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Miami Dolphins April Scouting Report
Jimmy The Finger

Gearing up for the NFL Draft everyone knows what the Miami Dolphins need: Offensive Line, Cornerback, Linebackers. (Like déjà vu, dude.) The proverbial question is: does the Fins’ Front Office? (Déjà vu all over again.) Miami’s had a relatively (and surprisingly uncharacteristic) intelligent off Season thus far. Will it continue? Or will they trade away a lot of late round picks to draft more receivers? (No parenthetical remark here; I’m really asking.)


To this juncture the Fins Brain Trust has said very little, what they might be thinking. I’m okay with that. We would not believe them anyway. That’s the smart thing to do. Hopefully this little streak of intelligence will carry into Draft Day.


The Fins have the 22nd Pick in the First Round, so much will depend upon who’s still on the board. Can’t get too crazy, ranking players, gaming out scenarios, trying to figure who we might have a shot to get. This time of the year, especially if you’ve got NFL Network, all the so-called experts are doing Mock Drafts. No two of them are alike, and they’ve got about as much chance to be correct as a March Madness bracket. We don’t know how many of these kids got pissed off exes out there with cell phone videos. In addition we got no way of knowing how many genius GMs might be hatching a brilliant idea like (say just for instance) trading up to Third Overall to snag Dion Jordan.


Yes, I know that was a previous administration. However, I believe I speak for all Fins Fans when I say: "Like we CARE!" Show us you’re any better. You had a good year last Season, and we’ll give you a pass due to injuries for folding like a cheap suit in the Playoffs. Add it all up, however, let’s see… Yeah, that makes ONCE in a row.


Some people talking about OL Forrest Lamp, a college Tackle who projects to become a pro Guard. We wouldn’t complain if Miami decides to take him in the First. Fins been pretty much snake-bit at Guard for years, so Lamp (assuming he’s still available) should be a nice safe pick, could help to solidfy to O-Line into the future. Admittedly a wise use of a pick in the lower third of the First Round.


Still, in the First Round you should try to get an impact player. After watching all the Draft Preview Shows the guy I want the most is Hassan Reddick. I know a lot of experts are talking up Reuben Foster from Alabama, and I wouldn’t fault the Fins if they select him. Foster looks like a Brian Urlacher or a Junior Seau, a guy who’s going to be a really good Pro Linebacker for the next decade. But I’ve seen these clips of Hassan Reddick coming around the edge, lowering the boom on some hapless QB, all I can think, happily, is – that could be Tom Brady.


Of course, there’s a good chance both these players could be gone by Pick 22. If that’s the case I would hope Miami grabs the highest ranked Corner on the board.


We also hope the Fins draft more than one player at the positions they need. This is another thing they’ve been doing. They needed Offensive Line, DBs and Linebackers last year. They drafted one of each, and instead of using their late round picks to take some shots on some warm bodies they frittered away multiple selections to take a couple of receivers, which was the one position at which they seemed to be stocked.


That said, however, I would make an exception if TE O.J. Howard was somehow on the board. I know Miami just traded for Julius Thomas, and I would not stretch at 22 for U of M’s David Njoku, but I think O.J. Howard will be one of the greats.


So that’s my Wish List. Ultimately, however, I’m just hoping when the Draft concludes I can say Miami was smart. It’s been a while.


If you’re a Fantasy junkie like me you probably look forward to the NFL Draft. Over the years I’ve gotten to a point where it’s simply more than ranking players. There are really good Running Backs and Receivers in the Draft this year, but it’s often more important where these guys land. Fournette looks like a beast, but if he lands on a team where he is projected to committee you might do better picking up your 3rd or 4th rated RB if he’s selected by Baltimore or the Raiders.


I see a lot of the analysts talking A LOT about this year’s crop of Quarterbacks. I wouldn’t go after any of these guys. A couple look like they might turn out pretty good a couple years down the road.


Also – and this is EXTREMELY important – remember to write off anybody who’s taken by Cleveland.



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