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Seattle Seahawks April Scouting Report
Rick Watts

Draft day is on the clock! We are within a couple of weeks of the start of a draft that could potentially bring the biggest influx of new talent into Seattle ever. Especially with redrafters looking back at the 2022 draft evaluating that Seattle ended up with 3 first round talent guys; LT Charles Cross of course, plus RT Abe Lucas, and CB Tariq Woolen. All are playing worthy of having been picked in the first round last year. With so much more draft capital this year John and Pete can set us up for a lot of fun. Full disclosure, I am not a pick the best available quarterback at #5 kind of guy. If Seattle wants a quarterback in this draft they either have to move up to get who they really want or pick the best available in round 4 or 5. Four quarterbacks going from this class in the top five is a stretch even if it is reasonably likely to happen. Taking the leftover guy from that group just does not seem like a good plan to me. But I expect that whatever Seattle does at #5 will be controversial unless DE Will Anderson is taken.


Seattle currently holds these draft picks: 5, 20, 37, 52, 83, 123, 151, 154, 198 and 237. I still expect them to trade down once or twice if they can. I expect all early picks to be defense other than a couple of offensive linemen.



QB Anthony Richardson is simply a stretch as a top five pick. I think someone will be available in round five that is worth having sit behind QB Geno Smith for a couple of years. Even QB Max Dugan has enough upside for me to prefer taking him late rather than Richardson early. Nabbing Richardson and #20 is all good by me. But not #5. My ideal draft has two offensive lineman called in the first 3 rounds. OC Evan Brown is a good add, but OC John Michael Schmitz has a much higher ceiling. And a guard like OG O'Cyrus Torrence could make LG Damien Lewis the weak spot on a line finished out by LT Charles Cross and RT Abe Lucas. Seattle has an opportunity to finally move out of the bottom of the league with this line and they should take it. Having Seattle call Richardson, Schmitz, and Torrence as 1-2-3 would make me a happy dude.



Speaking of drafts, remember all the bad grades pundants gave Seattle for picking RB Ken Walker last year? RB Ken Walker is arguably the core of this team and why Geno can go another couple of years. He was a huge value last year. I would like see someone come in late in the draft or even a couple of undrafted guys who could add depth.



I had been thinking it would be good to draft a receiver early. But solidifying the lines makes so much more sense and there are late round picks that Seattle has brought in to look at like WR Charlie Jones who could be a great pick in round 4 or 5. WR Tyler Lockett and WR DK Metcalf need some new blood to help them out, but it does not have to be a first rounder like WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba.



This is a strong draft for tight ends. I again still think concentrating on the lines and relying on TE Noah Fant and TE Colby Parkinson is the best plan this year.



No picks or action here. PK Jason Myers is the guy for another year.



There is no doubt that the best thing that could happen would be for Anderson to fall to the 'Hawks. Seattle already knows whether or not they will take DT Jalen Carter. I will go with whichever way Pete and John have already decided. Carter could be the best pick in a decade or a total bust. I do not think anyone knows for sure, not even Carter. If Anderson is not there then anything can happen. Most likely what Seattle does at #5 will define their draft one way or another. I was primarily thinking of the front seven + interior offensive line as the primary need in this draft, but Seattle seems to have eyes on several safeties and even corners also. Who knows where John and Pete have actually ranked players, so I fully expect surprises with their defensive picks. There are linebackers whose names I would like to see, but it is interesting that Seattle is looking at pure nose guards and could pick one of the 300+ pounders earlier than expected like DT Robert Cooper.


Go 'Hawks!



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