A Higher Plateau (2007)

To All Smart Fantasy Football Players,

Last Year (the 2007 football season), was the first time I subscribed to FFMastermind.com.  While I've always been somewhat successful before stumbling upon this website, I feel that FFMastermind.com's website, newsletters, message boards, and the personal one on one help Mike Nazarek and his staff give at the drop of a dime pushed me to a higher plateau.  There is no doubt that this service won me my Big $$$ league last year ($10,000 Top Prize)!! But I didn't just win, I completely cruised to the Fantasy Bowl.  I have to give credit, almost all of the credit to this site for helping me literally scoop up every significant fantasy free agent hours and even days before my competition caught wind of a player.

This is easily my favorite website for anything related to football, fantasy or not, you will never find a more updated website out there.  Even now in the off-season, Mike is still hard at work sending us subscribers daily emails regarding NFL news.  Honestly, it's kind of mind boggling how they can be this good!  

I'm in such a dilemma, one part of me wants to tell all my friends and co-workers how amazing FFMastermind.com is for competitive reasons, but on the other hand I don't want them to have the same "secret weapon" that I have in my subscription.

I'm leaving out hundreds of goodies that this site offers, but it would take me a month to describe what you get here...

RedRum (Premium Member for Life, Now)
David Rosen

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