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Seattle Seahawks February Scouting Report
Rick Watts

There are at least two big stories coming into the 2023 Seahawks campaign; quarterback and draft picks. The third story is part of the first, free agents. One leader statement; Seattle looked to land somewhere between pick 2 and 5 going into the final weeks of last season but ended up 5th. As it turns out there are 4 guys who are at the top of everyone’s draft board. Insult to injury, the Cardinals are picking one of the guys Seattle could have had if the cards fell just a bit different. And we will face that guy for many years to come.



Seattle’s off season fits right into my normal flow of coverage. So let’s get started. Seattle has no quarterbacks at this time. QB Geno Smith took full advantage of his year replacing QB Russell Wilson and will get a payday as a result. Geno should get a contract for around $30+ million a year, which is right in line with what he would get if tagged with the franchise tag. There will be plenty of debate going into the draft regarding if Seattle should grab the best available quarterback at number 5 or pay Geno or give QB Drew Lock another try. (Do people really want Lock?) The issue with the fifth pick is that there are several reaches for quarterbacks that could be made, but no consensus pick. There is simply a fall off in projection after QB Bryce Young and QB CJ Stroud and neither of them will fall to #5. So Seattle will either reach for a position of need or trade back. Having Geno under contract gives them the best security while making that choice. If they trade back a couple of picks with the right team then two more quarterbacks will likely be off the board allowing Seattle to nab someone like DE Tyree Wilson or DE Miles Murphy without as much of a reach.

Expect Seattle to make moves at center (finally!) and guard. They did just sign OG Phil Haynes to a starter-type contract, but they need more talent in the center of the offensive line to match with their bookend rookies going into the future. They could address this solidly by using their second first round pick on OG O’Cyrus Torrence and their second second round pick on OC John Michael Schmitz. Pairing these two with LT Charles Cross, RT Abe Lucas and LG Damien Lewis could create a solid line for years to come.



RB Ken Walker had all the numbers to earn Offensive Rookie of the Year, but whatever. The Northwest is used to talent being overlooked. Depth here is okay, but Seattle may add someone late in the draft.



WR Tyler Lockett is getting a bit older but he and WR D.K. Metcalf are solid. WR Marquise Goodwin is a UFA who would be a good signing at a low price. WR Dee Eskridge has not really panned out, so Seattle may draft a receiver on day three.



Seattle should hold pat here with TE Noah Fant and TE Colby Parkinson who flashed signs of brilliance last year.



I am sure that PK Jason Myers is a good guy and he had a good season. He is signed for the duration. But it is hard to shake the disappointing previous seasons in the northwest.



This Defense really could have used DT Jalen Carter and I hope he does not go to Arizona. It could still happen that he falls to the fifth pick, but I doubt it. And DT Bryan Bresee is a big drop in potential who projects somewhere in between Seattle’s two first round picks. If Seattle traded back just right they could get Bresee or maybe DT Lukas Van Ness. Seattle should try for LB Trenton Simpson with their second first round pick with LB Jordyn Brooks’ injury and LB Cody Barton as an UFA. If they miss on Barton, then they should grab LB Jack Campbell in round 2. Or maybe just grab both. Seattle needs help all over this defense, so really just taking the best and most ‘Hawk-like defensive player on the board at every pick other than to grab a top guard and center would be just fine with me.


Go ‘Hawks!



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