2022 PSDG: The Value of a Good Commissioner (Preview)
Chris Rito - 7/8/2022

As we saw from the on-camera kerfuffle between Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson in MLB, tensions ride high and emotions crest wildly while playing this game, especially when significant money is on the line for the wagering. Here is what took place, as best as has been reported and agreed upon by all parties:

The league was set up among the players and Trout was selected to be the commissioner. He did not really want to be the commissioner, and basically did nothing all season. [How a guy that was uninterested and unwilling to take the role got stuck as commissioner is a mystery we may never unravel, but the reality is that sometimes a commissioner can get that way over time or over a season, or in extreme cases like this�right from the start. In either case, it is a recipe for disaster. But I digress�]...

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