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Cleveland Browns February Scouting Report
Bob Fergus

Good news, LB Jamie Collins has been re-signed. Browns executive Sashi Brown stated that he planned to extend LB Jamie Collins and WR Terrelle Pryor without having to use the franchise tag. By extending Jamie Collins, Brown will have the option to franchise Pryor as the looming free agency period approaches. The coaching staff coached the South squad at the Senior Bowl to a victory which must have really pissed off the cowardly Browns bashers who were criticizing the Cleveland coaches. Oh too bad. Maybe if they did their jobs instead of bashing Cleveland they wouldn't have to resort to constant criticism of a team to deflect off of their own inadequacies. Lets dive into the report.


QUARTERBACK FRONT: Nothing much to report here at this time other than HC Hue Jackson said that fixing the quarterback position was his top priority and the top priority of the organization. The chatter about the Patriots wanting a 1st and 4th round picks for QB Jimmy Garrapolo is ludicrous. He isn't worth anything other than a 3rd round pick, if that. The club won't use the top pick on a quarterback either as no one in this draft class is worth the top pick with a blue chip prospect like DE Myles Garrett is sitting there waiting to be selected; especially on a team with a dire need of a pass rusher like the Browns. Garrett is reported to have an astronomical grade and none of the quarterbacks have made leaps up the draft board. QB DeShaun Watson refused an invitation to the Senior Bowl. What an idiot! He thumbed his nose at the Browns coaching staff and the coaching staff of the Bears and the 400 NFL evaluators who would have loved to see him operate under center and witness how he responded to NFL coaching. Really dumb move Watson. No one gets to sit on their college laurels and by not participating in the process you might find that 2nd round grade is the only thing that teams will take into account since you chose not to participate even after the Browns reached out to you.


RUNNING BACK FRONT: The talks with LB Jamie Collins might have pushed back extending RB Isaiah Crowell as reports surfaced that talks were at a stand still. The next priority is extending WR Terrelle Pryor and this draft class is loaded with running backs including at least two who will go in the first round. Crow has earned a pay day but to get that extension both sides have to resume negotiations.


RECIEVER FRONT: After selecting four wide receivers and a move tight end in last year's draft, it is doubtful that wide receiver will be on the menu in this draft but we 'might' be seeking an in-line tight end who can block and would desire an all-purpose tight end who could dominate at the point of attack as a blocker but stretch the field as a receiver and this draft class is deep with all-purpose tight ends who could fill that role. It is doubtful we would use either first round pick on the tight end position but one 'could' drop into the second round where they would be fair game. Maybe an injured player like TE Jake Butt could fall to the 52nd pick or even into the top pick of the third round. He may not be ready for this season but it would be like getting a blue chip prospect at a discount for the future.


IDP REPORT: As noted, LB Jamie Collins signed an extension and new defensive coordinator, DC Greg Williams is excited to mold him into a leader of the defense. If the Browns draft DE Myles Garrett with the first pick, as expected they will still have holes to fill defensively. The team is expected to be big players in the free agent market this year. The past two years the team was hesitant to use free agency dollars as it would take compensatory draft selections away, but last year the team had 25% of the snaps taken by rookies and this year the club has five of the top 65 picks and is expected to have a half dozen later picks after compensatory selections are dispersed. In other words, the team will have more than enough young building blocks in place and can now judiciously use free agency dollars to fill critical needs. Some areas that 'might' be addressed in free agency are, a defensive tackle who can play three-technique next to NT Danny Shelton and apply some pressure from inside. An outside linebacker but Garrett might line up on the outside as a backer. Help all along the backside as CB Joe Haden continues to get injured and we really haven't found stable starters at either safety position and CB Tramon Williams will command the 3rd highest salary on the team should he make the squad next year after he couldn't cut it as a corner and was moved inside late last year where he found 'some' success but he isn't worth the salary that he will be on the books for next year.


One bright spot in the secondary was CB Brian Body-Calhoon. Other tremendous young additions were LB Christian Kirksey, NT Danny Shelton, and DE Emmanuel Ogbah. The club 'likes' many prospects who didn't get much chance to play but they are no sure things. The team should target the top available free agents at need areas as they evaluate who 'should' be available in the draft to fill other need areas. The top area of need is at quarterback but it is possible that no sure thing solution will be available this year so it might make sense to get the best players possible and seek the quarterback when one is available.


Aspettate fino alla prossima volta... Till next time, Ciao!


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