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New York Jets May Scouting Report
David Vohs

Well, the 2017 draft is history and the Jets seemed to have done quite well.

Round 1: S Jamal Adams. Many have said this was the steal of the draft. I would say the top Safety and perhaps top player in this draft. The JETS did not have to move up to get the player they wanted (Adams) as he fell much further than he should. Fantasy Impact – negligible.

Round 2: S Marcus Maye. This pick was a bit curious for me, but hey, the JETS won’t have to look far to find another safety as they go Safety back to back in this draft. Maye is a physical force and paired with Adams there is a lot of physical play ahead for the JETS. I’m sure either could play nickel corner as well. Fantasy Impact – negligible.

Round 3: The JETS took a WR I had my eye on with WR ArDarius Stewart from Alabama. I think Stewart could be an excellent playmaker. Paired with the right QB, Stewart could become a very good fantasy player. He isn’t a big receiver but he just makes plays. At 5’11" and 204 pounds he isn’t the most physical guy but has the speed to go past defenders. However, don’t doubt his physical play ability and can take the ball away from a cornerback if he needs to. He can also be a kick returner in this league. Fantasy Impact – minimal in 2017. Stash him away in a dynasty league.

Round 4: Repeat Repeat Repeat !! The JETS took two safties in the first two round and now took 2 WRs back to back. The JETS drafted WR Chad Hansen in the fourth round out of Cal. They picked a taller WR at 6’2" and 202 pounds. Chad Hansen could become the slot receiver for the JETS. This is a pick for the future and I’m sure they’d LOVE to stash him on the practice squad. Fantasy Impact: None in 2017.

Round 5: TE Jordan Leggett and DL Dylan Donahue. No 2017 Fantasy Value.

Round 6: RB Elijah McGuire from Louisiana-Lafayette. This could be a great value pick as the 5’10" 214 pound running back was amazing with the Ragin’ Cajuns. Do I think he can surpass the Jets starting running backs of RB Matt Forte and RB Bilal Powell? No. Does he add some very good depth and learn from two very good runningbacks? A definite maybe. Let’s hope he makes the team! The JETS also took DB Jeremy Clark and DB Derrick Jones from Michigan and Ole Miss. DB Clark (Michigan) has the size you look for in a cornerback. 6’3" 220 lbs and a 23 7/8" reach. Unfortunately he tore his ACL in the fourth game of the year. Could be an amazing bargain in the 6th round. Again, back to back picks at CB. CB Derrick Jones is another tall 6’2" corner who is light and needs to put on weight. Great height though! Fantasy Value: None in 2017.

The Jets did a good job of getting their defensive backfield some depth. They also added depth at WR.


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