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Miami Dolphins May Scouting Report
Jimmy The Finger

Well, the Draft is over. First, let us observe our annual moment of silence for all the poor mofos who were selected by Cleveland. I know they’re gonna make a lot of money, but getting picked by the Browns still seems like finding out you are related to Kim Jong Un.


As far as the Miami Dolphins are concerned, it’s a good news, bad news scenario. There are no obvious home runs here. Likewise there are no apparent busts. Trouble is we can’t decide what’s the good news, what’s the bad.


Overall we were a bit surprised the Dolphin Braintrust considered the Defensive Line their biggest area of need, and – as usual – we are left a little PO’ed the Miami front office resorted to their standard operating procedure – only Drafting one guy at each position.


For their first rounder Miami passed on plummeting LB Reuben Foster and chose DE Charles Harris from Missouri. The guy’s got great tape, looks like a younger version of Cameron Wake. In the AFC East you can’t complain about any strategy to lay Tom Brady out. I had friends wanted ILB Jarrad Davis from UF. Detroit snagged him the pick before.


The Dolphins took ILB Raekwon McMillan in the Second and CB Cordrea Tankersly in the Third. Both these guys seem to have potential, and all Fins Fans can do is hope they work out. Miami needed DBs, and this was supposedly a deep draft for them, but Corners and Safeties were flying off the shelf in the early rounds. Doubt they’ll admit it, but by the time the Third rolled around most of the prime prospects on the Fins Draft Board were probably gone. Most Draft Commentators thought Tankersly used his hands too much, would probably draw a lot of flags in the NFL, thought McMillan would be better against the run, maybe not so good against the pass.


Obviously we don’t like hearing that. For many years Miami’s had Linebackers who could not cover backs coming out of the backfield or Tight Ends, and have drawn big Pass Interference penalties at the worst possible time. This is not a tradition we would like to continue, so we have to be concerned about the scouting reports on these two guys.


In the Fourth the Fins finally addressed the Offensive Line, selecting OG Isaac Asiata, then selected TWO Defensive Tackles in the 5th and 6th – Davon Godchaux and Vincent Taylor. Obviously while Fins Fans and the Talking Heads on TV thought Miami needed O-Line, Linebackers and DBs, the Front Office thought we needed more meat along the Defensive Front. We haven’t seen any reports indicating how much input the Coaches might’ve had on the subject. A great Defensive Line is – well – great. This is obviously the Front Office’s thinking. (Like I said, anything that lays Tom Brady out is okay by me.) Still, a better Offensive Line means you can run, play ball control. Now there’s a Dolphin tradition Fins Fans can relate to.


Most the local beat reporters have been applauding the Miami Draft, saying the Dolphins have to get more pressure on opposing passers late in the game, when the teams are trying to move down the field to win the game. Last Season Miami was in a lot of games that came down to the last possession. Kind of a philosophical difference. Fins Fans would rather see Miami run the ball, build up an insurmountable lead. So who cares at that point?


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