Week #6: PPR Fantasy Player Rankings (Preview)
Michael Nazarek - 10/13/2018

Note: PPR Standard Performance Leagues with a Slant Towards Scoring

-- LeVeon Bell Still No-Shows; 20+ Injuries to Watch --

-- Breida a Gameday Decision; Packers WRs Game-Time Decisions --

There have been many late week official developments concerning key starting positions. Let's get right to it...

All Philadelphia Eagles and New York Giants players have been removed from our rankings update since they have already played.

There are no change to our QB rankings today.

There are a whopping 20+ players whom are "injured" and are likely to see less action than if they were 100% healthy, that is, if they even play. As a result, they are marked in purple on our rankings or slide a bit, marked in blue. Use extreme caution here when trying to decide whether to start them or not. Remember to check...

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