Free Agency 2022 Review: 15 Players to Watch (Preview)
Michael Nazarek - 4/12/2022

We are one month into free agency in 2022, so this is a good time to offer my first thoughts on the biggest moves made and situations that have developed over this period of time. Below, you'll see I have offered 15 players to watch over the coming months. The first five listed are players whom I believe to be the biggest fantasy winners with regard to where they find themselves at this time into free agency (including trades). The next five are my biggest fantasy losers, and the final five are the wildcards, players whom could be fantasy winners or losers depending on how things shake out over the summer and (hopefully) into the season. Time's a wastin', so let's get right to the fantasy analysis...




  1. QB Derek Carr, LV - Carr finished the 2021 season as the...

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