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Welcome to one of the most Reliable and Consistent fantasy football information services on the web. Fantasy Football Mastermind, Inc. is currently celebrating it's 28th season of serving fantasy fanatics ON A FULL-TIME BASIS. Other fantasy services have come and gone, but we have a proven record of supplying the most COMPREHENSIVE and TIMELY fantasy football information services to viewers worldwide. We invite you to check out some of our premium services from the past few seasons.  Remember, we don't change with the seasons to cover things like fantasy golf. We think fantasy football 100% of the year!

A little background information... Fantasy Football Mastermind Services officially hit the 'net in August, 1996. All services that season were absolutely FREE. We wanted to prove our worth as quality fantasy services before we ever asked for one dime from any of our patrons. These services included pre-season player rankings for scoring/performance leagues, fantasy articles, "Hot Off the Press" columns, daily NFL "Quick Bits", injury reports, and our most successful item, the FFMastermind.com Weekly Update Newsletter. Each of these services were offered in easy-to-read HTML format. As the Mastermind Weekly Update grew in popularity, the content increased as well with the addition of trading and free-agent tips in "The Market", the "Mastermind Question of the Week", a Sunday Night Waiver Wire, our "4th and One" Injury Report, and feature articles.

New to Mastermind Services '97 was the publishing of the premier issue of the Mastermind Pre-Season Draft Guide. This guide contained 150+ jam-packed pages of crucial information for the fantasy football fanatic including in-depth player rankings for scoring/performance and basic scoring leagues, in-depth team capsules, sleepers/creepers, rookie previews, analysis of trades/free-agent moves, 1996 statistics, and much more. In each of the seven years since 1998, this guide topped the 400-page mark for information.  In 2006, the guide surpassed the 500-page mark!  In 2022, the guide was 524 pages!

In '98, senior fantasy writer John Holler was added to the staff, along with his famous Tendencies feature that became a regular staple of the Mastermind Weekly Newsletter. Commissioner tips fantasy writer Matthew Cummings also joined the staff, and provided solid commissioner tips in articles both found at the FREE site, as well as in the Guide and Weekly Newsletter. Both of these excellent writers continued to contribute in our newsletter during the '99 season, and while Matthew was replaced by Ty Asper in Y2K, John continues to offer his fantasy opinions exclusive at FFMastermind.com. Of course, our Pre-Season Draft Guide and the FFMastermind.com Weekly Newsletter will be offered once again as Premium Services in 2023.  Of course, many other services remain FREE for fantasy fanatics to view.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Fantasy Football Mastermind, Inc. Information Services is Michael Nazarek. For more information on the fantasy football credentials of the Fantasy Football Mastermind, please click the below link.

>>>FFMastermind CEO/President Michael Nazarek's Bio

Mastermind saw rapid growth in its first year on the internet and drew major sponsors such as CBS Sportsline to the web site. The information produced at FFMastermind.com also drew rave reviews and resulted in many awards including several "All Pro" Site Awards from the Dick Butkus Football Network. In addition to awards, Sports Illustrated was a major sponsor of this site in the late 1990's. Advertisements for FFMastermind.com in the past were seen in more than three top-notch fantasy football draft guide magazines including Fantasy Football Pro-Forecast with Mel Kiper Jr., Fantasy Football Index, and Grogan's Fantasy Football Report. FFMastermind.com WON Pro-Forecast's 1997 AND 1998 "Masters Forecast" Experts Poll topping other major fantasy services including Fantasy Insights, Sandlot Shrink, All Pro Publishing, and Audibles.  In an expanded poll in '99, we ranked third overall out of 13 fantasy companies. Only a low finish in the team defense category kept FF Mastermind from repeating for a third consecutive season.  In 2002, 2014, & 2021, we finished 2nd in Fantasy Football Index's Experts Poll, a panel which featured 20 fantasy experts.  In 2004, we placed first out of 25 experts in this poll in the RB category (STUD RBs are our specialty) and we've finished in the top 10 overall in NINE of 14 years (2002-2010 & 2012 & 2014), including finishing 2nd overall in 2014 & 2021, 3rd overall in 2008 and 4th overall in 2012.  In 2005, we won the Fantasy Football Index Mock Draft Best Ball League by a whopping 15.5 games and finished 2nd in 2008!  FFMastermind.com also won the SI.com Experts Fantasy League Championship FOUR YEARS IN A ROW (2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007) before SI.com decided to close the league following the 2007 season for unknown reasons.  We have also won Fantasy Football Information Rankings Site's highest award as top information site for 15 consecutive seasons!  In 2016, FFMastermind.com won the FANEX League Championship for the 5th time in 11 years.  FANEX is widely viewed as one of the top, if not the top, experts leagues running.  In 2010, 2014 and 2018, FFMastermind.com won the very prestigious and tough HAFAX Experts Dynasty IDP Auction league (16-teams)!  Michael Nazarek himself recently cashed out $32.5K in the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2019, & 2021 High Stakes FFPC Main Events when one of his teams finished 15th (2014) out of a whopping 1,344 teams! The amount of patrons to visit FF Mastermind increased exponentially during the early 21st century fantasy football seasons as growth continued at a staggering pace. Many new items are planned for the 2021 season including new fantasy related offerings!

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