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Arizona Cardinals May Scouting Report
David Vohs

The Cardinals were front and center during the 2019 NFL Draft. Very few Cardinal fans actually thought the Cardinals would give up on their first round quarterback draft pick last year that they moved up to get, but low and behold! The Arizona Cardinals’ starting QB in 2019 will be QB Kyler Murray. Let’s review all their picks in the 2019 NFL Draft.

Round 1, No 1 overall, QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma. The Cardinals outthought themselves with the #1 pick in my opinion, however, I could NOT sit in the stands and watch this offense go for less than 150 yards for an entire game. QB Kyler Murray was chosen to lead Coach Kliff Kingsbury’s offense in 2019. In 2018, the Cardinal offense averaged 14.1 points per game (last), 225 points (last), and 241 yards per game (last). I could go on and on with the horrible play of this offense. I think the Cardinals felt they had no choice and are riding "Coach K2" to an offensive power house and play just enough defense and special teams to win.

Round 2 No.33 overall, CB Byron Murphy, Washington. We didn’t know all the information apparently the Cardinals did when they made this pick. CB Patrick Peterson will face a 6 game suspension in the beginning of the season, so the Cardinals had to shore up their outside defense. I hope he is ready for the NFL!

Round 2 No. 63 overall, WR Andy Isabella, UMASS. The Cardinals started the NFL season with WR Larry Fitzgerald, WR Christian Kirk, and a whole lot of nothing else. This pick was a bit of a surprise with WR DK Metcalf still on the board as well as WR Myles Boykin and many others. WR Hakeem Butler was a player they could have had here as well.

Round 3 No. 65 DE Zack Allen, Boston College. Decent motor and fills a need at DE. Will probably start on special teams and be a rotational player on the DLine. Depth needed here and if he can recreate any spark of what he did his junior year then look out. Time will tell if DE Nick Bosa was the right pick of this draft. Health may play a factor.

Round 4 No. 103 Overall WR Hakeem Butler, Iowa State. Many have said this was the steal of the draft. WR Hakeem Butler. Butler was a major YAC (Yards after catch) machine in college because the college cornerbacks could not tackle him. Let’s hope that he shines in the NFL.

Round 5 No. 139 Overall SDeionte Thompson Alabama. This could be another major surprise for the Cardinals. Needing to bulk up, the guy is a ball-hawk and should be an amazing asset against the run. Great pick in my opinion.

Round 6 No. 174 Overall. WR KeeSeanJohnson Fresno State. WR KeeSean Johnson is a good route runner for depth and a good blocker. Will learn from the best WR Larry Fitzgerald.

Round 6 No. 179 Overall. C Lamont Gaillard Georgia. The Cardinals love to draft Centers and this one could be a depth or starter pick. He allowed 5 sacks in over 1000 plays and brings a nasty demeanor to the offensive line. Another great pick.

Round 7 No. 248 Overall T Joshua Miles. A major project pick here, the Cardinals could have a backup Tackle (left or right) here. Another good pick.

Round 7 No. 249 DL Michael Dogbe Tempe. Like the Dallas Cowboys of the 80’s and 90’s you can never have too much depth on the DL. Rotate in the people constantly, and you win the line of scrimmage.

Round 7 No. 254 Overall TE Caleb WilsonMr. Irrelevant. Ironically, the Cardinals draft QB Josh Rosen’s TE from 2 years ago. Interesting. He is a talent that could create miss-matches in the middle of the field. QB Kyler Murray can’t have too many weapons!

Cardinal non-drafted Free Agents: WR AJ Richardson, DB Aaron Williams, RB Donta Strickland, and RB Stephen Peoples. Nothing too special here.

Cardinals Free Agent Signings: LB Terrell Suggs (terrorize QBs with probably a limited number of play counts), OL J.R. Sweezy (starter at Left Guard), QB Brett Hundley – brilliant move and backup, LB Jordan Hicks – solidify the ILB position , TE Ricky Seals-Jones – could be huge in this offense, DL Darius Philon, depth.

The Cardinals have really changed up a 3-13 team. Hopefully the offense will be much more exciting than last year and the defense doesn’t take a step backwards.

The Cardinals are headed in the right direction. Let’s see how training camp goes.

Go Cardinals!


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