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Arizona Cardinals May Scouting Report
David Vohs

Well the hoopla of the 2017 NFL Draft and every team got better! Also, each team got an infusion of great new youth and some good training camp personnel with drafted players and signing undrafted players.

Round 1: The Cardinals passed on LB Reuben Foster and drafted LB Haasan Reddick from Temple University. LB Haason Reddick is a great linebacker who can play inside or outside. That will help greatly. I was a little shocked when LB Daryl Washington was released by the Cardinals (and it looks like he’ll sign with Dallas soon. I would have liked to see if Washington and LB Haasan Reddick could work on the inside with LB Chandler Jones and LB Markus Golden on the outside. Look out QB! Great pick here in my opinion. NO fantasy value unless you play IDP.

Round 2: The Cardinals lost 3 draft picks to move up and choose S Budda Baker at the #36 spot in the second round. S Budda Baker is an active football player who can play nickel corner at times and can be moved all over the field. Combining with S Tyrann Mathieu in the backfield, the Cardinals have 3 spots pretty covered. The CB position opposite of CB Patrick Peterson is still wide open and I had wished the Cardinals could have drafted CB Kevin King from the same school at Budda Baker but Green Bay moved up to snag him. The Cardinals need to close on the opposite CB position. No fantasy impact unless IDP and S Budda Baker probably won’t start initially. Pick him up in a dynasty IDP league.

Round 3: The Cardinals took a real chance in the third round with Grambling WR Chad Williams. The Cardinals were blown away from with Williams at the Senior Bowl. So the upside could be huge. WR Chad Williams has the physical tools to perhaps one day take over for WR Larry Fitzgerald (HUGE shoes to fill). Williams is 6’2" and weighs 204 pounds. I’m sure the Cardinals will want to put 10 pounds on him. Fantasy Impact: In 2017 – redraft league, minimal. He will see the field and be worked in slowly. In a rookie dynasty league, Williams is being drafted around 35-40th position. I think he should go a bit higher

Round 4: G Dorian Johnson is a health risk with one kidney, but he has the potential to start for many years for the Cardinals. The Cardinals are limited at the Guard position and this will help for depth and a future starter perhaps. I think he will be a Cardinal for a long long time. No fantasy impact.

Round 5: OT Will Holden was chosen in the fifth round for a ton of size in 6’7" 311 pound Holden. I hope the Cardinals can stash him on the practice squad. No Fantasy Impact.

Round 5: In the 5th round, I am hoping this is the draft pick that really helps out the Cardinals’ special teams. I hope that RB TJ Ford will take over the punt and kickoff returns and help out a bit to rest RB David Johnson. I think he’ll make the team and make an impact on special teams. No fantasy impact this year.

Round 6: The last pick of the draft for the Arizona Cardinals is S Rudy Ford can also help on special teams this year. I doubt he will crack the starting lineup but I want S Rudy Ford to handler kickoff and punt return action along with RB TJ Ford. We don’t need to see CB Patrick Peterson doing ANY of this at all in 2017.

Overall Grade: I give the Cardinals a solid B mostly for getting value at every pick and NOT reaching for a QB.

Go Cardinals!


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