2018 PSDG: The Ten Demandments (Preview)
By God (as told by John Holler) - 6/29/2018

"In the beginning, He that is God created fantasy football. He looked and said it was good." Genesis 17:52


For many years, He has parted the clouds and imparted wisdom to those who serve as his vessel to convey His message. A couple thousand years ago, it Moses who came down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments – a guide to life that some, but far from all, still live by.

It may seem a tad sacrilegious for Him to have chosen John to impart His wisdom – some feel it is akin to a talking donkey or a squirrel that water skis – but, regardless of how improbable to the delivery point of His message is, the wisdom He wants you to know is sincere. Obey these simple rules and...

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