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Arizona Cardinals Early August Scouting Report
David Vohs

The Arizona Cardinals have 2 pre-season games under their collective belts. We now know exactly how this team will be formed and behave this season…..not!

Let’s review what we have learned to date in this pre-season.

QB: Well, there is absolutely no way that QB Carson Palmer won’t be the Cardinals starter this year. As usual, the world loves an underdog backup quarterback. After the Hall of Fame game (Congrats to all the new HOF’ers and most importantly QB Kurt Warner), the entire valley of the dreaded sun was rooting for QB Blaine Gabbert to take over QB Drew Stanton’s spot as #2 QB. Well in pre-season game #2, we saw a QB Drew Stanton perform amazingly well and QB Blaine Gabbert struggled a bit. Now, don’t get me wrong, QB Blaine Gabbert is performing well enough to make this team, but I doubt that Gabbert will move to the #2 spot.

RB: The pecking order is set for #1 and #2 for sure. RB David Johnson and RB Chris Johnson will form the Johnson and Johnson backfield. No brainer. Then it gets tougher. RB Elijhaa Penny, RB Kerwynn Williams, and RB Andre Ellington will battle it out for 2 spots is my guess. RB Andre Ellington got a LOT of work and looked pretty good. I like the running style of RB Elijhaa Penny and RB Kerwynn Williams better. RB T.J. Logan injured his wrist and would have made the team for kick returns alone.

WR: Here it gets interesting. WR Larry Fitzgerald is amazing and makes the team (stop laughing, it had to be said once). WR Jaron Brown is looking very good. After that, the Cardinals are having a serious issue. WR Golden Brittan looks very good. WR Jeremy Ross made some nice plays. WR John Brown can’t stay on the field. WR J.J. Nelson looks good but isn’t a top 3 guy. WR Marquis Bundy looks pretty good as well. WR Chad Williams hasn’t shown a lot in preseason yet. He has 1 catch for 19 yards.

K: It is great having K Phil Dawson who looks great. "Right down the middle".

The Cardinals play the Bears this weekend at home and then head out on the road for the last two games against the Falcons and then the Broncos.


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