17 Fantasy Football Titles (2012)

To Every Real Fantasy Football Player,

I'm a premium subscriber.  But not just any premium subscriber.  I go back to the FREE days of 1996.  Yup, I followed Mike and his crew back when he first started his site and services.  It's come a long ways, but I'm not here to tell you how or what this site has produced.  All that matters to me is the fact that using FFMastermind.com premium services and Mike's advice via e-mail, I've managed to win one fantasy league championship EVERY YEAR since 1996.  Yes, that's 17 FANTASY FOOTBALL TITLES!  I can also tell you I have never played in more than three leagues in any one season, and for about a decade, I only played in two leagues!  Bottom Line: Mike and crew know their sh$t.  I know for a fact that I wouldn't have won half of these titles without FFMastermind.com on my side.  If you are reading this, all I recommend is for you to try them out for one season and you'll find out what I already know.  Oh, and don't try to go on the cheap and pay only for the draft guide.  Drafting a great team is fine, but winning championships means managing it correctly.  And that is where FFMastermind.com is most valuable.  Take it from an 18-year subscriber.  Winning every year isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing, and FFMastermind.com is THE service to use to help you accomplish that goal. 

Michael Valders

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