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Miami Dolphins Late August Scouting Report
Jimmy The Finger

Are you ready for some football? Tee Minus Six and counting. Nothing much happening with the Miami Dolphins except they’re starting 57 Year Old Ryan Fitzpatrick at Quarterback, trying to trade Kenyan Drake and Kenny Stills, put a high price on LeremyTunsil, and we still don’t have the faintest idea what they might do once the regular season begins.


As for Fitzpatrick, can see some intelligence behind this move. Josh Rosen has a chance to be great; he’s got a live arm and a quick release. But given the disaster he was thrown into last Season, then learning a new Offense, I can actually see some sense to giving the kid some time to watch from the sidelines. At this point in his long and illustrious career, Fitzpatrick is a known quotient. He’s streaky; he can be great sometimes, but in the end he will revert to the journeyman QB who’s been on 27 teams over the course of his 42 years in the league.


(I know, I could look up the real stats. But why bother? You get the idea.)


Given his track record, nobody expects Fitzpatrick to be a long term solution. He’ll putz out at some point this Season. He’s about as unpredictable as Old Faithful. Hopefully, at that point, Rosen will have become comfortable enough in the system to put his best foot forward.


Looks good on paper if it works out. Still, as a Fins Fan, you gotta be encouraged to see some sign that at least one decision might have some intelligence behind it. Sad truth of the matter, might be the only sign of intelligence we have seen in years.


Now this, of course, is a coach’s decision, which might be a good sign for the prospects of new Head Coach Brian Flores.


The Fins Front Office is a different story. Reports emerged Miami offered RB Kenyan Drake and/or WR Kenny Stills to Houston for disgruntled DE Jadeveon Clowney, that the Texans have been trying to get LT LeremyTunsil, that they offered next year’s First Rounder and Clowney to the Fins in return. Drake and Stills are the Fins two best offensive players, but Drake will want to get paid next year and Stills has the audacity to have a brain in his head and the presumption to think, as an American Citizen, he should have the right to speak his mind.


The big monkey wrench has been Clowney, who wants no part of coming to Miami, so nothing has happened. To this point. Drake and Stills are very good players, but not irreplaceable. Unless, of course, your talent evaluation department sucks. Like the Dolphins. Just once we’d like to see the Fins luck out, land some talent in spite of their Front Office, and keep it, utilize it correctly.


As far as Tunsil is concerned, the Fins would have to be CERTIFIABLE IDIOTS to trade him. He’s probably a B-Minus rated Left Tackle, and there’s nobody else on the Fins Offensive Line who might grade higher than C-Minus or D.


Fantasy-Wise there is nobody on Miami who isn’t a flier. RB Kenyan Drake looked like he deserved to be a featured back this year, but now the Fins look like a split between him and Kalen Ballage. You can’t discount Ballage, because he definitely has potential. Kenny Stills has played lights out when they throw him the ball, had potential to be a #1 Receiver. Both Drake and Stills could be the only Fins with any Fantasy Value, if they are still with the team, and the Coaches utilize them to their full potential. Trouble is, the uncertainty.


Get past Drake and Stills, you got a grab bag of questions marks. It is difficult to imagine a scenario where any of these other guys figure to have any Fantasy Value. Part of that is we don’t know what Miami’s Offense may look like. Albert Wilson, Jakeem Grant and DeVante Parker have all shown some ability. When healthy. For me the big disappointment thus far has been TE Mike Gesicki, who has big potential, which has not been exhibited and/or exploited to this point.


Miami’s Kicker, PK Jason Sanders, might have value, if the Offense gives him the opportunities. Sad truth is Sanders might be one of the few Fins to have any Fantasy Value.

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