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Seattle Seahawks Late August Scouting Report
Rick Watts

Almost there. Almost past the reporters coming up with something to write and the players getting a true shot to make a team based on talent and effort. In other words, too bad we wasted a 3rd rounder on WR Amara Darboh who seems not to understand that draft position is not a pass onto the roster in Seattle. So losing two more draft picks adding depth to the offensive line better pay off.



Starting LT George Fant went down to injury for the season. Fant was far superior in run blocking to LT Rees Odhiambo who now gets the start. But Fant was not stellar at pass blocking, so all the worry about how this affects QB Russell Wilson is kind of odd. Probably mainly driven by the need to generate words for publishers during the offseason. It likely just increased Wilson’s fantasy value because he will be able to use his vision and speed to augment his line more than he might have with a slightly better running game. And if run blocking is not great on a run-first, read option team … Wilson’s stats go up because he will find a way. And I think this line will too. They already seem better than last in the league to me, so that is an improvement over last year. I think having LT Walter Jones for so long left the city thinking we should always have one. Unfortunately there are not enough Big Walts. Not enough C Justin Britts either. And someday we will be realizing there are not enough Russell Wilsons. Enjoy what you have while you have it and draft Wilson in the top 10.


Fantasy backup? Whoever comes in second here has no business being on a team so it really does not matter.



So far RB Thomas Rawls remains the #1, but with arguably four potential starters on the team how could this be anything other than RBBC? As much as I hate to say it, passing on Seattle runners in the fantasy draft and picking them up as we go is not a bad strategy. Despite that, I nabbed RB CJ Prosise in the 12h round of my draft. The dude could put up big numbers or just be too unpredictable to start but is worth a late pick. RB Eddie Lacy may be used on the goalline stealing away points from the guys who carry the rock more than he does. Coach Carroll has an abundance of talent here and likes to smash other teams in the mouth with the running game. Let’s just wait and see how he plays it.



The first pick out of this bunch has to be WR Doug Baldwin. WR Tyler Lockett is coming back and should not be left on waivers in your league. Make sure you get him if he is. The other guys can be left for later and then grab whoever shows up in the games as we go. Baldwin is a top 20 get for sure though. Probably top 15 especially if the line fails to block well in the run game.



Somehow TE Jimmy Graham is not at the top of the boards. Yes Seattle taught him to block and his targets have changed, but he is the go to guy on 3rd and on goal. He and Wilson are very close to having some very special games. You will be much happier as a fantasy coach having Graham’s points on your side.



It is good to see PK Blair Walsh having some fun, getting included into the team and becoming part of the local sports scene. These are as important to me as his on field performances in the preseason. There may still be some doinks coming, but he is looking about the same as Hausch so far - fantasy point-wise.



Holy moley. This defense is stacked. The linebackers are complete for the first time in years with LB Michael Wilhoite and LB Terence Garvin coming in. The secondary has true talent v. experience matchup going for starting opposite CB Richard Sherman. Good looking backup talent at safety too. And the line, despite a very expensive ATV accident for DT Malik McDowell, looks better. DT Nazair Jones was not shining quite as bright against KC, but I think is set to perform. DE Frank Clark could have an absolute breakout year.

IDP out of the gate is LB Bobby Wagner until someone else earns it. Where to draft Seattle’s D? They are definitely top 5, maybe top 3 and maybe even the top. I would grab them as soon as the first D gets taken in your draft which will probably be Houston.

What's next!


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