2017 PSDG: Magic QB Handcuffs (Preview)
Chris Rito - 7/26/2017

Do you remember those trick handcuffs you would see advertised on the back cover of comic books when you were a kid? You know...they looked just like a pair of regular ordinary ol' handcuffs, but some amazing magic happened when you knew how to use them properly. They seemed like one plain and simple thing that many would ignore, but they really were so much more in the right hands. In many ways, I think this is a great analogy for drafting your backup fantasy QB, since a very good plan is often to take the ordinary guy as your #2 - a guy that is way more than he seems, but only when you know how to use him properly!


Many pundits have claimed that the past few seasons have exhibited the deepest set of starting fantasy QBs in recent history, and the...

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