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Houston Texans June Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

Mini-camp has come and gone with predictable results. QB Deshaun Watson looks marvelous in shorts. Actually the word is that he’s living at the facility and is picking up the system. We’ll have to wait until pre-season to see what all the excitement is about. QB Tom Savage looked good in shorts also and will definitely be this years’ starter until he is injured. He does understand that this is his chance. QB Brian Weeden shouldn’t have any fantasy value but he’s looked the best in mini-camp. He has won games for the Texans in the past, has a great arm but something has always been missing when he’s played as a starter for other teams.

The Texans may have found there starting RT in OL Kendall Lamm. In mini-camp he took the position of King of the Hill. I hope you’re not too young to remember that game we all played as kids. He says someone will have to knock him off that spot, that it’s his. Fourth round selection for OT Julie’n Davenport didn’t get pushed around in camp; hopefully we’ll see healthy competition at RT. The team signed journeyman RT Breno Glacomini also. We’ll see how this works out. LT Duane Brown is holding until September. He’s the Dean of this group, he’ll be fine. As poor as the OL played in some games last year, there seems to be some reason for optimism here in June.

Rookie RB D’onta Foreman will share carries with starter RB Lamar Miller. This is a run first team; there will be enough footballs for all the RBs. Will any of the rookie FA RBs stick? No one from last year’s roster is a must stick.

Watch out for four sophomore receivers in camp. TE Stephen Anderson and WR Braxton Miller should become offensive weapons. Last year’s first round pick WR Will Fuller showed promise but nagging injuries and dropped passes... The real wild card is WR Wendall Williams. Blessed with super speed, he’s a guy that hung around last year. It will be fun if they can find a spot for him.

The fans want to see DE Jadeveon Clowney and DE J.J. Watt on the field playing together. I want to see CB Robert Nelson. The third year undrafted corner has been noticeable in mini-camp. I like watching these unsung corners grow and excel in this league. They are a breed that spans decades in the NFL. Fun is watching them grow.

Last year the D was good but not dominant. The O was putrid at best. Special teams were whatever word is worse than putrid. Hurry up August!


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