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Los Angeles Chargers February Scouting Report
Brad Willis

The Los Angeles Chargers had a very good season, finishing at 12-4, but now that the season is over, the team will begin focusing on their needs for 2019. Most of the team should return, but there is always room for improvement especially defensively and on their offensive line. This report will focus on the team’s areas of focus with respect to the upcoming draft (28th pick) and free agent market.

QB: We all know how good QB Philip Rivers is, and he has shown no real signs of weakness. And fortunately for the Chargers, Rivers doesn’t seem to get hurt. At some point, the team should begin looking for their "quarterback of the future", so I wouldn’t be surprised if they address this need in the middle rounds of the draft. In my view, Rivers should play for another 2-3 seasons, and then, we’ll see.


RB: Firmly intrenched as a starter is RB Melvin Gordon, who is one of the best in the game, and backup RB Austin Ekeler is pretty solid. Further, #3 RB Justin Jackson has impressed, at times. This is not an area of major need for the Chargers, although if a quality upgrade comes along, they will certainly be open to looking at it.


WR: In my view, the Chargers have some of the better wideouts in the NFL. The team is lead by the sure-handed, if not slightly fragile, WR Keenan Allen. WR Mike Williams seems to be coming into his own and has big potential. WR Tyrell Williams is a free agent who is likely underrated. The team would be smart to retain him. I see this as an area of minimal need for the Bolts.


TE: Barring an injury, I doubt that TE Antonio Gates will be back. TE Hunter Henry, coming off injury, should return to make a major impact. TE Virgil Green is serviceable, but does not have star potential. This is an area of low to moderate need for the team. They will work out some prospective tight ends to back up Henry, who is the clear starter.


PK: The Chargers kicking has been atrocious. They may have found their man in PK Michael Badgley, who actually looked pretty good in 2018. Other kickers will be allowed to compete, but my best guess is that Badgley sticks around.

DEF: The Chargers could use help in their defensive line, corner position, and at linebacker. Multiple injuries at linebacker left the team thin at the position, so look for them to add depth and hopefully, durability. They also need help at corner. CB Jason Verrett is quite good, but appears to be extremely fragile. This draft is said to be deep at the defensive line position, so look for the Chargers to address needs, and potential free agent losses, via the draft.



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