2018 Rookie Draft War Rooms - Who Makes the Call... (Preview)
John Holler - 4/12/2018

Every year we hear about the NFL "War Rooms" – the collection of owners, executives, general managers, coaches and scouts that represent their franchises on draft weekend. They’re the people who decide who gets drafted – sometimes organizationally changing the landscape.

But who exactly makes those decisions?

While there are some common threads, in reality, no two war rooms are exactly alike and how teams approach the draft depends on who has been there the longest and who holds the most sway over the room. There are a lot of voices that put together a final draft board, with some organizations giving more sway to the heads of college scouting and personnel directors. But, for the most part, while they may have a significant influence in how the board is stacked, the final decisions are typically in the hands of a general manager, a head...

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