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Cleveland Browns May Scouting Report
Bob Fergus

Browns post-draft May Eye in Sky Report. Not two but three first round picks were made and one seems destined to make some fantasy contributions around the fantasy world. 'With the first pick' the Browns selected DE Myles Garrett as expected. Myles doesn't have elite low-lean around the edges ALA LB Von Miller or LB DeMarcus Ware but he does have legit pass rushing skills that have been accurately compared with DE Julius Peppers so expect Myles to develop into a consistent pass rusher from one side of the D-Line. The best part about adding a solid pass rushing talent like Garrett is the anticipated impact he should bring to the rest of the young guys like DE Carl Nassib and DE Emmanuel Ogbah, not to mention NT Danny Shelton and the 'other' rookie D-Linemen added in this year's crop. Having one solid piece to build around 'should' provide a spark that has been dearly missing along the defensive line.

The second first round pick was S Jabrill Peppers. I have to confess that my gut feeling when this pick was made was lukewarm but after getting a feel for his passion I see S Brian Dawkins-like qualities that make me excited. IF he develops as a passionate leader and can play then we got something special but I did not like the off-field chatter that was brought up soon after he was selected. He has to keep his nose clean and find a spot to start and then bring the thunder.

The third first round pick is TE David Njoku and he should provide a fantasy spark. He is young, only 20 years old but tested off the charts with his SPARQ score and the club let go of TE Gary Barnidge and is moving second year TE Seth DeValve into more of a blocking in-line tight end as he has added weight and bulk which leaves the move tight end role open. Couple those moves with the loss of a large target like WR Terrelle Pryor and having a young quarterback like Cody Kessler or Brock Ossweiler or even rookie QB DeShone Kizer that would naturally lean on a tight end more than an established veteran quarterback and the stage is set for Njoku to develop into a top flight fantasy weapon. The major thing standing in his way is youth and growing pains but over time I think TE David Njoku could be a top fantasy tight end.

The second round brought QB DeShone Kizer. Kizer has the size and arm but lacks accuracy. Accuracy is something that rarely develops in quarterbacks and Kizer has lots of mechanical issues. HC Hue Jackson has a reputation as a quarterback guru but if a quarterback lacks accuracy he is not a miracle worker. I doubt the talk of Kizer taking over as the long term starter and was not high on this pick. The best thing is we did not overspend to acquire Kizer and picked up an extra first round pick in next year's draft. I feel the best outcome would be if Kizer flashed in preseason and became a hot prospect for a quarterback thirsty team. The worst outcome would be if we passed on a top prospect next year waiting on Kizer's development that may never come.

The rest of the draft brought depth on the D-Line and some other pieces but nothing to get to excited about. The big fantasy take away from this draft is TE David Njoku. I would not expect big things right out of the box but his long term potential is off the chart IMHO. I really like Njoku and feel he is the best rookie tight end prospect from this year's class.

Aspettate fino alla prossima volta... Till next time, Ciao!

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