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Arizona Cardinals May Scouting Report
David Vohs

The Arizona Cardinals drafted the following picks in 2023: (Note: Two of these picks (the last two were owned by the Cardinals at the start of the draft)


Pick (overall)

Player Position School



3 TRADE to 6

Paris Johnson OT, Ohio State

Gained 1 Rd pick 2024



BJ Ojulari OLB LSU

High need for team



Garrett Williams DB Syracuse

High need for team



Michael Wilson WR Stanford

Injury prone at times



Jon Gaines II G UCLA

Great size



Clayton Tune, QB Houston

Make roster?



Owen Pappoe ILB Auburn

Simmons gone?



Kei'Trel Clark CB Louisville

High need for team


213 (Compensatory)

Dante Stills DT WVU

Needs bulk


The Cardinals were very very active on draft day. They traded down and then back up to get OT Paris Johnson and by doing that managed to get the Texans #1 pick next year. They lost EDGE Will Anderson in the process however. Time will tell if that was a good move or not.

In the second round the Cardinals took OLB BJ Ojulari (a Hassan Reddick clone) but the Cardinals let Reddick get away and Reddick was one game away from a Super Bowl victory. Maybe the Cardinals have learned a lesson?

I believe every year the Cardinals need to draft a cornerback. This year they took 2 with CB Garrett Williams and CG KeiTrel Clark. Great picks

Fantasy Impacts: I was highly surprised that the Cardinals did NOT draft a runningback in this draft. The talent was not top end but there was a TON of depth at the RB spot. RB Sean Tucker? They did sign RB EmariDemercado (TCU) after the draft who totaled 700+ yards and 7 TDs for the Horned Frogs. Also, the Cardinals inked UDFA WR Daniel Arias (Colorado) who has good size at 6'4" 205 pounds but the team was so dreadful only managed 19 catches for 309 yards and 1 TD. We'll see if he can amount to anything.

Perhaps the MOST exciting thing out of the draft is their draft picks for the 2024 NFL draft:

Houston Texans' FIRST ROUND PICK

Houston Texans' THIRD ROUND PICK

Tennessee Titans' THIRD ROUND PICK

Philadelphia Eagles' FIFTH ROUND PICK as well as the full compliment of draft picks for the Cardinals which should prove to be very high. Along with some Cap space to work with, the Cardinals should pick up a very good draft class next year!

Go Cardinals!



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