2017 PSDG: Designing Your Draft Strategy 2017 (Preview)
Chris Rito - 8/24/2017

Publisher’s Note from Michael Nazarek: In case you weren't aware, Chris Rito and I won our 5th FanEx title in 2016. As a result of our success, I asked Chris to offer his solid fantasy football draft strategy blueprint for our subscribers to consider. I highly recommend subscribers take the time to read the following article, as it will offer great insight into planning your fantasy football draft strategy for 2017. Of course, I have written the official 2017 Mastermind Draft Plan for your reading pleasure as well. Just remember, Chris and I couldn’t have been so successful in FanEx if we hadn’t learned to listen to each other and perfect a "give and take" dynamic.


In my oldest league (a local redraft with folks from work), we have an interesting tradition on draft day. We draw numbers on draft day...

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