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Seattle Seahawks February Scouting Report
Rick Watts

Coach Carroll has cleaned house and will attempt to bring back the smash mouth game plans of the past.



Gone is offensive line Coach Tom Cable. Cable is a brilliant coach and amazing developer of linemen. At least that is what is believed to be true. There are only two starting caliber linemen here - LT Duane Brown and C Justin Britt. The rest may or may not have been performing above their pay grade due to Cable. It should be easy to tell the truth early in the preseason.

QB Russell Wilson becomes an unknown fantasy player in all of this. In the days with RB Marshawn Lynch, Wilson was a good start but not top 10. Without a running game he became the focus of everything and put up great fantasy points. This year should bring a more balanced offense and a decline in his fantasy stats.



This is an odd field. Seattle could take a running back early fishing for a Beast. But RB Chris Carson showed flashes of being that guy too. Everyone was injured early and often, but Carson looked like he had something special when he could stay healthy. This position is definitely in flux.



This position still belongs to WR Doug Baldwin as the #1. #2 is between WR Tyler Lockett and WR Paul Richardson, both of whom can hit the century mark if the stars align, but are risky WR3s week to week. The fantasy points here should look much like last year. Scattered and unpredictable. Not much change should happen through free agency or draft.



Can we please be done with TE Jimmy Graham? It was a bad trade that keeps getting worse throwing in a 4th rounder this year in addition to the initial trade deal for what? The league’s best at dropping passes? Yes he had a string of touchdowns, but his drops were far more common and he cannot take over a game. This seems to be by choice because he just wants to have fun with Russell and not put in the work.



Next! Someone new will start here as kicker and maybe even as punter.



The core here is now linebackers with LB Bobby Wagner and LB KJ Wright being highly underappreciated by fans outside of Seattle. Bobby only got 1 vote for Defensive MVP last year. Really? NFL fans appear to be spoon fed by the Eastern Media.

Did Seattle throw away a first round pick last year or will the ATV accident prove not to have ended the career of DT Malik McDowell? Lots of change on the line will come but there is talent here and they should be able to overcome the loss of some veterans.

The LOB should have new faces. I don’t see SS Kam Chancellor playing another down. FS Earl Thomas should be back and should be himself. CB Richard Sherman may have ended his career too. The good news is that Carroll knows this position best and drafted well last year to bring in guys who have the chance to be the new LOB. Time will tell.


Speaking of the Draft. Seattle is drafting higher than normal this year, but their number of picks were gutted by Graham and Brown. They are left with the 18th pick of round 1, 20th pick of round 4, four 5th rounders and 4 7th rounders. Their only pick of the first 2 days had better be an impact guy! The rest will only add depth if they can make the team.



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