2019 PSDG: Fantasy Football Lessons Learned from 2018 (Preview)
Michael Nazarek - 6/7/2019

Three years ago, I wrote my first "Lessons Learned" fantasy football article since the 1990's. Why did I wait so long to write one? Well, I'd like to think every NFL season is different, but I did want to discuss some of the more important trends in the game that have evolved over the past 20+ years. I thought it was a good idea, and I still think it was, but I must admit that in many ways, the past three years showed that trends can fade, stick, or flat out disappear. Bottom Line: Not even a Mastermind of this game gets everything right. Let's take a look at some of those trends and see what 2019 might bring when taking 2018 into account...


Supporting Cast Matters


This time lat year, I was very conservative when it came to QB Patrick Mahomes...

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