2017 PSDG: Perfect Draft - 12-Team non-PPR (Preview)
John Cooney - 8/23/2017

Anytime the word "perfect" is mentioned echoes of legendary Green Bay coach Vince Lombardi come to mind. Coach Lombardi demanded perfection from men, but understood that in the football environment attaining perfection was more of a concept rather than an absolute. Coach preached to his Packer players, "You’re not gonna’ get perfection, but you’re gonna’ get excellence in the process." Seeking and expecting perfection was a way, a means and method to get the most out of his charges as well as his own efforts. Vince Lombardi and his Packer teams achieved excellence through dogged repetition and preparedness; do it until it is "perfect".


Perfection… a concept, a goal pursued with a structured plan. Perfection, or Coach Lombardi’s excellence idea, is best attained through reps and common sense. We all strive to develop the perfect draft plan and feel...

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