2018 PSDG: Early ADP Trends in 2018 (Preview)
Chris Rito - 7/6/2018

If you are in an early draft – and by that, I mean a league that holds their draft before the latter portions of the preseason – you know that the fortunes (and misfortunes) of many players and teams can change drastically between the time you draft and the time that league play starts. Nothing makes this more abundantly clear than spending a solid draft choice on a player only to have him blow out his ACL during training camp (ahh…Julian Edelman). Or worse, for that player to get unexpectedly and unceremoniously cut by his NFL team as they go with a cheaper and unknown option (see also 25% of placekickers in 2017). Sometimes the situations around the player simply change making him a far better or lesser fantasy option, and the draft position in early summer is totally wacked out.


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