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Miami Dolphins March Scouting Report
Jimmy The Finger

Not much frenzy about free agency in Miami. The Dolphins haven’t made much of a splash at all (to this point) just signed a couple cheapies – DB Eric Rowe and TE Dwayne Allen, both from the (Cow) Patties. Meanwhile they have lost OT Ja'wuan James, RB Frank Gore, RB Brandon Bolden, WR Danny Amendola and DE Cameron Wake.


Fins Fans will miss Cameron Wake. As for the others, not so much. Obviously the video replay system must’ve crashed in Denver, because they made Ja’wuan James the highest paid Right Tackle in the NFL. Don’t know what these guys were looking at, but they obviously didn’t understand the "RT" before Ja’wuan James’ name stands for "Revolving Turnstile." Brandon Bolden broke off a couple of good runs, and Frank Gore had a good year, but every time either got the ball it was simply showcasing how stupid Head Coach Adam Waste must’ve been not giving that carry to Kenyan Drake. Amendola’s a decent journeyman receiver, but even when they signed him I wondered how they could think he’d be worth $6 Million a year.


A couple developments have raised eyebrows, however.


First, Miami retained the services of WR DeVante Parker, re-structuring his contract. This guy’s got a lot of ability, when healthy, which isn’t often. But he does have a much better upside than Danny Amendola.


Secondly, Miami native QB Teddy Bridgewater turned down a higher offer from the Fins to start in Miami, opting instead to remain a back-up in New Orleans for less money. You gotta feel sorry for Bridgewater, who suffered a terrible injury when it looked like he might’ve been turning into a decent QB, but I still have a hard time picturing him as much more than a journeyman. Apparently Sean Payton is telling Teddy he’s the Quarterback of the Future in New Orleans. I would take that as an indication Payton is planning to retire once Drew Brees hangs up his cleats.


New Head Coach Brian Flores has been keeping it low-key. Seems like a good guy. Then again, so was Dave Wannstadt. Kinda bothers me the two guys Miami has signed were both from New England. At one point, Miami was also targeting Trey Flowers. Might indicate a certain lack of perspective, but we’ll cut the guy a little slack at this point. Expectations are low. Miami is mired in mediocrity. It won’t be hard to amount to an improvement, but whether or not Flores can make them good remains to be seen.


In my opinion, much depends on whether or not Team Mucky-Muck Chris Grier has removed himself from the team’s talent evaluation process. As former head of college scouting and then General Manager, Grier has shown himself to have an eye for talent like Ray Charles, and the Fins only hope for the future might lie in a reverse Peter Principle. Hopefully, Grier has been promoted to a position beyond his level of incompetence.


As for the gaping orifice which is the Dolphins Quarterback situation, once Bridgewater turned them down, reports indicated Miami was targeting Tyrod Taylor, but he just signed with the Chargers. I’m wondering if Miami is smart enough to be waiting on Josh Rosen, assuming Arizona is stupid enough to draft 5’10" Kyler Murray with the First Overall. Fact of the matter, however, is all the Free Agent QBs have been signed, and Miami may be stuck with another year of Ryan Turnover. It will be interesting to see which Quarterbacks they might be taking in the Draft. Dwayne Haskins looks like the real deal, but the QBs most of the Draft Pundits got ranked right after that make me nervous (Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, Ryan Finley) but there are a couple guys a little further down the list I feel have some big potential.


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