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Houston Texans April Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

I do not believe the speculation that Forty-Niners’ Adam Peters will be the new GM after the Draft. GM Nick Caserio has a rich contract for several more years. The only way this happens is if the McNair family decide to part ways with Nick. The family is big time rich; they can do whatever they want to do! Last month I stated that if their projected QB franchise choice is not there in April’s draft they will select their first love, Edge Will Anderson Jr. and look for a QB elsewhere! That franchise quarterback, QB Drake Maye or QB Caleb Williams may be their best shot in 2024. The national media must be reading this column and are stealing Mastermind’s scoops! The Texans are also in love with DL Tyree Wilson. I expect the Texans to try to trade up from the twelfth selection to also secure Tyree. The Texans have the draft capital to make this happen. They have ten selections in the second through seventh round. The Texans have lots of needs. They should be able to find a few pieces. With a projected 80 MM of cap cash available in 2024 they should be able to get more pieces next year. The team has added some quality depth through free agency. Significant needs still include OC, TE, RB, WR and the front seven. The Texans are a long way from being a competitive with the big dogs. Even if things go well in April, they will still be pissing with the puppies in 2023. End.
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