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New York Giants February Scouting Report
Tony DeArmas

Here is the Giants update for February:


Big Blue is in decent cap shape with $30MM currently available to spend prior to any further contract restructures or roster moves. The G-Men are clearly a playoff caliber team but need to address a few areas in the offseason.


QB Eli Manning is towards the end of his great career and should have one more Super Bowl run in him. The Giants need to work on a succession plan for him as it appears QB Ryan Nassib will not be the answer.

RB Rashad Jennings was cut in an obvious financial move. A great team guy, he didn’t fit their short term plans at age 32. RB Paul Perkins sits atop the depth chart but will likely get some competition via free agency and the draft. RB Shane Vereen is still under contract but has proven to be very brittle during his Giants tenure. The G-Men may be better served looking elsewhere for third down production.

WR Odell Beckham Jr. and WR Sterling Shepard are an excellent nucleus. Fan favorite WR Victor Cruz was cut in another financial move. I expect the Giants to look for a veteran #2 receiver to play opposite their two young stars. Besides being expensive, Cruz was no longer the player he once was due to his devastating leg injuries the last 2 years.

TE Will Tye was re-signed but this group still needs a shot in the arm. Could a stud tight end be on the draft horizon?

DE Jason Pierre-Paul is a free agent. If they cannot come to terms with him, he will receive the franchise tag worth $17M but give both sides time to negotiate a long term deal. He has proven himself physically after his devastating hand injury of 2 years ago. DT Johnathan Hankins is also a free agent but will likely walk as he is more replaceable and will look for more money than the G-Man can afford to pay. LB Keenan Robinson will also likely be re-signed. No news in the secondary to report.

That’s it for now. More to come in March….

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