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Seattle Seahawks Late August Scouting Report
Rick Watts

Seattle has had two preseason games at this point. One was pretty good and one was completely awful. If this year’s ‘Hawks are more like the team that failed on all cylinders against Da Bears’ backups, then we can look forward to very high draft picks next year and not much else.



Media reporting on every word from Coach Carroll is pretty funny really. "Maybe we have two number ones." Carroll knows what he wants and all signs are that it is QB Geno Smith against the Broncos. Will QB Drew Lock take it from Smith during the season? Maybe. Fantasy value out of the blocks for a "point guard" quarterback is going to be low no matter the name. I am hoping that the Seattle quarterback can be worth 2 TD and 280 yards per game this year.


Offensive line:

My hopes for the offensive line seem like they will not happen at this point. Primarily, I see no value in starting OC Austin Blythe. He is average at best while OC Kyle Fuller has an opportunity to provide more. Same with RT Abe Lucas. I want to see him pancake some dude every game. That has been fun. RT Jake Curhan is definitely good and worth starting, but Abe is the future. Still it looks like it will be LT Charles Cross, LG Damien Lewis, OC Austin Blyth, RG Gabe Jackson (Phil Haynes), RT Jake Curhan.



What may have looked pretty exciting now may look more like who is least injured (again). RB Rashaad Penny had a minor injury after the first preseason game and apparently RB Kenneth Walker has some unique sports hernia. Either may or may not be ready for the Broncos. Which is how Carroll would like it anyway. It is good to keep them guessing. Does that make RB Deejay Dallas a good pickup for a fantasy coach? Probably. Dallas is small and not likely durable, so even if he is at the top of the healthy depth chart RB Travis Homer will still get plenty of reps. I would pick up Penny and Walker together if the value is right in a fantasy draft. I would not have either individually unless Walker drops way late. Grabbing Dallas with a late pick that you are not sure what to do with is not a bad idea.



There is no reason for any adjustments to wide receiver value based on quarterback/runningback/offensive line possibilities. WR DK Metcalf will need to be gameplanned each week. WR Tyler Lockett will burn anyone who only focuses on DK, but DK is likely the #1 out of the gate. #3 is tricky with WR Dee Eskridge not 100%. Several guys could stand out on a week to week basis, but how many balls will Seattle Quarterback actually through let alone complete? Draft with care past DK and Tyler.



Especially after preseason game two I still see TE Noah Fant and TE Will Dissley primarily focused on helping the tackles with a few intermittent targets.



All I can think is that PK Jason Myers remains the only kicker with the intent of improving our positioning for drafting a quarterback in 2023. We could start Lock and he could turn over the ball twice a game every game and Myers would still make it so ‘Hawk fans hate him more than Lock. Do not draft this guy for your fantasy kicker.



Seattle is changing up the defense dramatically. Instead of being a special kind of 4-3 like we have been, we are now a special kind of 3-4. There will be snaps with only one actual linebacker on the field but are really not dime. Unfortunately that still means that Seattle needs one strong linebacker and with an injury limiting LB Jordyn Brooks, LB Cody Barton does not seem to be up to the task. There are questions on the line and in the secondary, but it all starts in the middle and Seattle Fan has not had to see the middle look like this for over a decade. I would not draft this team D until there is more stabilization. This is even more the case with the Broncos coming in week one. QB Russ Wilson has something to prove and so does this D, but Russ is in a better position to win that battle right now.


Go ‘Hawks!



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