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Houston Texans Late August Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

From my Red Cross shelter in Houston what follows is my observations of the Texans after their third pre-season outing in New Orleans.

The offensive line had previously showed signs of progress but cratered against the Saints. They desperately need OLT DUANE BROWN to return from his self imposed hold out. Without him this offensive line is in desperate trouble, just not enough mature talent. I expect him back when the game checks start Week one.

Clearly QB TOM SAVAGE is the starter. He is heads and shoulders ahead of QB DESHAUN WATSON. History suggest Savage will get hurt and Watson will take over somewhere on the schedule. Savage is unproven so draft him accordingly.

RB LAMAR MILLER is the sexy pick here, but I suggest drafting RB D'ONTA FOREMAN if you're looking for TDs.

The young WRs continue to piss with the puppies; two broken collarbones and weak ankles. Draft WR DEANDRE HOPKINS and take a flyer on unknown WR BRUCE ELLINGTON! No one else is worth drafting.

Special Teams for the Texans are absolutely horrible. No, they are a lot worse than that.

The D has a chance to be special, but they aren't good at takeaways and scoring. Consider that before placing them on your team.

That's the way it looks here Disaster town. Don't worry about here in Houston, we will get that offensive line blocking better.


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