Week #2: Acquiring & Trading Targets
Michael Nazarek - 9/10/2019

In this feature, I’ll do my best to offer 1-3 players (QB, RB, WR, & perhaps a TE) to target to acquire via trade as well as one player to trade away…

-- Look to Acquire --

QB Jared Goff, LAR - He came up short on both passing yards (186) and TD passes (1) Sunday, but we know he will rebound with big games sooner than later. As a result, he's a nice BUY LOW player to target.

QB Aaron Rodgers, GB - The same goes for Rodgers, whom faced the top ranked Bears defense in week #1. It's interesting to note that both the Packers and Rams won their games this past week.

RB David Montgomery, CHI - He was by far the best back last Thursday, but the Bears are not yet willing to give him the starting job, at least not now. That said, it's only a matter of time before he seizes it.

RB Kerryon Johnson, DET - He only rushed for 49 yard on Sunday with two catches, but his production will grow and he will be a solid #2 fantasy RB, so BUY LOW here if you can.

WR Mike Evans, TB - Every season there are STUD players who start off a bit slow, and Evans is in that group this year, so BUY LOW here if possible. He will rebound sooner than later!

WR Brandin Cooks, LAR - He is in the same boat as WR Mike Evans.

WR Davante Adams, GB - He has joined Evans and Cooks in the same boat!

TE Vance McDonald, PIT - There is a caveat here... McDonald will produce some good games moving forward, but he is likely to be inconsistent, so I'd only BUY LOW if my current TE is really struggling to see any targets at all, like perhaps TE Eric Ebron.

TE O.J. Howard, TB - Much like McDonald, Howard will rebound, but may not be a consistent week-to-week producer unless QB Jameis Winston gets his act together, so take that into consideration if you BUY LOW.

-- Look to Trade --

QB Case Keenum, WAS - Ths is an easy one. Keenum does not have the quality targets around him to sustain the kind of numbers he produced in week #1 (31 points). SELL HIGH.

QB Andy Dalton, CIN - Dalton threw for a career high 418 yards at Seattle on Sunday. He is prone to big ups and downs, so SELLING HIGH here is a good move to make.

RB Damien Williams, KC - Keep him if you need him, but be aware that RB LeSean McCoy's role is likely to get even bigger as he learns the system. That said, Williams will catch passes every week, but asking for a score to boost his production may be asking for too much. In other words, if you get a great offer, DO IT.

RB Malcolm Brown, LAR - Pick him up and TRADE him to the RB Todd Gurley owner in your league. The Rams are using a strict RBBC here, so Brown's TWO scores make him a great SELL HIGH candidate!

RB Rex Burkhead, NE - Ditto the same advice to the RB Sony Michel owner. Make Burkhead's existence his problem, not your's.

WR John Ross, CIN - Keep him if you neeed him, but keep in mind that he will see less playing time and less targets when WR A.J. Green returns in a month or so. In other words, SELLING HIGH is not such a bad idea.

WR Phillip Dorsett, NE - I already said this elsewhere on the site, but Dorsett stands to lose the most when WR Antonio Brown joins the Patriots this week.

WR Ted Ginn, NO - He not only scored, but topped 100 receiving yards Monday night. Yeah, like that is ever going to happen again anytime soon... NOT.

TE Vernon Davis, WAS - You know the drill here. If you need him now, keep him, but SELLING HIGH to the TE Jordan Reed owner makes perfect sense!


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