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Houston Texans March Scouting Report
David Trojanowsky

Much has happened in 30 days. The Texans have added depth through free agency. Significant adds include a right guard, tight end, tailback, secondary and locking up OLT Laremy Tunsil for the next few years. Lesser adds include improved depth at wideout and D-Line.

It’s clear to me that if their projected quarterback franchise choice isn’t there in April’s draft they will select Edge Will Anderson Jr. and look for a quarterback elsewhere! Potential franchise quarterbacks, like QB Drake Maye and QB Caleb Williams may be their best shot in 2024.

The Texans have 12 selections in the upcoming draft. They desperately need a number one wideout, a monster defensive tackle and much better linebacker play to become competitive. Those 12 selections will not get them everything they need. But they should be able to find a few pieces. With a projected 80 million of cap cash available in 2024 they should be able to get more of them next year.

If I were general manager of the Texans, I would wait until next year and figure out how to select QB Drake Maye. I believe right now he is a better prospect than the QBs that are available this year.


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