Prospect Profile: WR Rondale Moore
Jake Pittman - 2/24/2021

Prospect Profile: WR Rondale Moore


Prospect Overview:

Rondale Moore is a 5’9" 181-pound wide receiver from Purdue University. Moore caught the eyes of scouts for the first time back in 2018 when he broke out with a 114 catch 1258 yard and 12 TD season. He showed his electric play all over the field. He would play out wide, in the slot, in the backfield and even on kick return. Purdue found ways for him to create a mismatch all over the field. In 2019, Moore was set for a huge season after his breakout in 2018, but 4 games into the 2019 season Moore got injured would not be able to play again that season. Then on August 6, 2020 Moore announced via Twitter that he would opt-out of the 2020 season to prepare for the draft. Moore ended up only playing in a total of 17 games as a Boilermaker, but he showed enough difference-making abilities to catch the eyes of scouts around the league.


Scouting Report:

Rondale Moore is play-making machine. You are able to see the second he touches the ball that he has abilities not many other receivers have. Rondale Moore has outstanding speed. He has been recorded running a 4.33 second 40-yard-dash and this speed certainly translates onto the field. He has the ability to catch the ball, turn, and explode down the field in a smooth and efficient manner. For being such a small and speedy frame, he still packs quite the punch. Moore is a very powerful player for his size. When he catches the ball with a defender right on him, you will often times see him throw the defender off of him or churn his legs until the defender is on the ground behind him. It’s really incredible to see defenders that are much bigger than him not being able to bring him to the ground. His legs are a driving force, whether it be exploding past defenders using his blazing speed or bulldozing his way for extra yardage.

Moore’s height has always been a concern for scouts. He isn’t going to ever have the ability to consistently win many jump balls against NFL corners. Long corners like Jalen Ramsey and Xavien Howard will be difficult for Moore to beat on a consistent basis because of their length and ability to knock receivers off of their routes. Moore’s route running ability is not incredibly refined, but he does have a natural awareness of spacing and finding separation in the middle of zones.

Moore is also very shifty. He has some of the most impressive and effective juke moves I have seen in college football recently. He understands what types of movements get defenders off balance and how to set these moves up effectively. His hips are more flexible than they seem when you first see him run. This is what will often times make defenders fall for his over exaggerated juke moves. He is a willing blocker in the run game and has the powerful legs to get the job done. He shows a lot of abilities that will translate to the professional level and NFL scouts have certainly taken notice.


Player Comparison:

I had a little bit of a difficult time deciding on who I would compare Rondale Moore to, so I decided on two. Rondale Moore reminds me of both former Panthers WR Steve Smith Sr. and current Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill. All 3 players have a shorter and stockier build. Hill is certainly the fastest of the group, but Moore’s blazing speed is closer to Hill’s than Smith’s. What reminds me of most of Smith when watching Moore is his ability to find separation within zones and his strength and vision after the catch. What reminds me most of Hill is his blazing speed, quickness and agility with the ball in his hands, on sweeps, screens or even kick returns. I don’t know if Moore can live up to the career of these players he has been compared to, but his certainly has the potential to be an incredible difference maker at the next level.


Most Likely Landing Spots:


Baltimore Ravens:

The Ravens seem to be a perfect fit for Moore’s skillset. He would give QB Lamar Jackson an amazing weapon to keep defenders from completely keying in on him in the backfield. Moore would offer them with some versatility. He has the ability to get open on quick routes out of the slot, burn slower defenders deep or offer options in the screen and sweep game. This would keep defensive coordinators guessing at all times as to how the Ravens will attack. If Moore were to land in Baltimore he would offer an interesting option towards the end of fantasy drafts. He is not going to be a player that would get loaded up with targets in an offense that throws the ball the least in the league, but his potential in gadget plays and explosive plays down the field would make him a flex option, like Panthers WR Curtis Samuel, if he can find his way onto the field.


New York Jets:

The Jets drafted WR Denzel Mims in last year’s draft, but they still need more offensive weapons if they want any chance at competing for a playoff spot in the coming years. Moore’s explosive abilities could bring a new dimension to the offense that they desperately need. His speed and strength would keep defenders honest at all levels of play. He could also help open up lanes in the run game since they have to keep account for him when he goes in motion or pulls back for a screen play. If Moore were to land in New York he wouldn’t be great fantasy option unless a lot of things change very quickly for the Jets. He would be worth monitoring, but with the limited offense and WR Jamison Crowder demanding most of the targets in the passing game Moore would have a tough time putting up fantasy relevant numbers.


New England Patriots:

Former first round WR N’Keal Harry hasn’t panned out yet, and the Patriots may lose faith in their former pick. WR Julian Edelman’s time is also coming to a close in New England, and the QB position is very much in question for the upcoming season. Regardless of who ends up starting at QB for the Patriots, new weapons on the outside of the formation are going to be a big need for them. Moore’s speed and tackle breaking abilities would help this offense evolve as they are still trying to get back on track since the exit of future Hall of Fame QB Tom Brady. If Moore were to land in New England, he would be very interesting in fantasy. Obviously the QB position is going to play a huge factor in the fantasy output of the surrounding weapons, but Moore can make plays in so many different areas that he could be a flex option if the matchup was favorable.



Rondale Moore has been one of the most intriguing WR prospects in college football ever since his breakout in 2018, and although he didn’t play but 17 games in his entire college career he put enough on tape to draw a ton of interest from scouts across the league. I project Moore to have a very solid career as a speedy and strong slot receiver. I also project him to get drafted in the back half of the first round or early second round of this years NFL Draft after WR prospects Jamarr Chase, Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle have already been taken.



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