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New England Patriots March Scouting Report
David Vohs

Everyone in the NFL wants this team to get worse. I’m not sure that is what is happening. The World Champs and Lombardi Trophy owners have been pretty active and seem to just get better!

QB: QB Tom Brady will play forever. That’s what I keep hearing. The way he looked in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, he CAN! The Patriots are in the "cat-bird’s seat" with QB Tom Garoppolo and QB Jacoby Brissett. No worries here.

RB: The Patriots have not signed RB LeGarrette Blount yet (and no one else has either yet). The Pats have signed RB Rex Burkhead (good Nebraska player) who has shown signs of life in a backup role and will probably be a star in this offense. The Patriots also have RB James While (should have been SB MVP), RB Dion Lewis, and RB DJ Foster (ASU Stud). I think the Pats would love to get Blount back but at the right price.

WR: WR Julian Edelman and WR Danny Amendola are back along with WR Malcolm Mitchell and WR Chris Hogan. The Patriots also traded for WR Brandin Cooks for a deep and speedy threat to open up space for TE Rob Gronkowski. Wow. Nice move Pats! To get a #1 WR for the 32nd draft pick? Kudos.

TE: TE Martellus Bennett is a Green Bay Packer. That leaves TE Rob Gronkowski and TE Dwayne Allen along with TE Michael Williams, TE Rob Housler, and TE Matt Lengel. Somehow, one of these guys is in for a great fantasy year and we don’t know it yet.

K: PK Rob Gostkowski is the man. Period.

So what do the Patriots have to do with in the draft? They don’t have their #1 or #2 picks this year. The Patriots traded the #32 overall pick to the Saints for WR Brandin Cooks. Great move. The Patriots traded their #64 overall pick (second round) for DE Kony Ealy and 8 picks later the #72 overall pick. Seems like a great move again by the Patriots.

So the Pats added Depth at WR (a starter) in WR Brandin Cooks and depth at DE in DE Kory Ealy with their first two picks and added a 3rd round pick.

The Patriots also have re-signed DE Alan Branch, FS Duron Harmon and LB Dont'a Hightower. In addition, they have signed RB Rex Burkhead, CB Stephon Gilmore, and DE Lawrence Guy from Baltimore.

This means the Patriots can pretty much sign the best available athlete when they draft. That’s quite the enviable position to be in.


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