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2024 Fantasy Football Super Bowl Package

The Absolute Best Deal!


2024 SUPER BOWL PACKAGE ONLY $49.95 <- Earlybird Price!

Approx. 48% SAVINGS!

What's the difference between the Pro Bowl package and the Super Bowl package? The Super Bowl package includes; The Enhanced Executive Draft Master, in addition to all other 2024 premium services we offer. The Pro Bowl package includes everything, with the EXCEPTION of The Enhanced Executive Draft Master kit. Sure, these fantasy football draft & player pick information packages are the best deal for the price, but why sign up so early? That's an easy one. our premium services include EXCLUSIVE SPECIAL OFF-SEASON ARTICLES, FEATURES & ROOKIE MADNESS PLAYER RANKINGS & PROFILES!

Fantasy Football Player Rankings & Projections

In late January, we kicked off our premium YEAR with our Initial Keeper/Dynasty Fantasy Football Player Rankings kit. In February and March, additional special fantasy football articles are released including a special look at free agency 2024. In May, we release our second set of fantasy football dynasty rookie rankings, profiles and analysis just in time for your fantasy football rookie draft. The initial cut of our MCP Board is set for release in June.  This chart will be updated as our player projections change throughout the summer.  Don't waste any time, and hop on board our Fantasy Football Super Bowl Package NOW.

The longer you wait, the less top fantasy football player information you'll have access to compared to your competition. Remember, only Fantasy Football Super Bowl & Pro Bowl package subscribers will receive access to these special, premium, fantasy football tips & tricks information articles and off-season rankings before late June. Doesn't it pay to be prepared? You bet it does!


* 2024 Enhanced Executive Draft Master HOT!

* 2024 Mastermind's Rookie Madness including Rookie Draft Reference Guide in April

* 2024 Player Watch List

* 2024 Daily NFL Quick Bits (from Player Watch List) E-Mailed to You

* 2024 Exclusive Special Off-Season Fantasy Articles

* 2024 Sortable Target & Red Zone Statistics Tables
* 2024 Keeper/Dynasty Player Rankings (May through September)
* 2024 Player Rankings and Analysis From May through September
* 2024 Average Draft Position (ADP) Chart (June through September)
* 2024 Special Fantasy Football Oriented Strength of Schedule Chart
* 2024 Dynasty Rookie Player Rankings and Analysis

* 2024 NFL Team Depth Charts (May through January)

* 2024 Pre-Season Draft Guide (All Updates)

* 2024 "Masters List" Customizable Pre-Season Cheatsheets (May - September)

* 2024 Brand New MCP (Mastermind Championship Projection) Board

* 2024 Updated Pre-Season Weekly Rankings (All Updates from July-Sept)

* 2024"4th and One" In-Season Injury Report (Updated Daily All 18 Weeks!)

* 2024 Special E-Mail Injury Alerts

* 2024 Weekly In-Season Newsletter (All 18 issues)

* 2024 Sortable Target & Red Zone Statistics Tables (Updated Each Week)

2024 SUPER BOWL PACKAGE - ONLY $49.95 <- Earlybird Price!

"... Mike sent me a great cheatsheet with comments on each player just before my draft. I guess he had a crystal ball because he really pushed me into taking a LOT of COLTS players. Needless to say, I not only jumped out to a big lead early in the season, but won the regular season going away. We ended up TAKING IT THE DISTANCE, as I won the league by a record margin in the NFL playoffs! BTW, this was a big money league, so the winner (myself) took home nearly $2000! And without any prompting, I promised Mike I'd send him a good share of it. Well, once I got paid in the springtime, I cut Mike a check for $250! I gotta tell you. This was the most fun I've ever had in a fantasy league, and anytime I had questions throughout the season, Mike was right there to answer them. Mike, YOU'RE THE MAN!" - Joseph D. (2009 Super Bowl Subscriber)


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