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Arizona Cardinals April Scouting Report
David Vohs

The Cardinals have the #1 pick and I have absolutely NO idea who this team will pick. I would say I have it narrowed down to 3 players IF they keep the pick. I’m still thinking they will trade back but with what team?

IF the Cardinals go ahead and draft at #1: The Cardinals are in an interesting spot. They can draft ANY player they want to lead this team into 2019 and beyond. Can you imagine looking at any and all

QB Kyler Murray - The Heisman trophy winner and one year wonder replacement for QB Baker Mayfield (Cleveland) who stormed to offensive heights at the University of Oklahoma and is considered the perfect candidate to run the K2 (Kliff Kingsbury) Offense for the Cardinals. Some rejection of this theory is QB Josh Rosen on the roster. But a team needs 2-3 quarterbacks and Rosen is still on his rookie deal so the cap hit won’t be huge. Let these two battle it out in training camp and see who is better suited to take the team into the 2019 regular season.

For Taking Murray: This gives coachKliffKingsburry the guy he wants to run his offense. If the Cards don’t get a good deal to trade Rosen, then they have a competent and perhaps better throwing QB on the bench ready at a moment’s notice. I am thinking QB Kyler Murray WILL be the pick for the Arizona Cardinals.

Against Taking Murray: Perhaps Rosen is good enough and you have DE Nick Bosa or DT Quinnen Williams on the team wreaking havoc on opposing quarterbacks. You can’t NOT like that! Can a defensive gem be found in round 2, I’m sure it could be found as well, but what about WR at the #33 pick? Hmmm?

If the Cardinals decide that Murray isn’t the top player on their board, they could go defense with the players mentioned above or STILL trade down and gather picks. I’m all in favor of this move to get a top LB/DT, OT, and WR in the first round or first 2 rounds? Yeah! Otherwise, you will see DE Nick Bosa or DT Quinnen Williams wearing Cardinal Red.

Interesting Side note: I am headed to Nashville right now (but have to drive south to Alabama) but there are a few Cardinal fans headed to Nashville for the draft! Go Cardinals!

The Cardinals have many many needs coming off a 3-13 season with absolutely NO offense whatsoever. OL, WR, TE in that order. I would love to see the Cardinals come back in Round 2 with the first pick in the round and take a quality WR available. If that position has a major run at the end of the first, then come back and get a quality OL player.

I wanted to drive up Thursday night but work will prevent that so I will be watching the draft on TV.

As a fan who watched the Cardinals suffer and barely able to get 150 yards of offense a game, I am going to think I’d still rather see what QB Josh Rosen can do and get an elite defender, but I must say, I won’t be at all horrified if QB Kyler Murray comes to the Cardinals and can stay healthy in the NFL. At least it will be more exciting than last year!

Need areas the Cardinals need to address: OL, OL, OL (get the point!), DE, OLB, WR, WR, WR (get the point!) and CB.

CB Patrick Peterson was not at voluntary mini-camp but I think it was overblown. He has 2 years left on a hefty contract so I think this is just news outside the draft that has been over-reported.

We will all be watching Thursday Night as for the first time ever, the Cardinals are ON THE CLOCK!

Go Cardinals!


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