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Miami Dolphins June Scouting Report
Jimmy The Finger

Not much happening down here in Dolphin Land, especially on Fantasy front.


Some discussion about Safety Reshad Jones. Once a highly valued piece of the Fins D, the team is reportedly trying to trade him and his $13 Million salary. Well, you knew something had to happen when they drafted Minkah Fitzpatrick last year. With T.J. McDonald in the mix, that gave them three Safeties. Of course, that’s the Fins. Last few years they keep acquiring Tackles, didn’t seem to realize you can’t play 4 Offensive Tackles, might help to have some Guards.


Still, what’s happening at Safety has little Fantasy relevance. And when we get into that we got a lot more questions than answers.


According to reports QB Ryan Fitzpatrick looked better in OTAs than Josh Rosen, but we have no clear indication who’s likely to be the starter, or for how long. Fitzpatrick’s a known quotient; he’s streaky, both good and bad. One week he’s a world-beater, the next week he’s throwing four INTs. Rosen looked like a great prospect when Arizona traded up to draft him #10 overall prior to last Season, did not look good when given the chance behind that shambles of a Cardinals Offensive Line. Which brings up another question – is the Fins line any better?


Most questions start with the Coaches. New HC Brian Flores seems like a good guy. Well, so did Dave Wannstadt. We also have no idea what to expect from the new Offesnive Coordinator. For the record, his name is Chad O’Shea, formerly the QB Coach of the (Cow) Patties. The Bill Belly-ache Coaching Tree has been somewhat less than inspiring to this point, so once again we have no idea what to expect.


Will they use Kenyan Drake to his full potential? Or will they do that New England thing, rotating different backs in and out on every down? Report are WR DeVante Parker looked great in OTAs. Is that another case of déjà vu all over again? Will he flash his usual potential, then disappear once he gets a hangnail? Will the Fins remember they got this other guy named Kenny Stills, plays lights out when they throw him the ball? Will TE Mike Gesicki turn into the new Dave Casper?


Wish I could answer ANY of these questions. But the simple fact is I do not know. Nobody knows. All these other so-called Fantasy experts you see popping off – they got no idea. It’s just their opinion. We must watch the situation, see if we can glean any relevant information. But in the end almost any Dolphin you draft for your Fantasy team is likely to be a flier.


New England is vulnerable this coming Season. Trouble is the Mets (I mean Jets) will probably implode and the Bills are likely to face plant. Miami is probably not going to be as bad as most folks are predicting, but that’s a long way from being good.


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