brian Gethers

"One word best describes my experience with FF Mastermind in 1997: CHAMPIONSHIP! The site's detailed advice and analysis helped me make the right moves and even more importantly, avoid the wrong moves, all year. The site covers all the angles - I really don't need to look at anything else. I'm looking forward to continued success in 1998 - with the help of FF Mastermind!" - Nicholas Sideratos

"I renewed my subscription to the Mastermind for '98 simply because it is by far the best fantasy information service around. After NOT ordering their Pre-Season Guide in '97, I was 3-6 and in next to last place by mid-season. However, using some tips from the Mastermind Weekly Newsletter down the stretch (like grab Boomer Esiason and Darnay Scott who both finished strong), I propelled my team to a 10-7 finish and a Superbowl championship! This was in large part due to the outstanding information provided each week by the Mastermind who gave me an edge on the competition, especially the weekly team analysis and the player rankings. Keep up the good work!" - David Tingle

"I've been involved in a keeper league for 5 years now. I first discovered your site during the 1996 season and your free advice helped me win my second title. In 1997, you added premium services and believing these services were well worth the price, I became a subscriber. It was a smart move as, once again, your advice helped me win my third title in five years, becoming my leagues' first repeat champion. Needless to say, I have subscribed again and I look forward to your insights and recommendations for this upcoming season as I aim to "three-peat"." - Joseph Doll

"Your service is the best in the business by far. I am so confident of your skills, I will not purchase any other magazines or services to clutter my head." - Mike H.

"1997 was my first year to subscribe with FF Mastermind after monitoring the site in 1996. At my draft, I had the 2nd pick with Favre going #1, the draft guide indicated that Terrell Davis would be the best pick. That was just the beginning of an avalanche of great advice and guidence that propelled my team to an 11-1 record and a undisputed league championship. I hold the championship trophy and the pre-season and season advice of the Mastermind is the main reason why. I've played in two different leagues for four years now and have never had this type of success until going with the Mastermind premium service, it is more than a useful service, it is a must have tool for the serious fantasy football owner." - Ronnie Bracksieck

"The best fantasy information comes from FF Mastermind, and at a most reasonable price." - Dean Erickson

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"I have not and will not share your web site with my fellow competitors. Let them wallow in the muck of all the other supposed expert fantasy football websites. Hands down, yours is the best." - Mike Iban

"I've always done well in Fantay Football, and have won before, but this year I had a new weapon - YOU. During the pre-draft analysis, I searched the Web for sites that gave me solid information. Yours' was one of the few that really delivered. During the season, I looked for timely information and solid predictions. Once again, you were there. By mid-season, my weekly preparation was limited to reading your update... In fact, I spent less time researching roster moves this year than any previous year. The results speak for themselves. Good information is hard to find. Thanks, guys!" - Jim Merriman

"Your info throughout the year has helped me go from 10th place last year to setting a league record for regular season wins (12) and a record for playoff points in a single game (167)." - Allan Burriss

"I've been following your advice all year, I'm in my league's Super Bowl this week. I made it this far by picking up, and starting these free agents you recommended: Wesley Walls, Raymont Harris, Jimmy Smith and Terrell Owens." - Jerry Hill

"Your information is by far the best and most consistant of all services. It aligns with reality more closely than what comes from the NFL team offices. I have always been a consistant and winning FFL owner, but with your help this past year, my team shattered the league in victories and scoring. I still have owners shaking their heads and calling "my" players mediocre. Congratulations on a very fine effort that is put into Fantasy Football Mastermind. It certainly is a class act! I can only imagine the hours required to compose the pages of information you produce, say nothing about the analysis that backs this information. Your love of football is obvious in your work." - Tracy Adams

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Sunday, April 21st, 2024

Premium Pro Bowl and Super Bowl Package Subscribers take note. The time has come. The 2024 Madness NFL Rookie Draft Reference Guide has been released for your viewing pleasure. This

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