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Arizona Cardinals Late August Scouting Report
David Vohs

So the Arizona Cardinals have their final game tomorrow in the Mile High City and the guys on the bubble will be playing for their NFL careers and even auditioning for other teams or practice squads!

Let’s look at who will probably make this team and who will not from a fantasy perspective:

QB: I believe truly the Cardinals will only keep 2 QBs. If they lose these two guys the season is lost anyway so what’s the point. QB Kyler Murray is the starter but QB Brett Hundley has really looked good during the pre-season. Will that happen in the regular season, we’ll have to see? The question also is what QB will make the practice squad, either QB Charles Kanoff or QB Drew Anderson.

RB: Well, the biggest wonder is will Coach K2 keep 3 RBs or 4. RB David Johnson and RB Chase Edmonds are locks. Write their name with sharpie’s if you wish. RB T.J. Logan if healthy will make this team and probably RB D.J. Foster is on the bubble. I’ve heard he is gimpy so that could change the decision. Let’s say he keeps 4 where RB David Johnson and RB D.J. Foster (and RB Chase Edmonds) can all act as receivers as well.

WR: Here is where things might get iffy. WR Hakeem Butler (Iowa State) hurt his hand and is on the IR. That’s not good because his size would have made for some very good miss-matches in the Red Zone. WR Larry Fitzgerald could take a nap on every other play and make this team (which he will never do). Lock. WR Christian Kirk is a lock. I believe WR Michael Crabtree (just signed with the Cardinals this week) is a lock. So that leaves probably 4 spots left. The 4th spot is probably taken by WR Andy Isabella – again a Lock! That leave 3 spots left between WR KeeSean Johnson, WR Trent Serfield, WR Damiere Byrd, and WR Pharoh Cooper. I believe WR Pharoh Cooper might just be the odd man out here.

TE: The Cardinals may keep 3 or 4 TE players. They have a pretty solid group including TE Charles Clay, TE Maxx Williams, TE Caleb Wilson (UCLA), and TE Ricky Seals-Jones (who has always been mentioned as a matchup terror but never is utilized as such). Hopefully Coach K2 will utilize this position this year. The one to own early is TE Charles Clay.

K: K Zane Gonzalez is apparently the guy. He hasn’t had competition that I’ve seen. P Andy Lee will stick, and LS Aaron Brewer is the guy. Let’s hope K Zane G can be money as we’ve seen. Hopefully this team will put up points while the defense is learning to stop teams!

So, this is what the Arizona Cardinal’s fantasy players will look like. If I had to rank them:

RB David Johnson

WR Larry Fitzgerald

WR Christian Kirk

QB Kyler Murray

WR Andy Isabella

WR Michael Crabtree (TD leagues should grab this guy!)

We’ll see you very soon with the week 1 report and see how accurate we are here! –David Vohs Go Cards!


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