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Green Bay Packers February Scouting Report
Mike Hankes

In Packerland, there are a few oddities right now.


Pro Football Focus rated the Packer O-Line as a group to be 3rd in the league for this past year. That is much better than I would have expected given the almost constant shuffling they had to do all year. I believe there were 11 different configurations of the O-Line this past year. None of them are consecutive games.


Another odd thing is that the Packers as of now have only one tight end under contract. Then there are the three WRs that were drafted last year. They are presently the only WRs on the signed roster with pro level experience.


And for the draft, the Packers have a pick in each of the first 5 rounds, but nothing in the 6th, and 3 in the 7th round. Then some predict the Packers will get 3, 7th round comp picks. Yikes!


As for QB Aaron Rodgers, I do think he is gone. He will either be traded or retire, but he won't be cut or in GB. I will get my Jordan Love jersey on order In the process, he has been in a Packer uniform longer than anyone else in Packer history by two years.


That's all I got for now, but I will return with more news from Packerland when I can!



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