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Los Angeles Rams May Scouting Report
Layton Pang

Players over picks! The Super Bowl Champion Rams traded early picks in the 2022 Draft for players that helped them win a title and I have no problem with that. When you win the Super Bowl, no one can complain or criticize your moves regardless of how they affect your future. The ultimate goal is to win the ring and GM Les Snead and HC Sean McVay are willing to make moves to achieve that success. Trading for QB Matthew Stafford after the 2020 season and acquiring LB Von Miller during the 2021 season had a greater impact for this team than any rookie would have made. Los Angeles had eight draft picks and this report will review the picks and the impact the player could have for in the foreseeable future. The number in parenthesis is the overall pick number.


ROUND 3, PICK 40 (104): OG Logan Bruss (Wisconsin) dependable lineman from the same school as two of the Rams starting offensive linemen. Los Angeles lost starting right tackle Austin Corbett in free agency and Bruss will compete for that starting spot. If Bruss can win the starting position over the returning veterans, this would be a great pick. At the very least, Logan should provide depth on the O-line as he matures and develops. This was a solid pick for the Rams.


ROUND 4, PICK 37 (142): CB Deobie Durant (South Carolina State) is an undersized but explosive defender who won Defensive Player of the Year in his conference. Durant might not be from a big name school but his skill set could allow him to develop into a quality nickel/slot cornerback for the Rams.


ROUND 5, PICK 21 (164): RB Kyren Williams (Notre Dame) was very productive for the Fighting Irish and is considered one of the top pass blockers and pass catchers of the running back class. Kyren's draft stock took a hit with poor 40 times; however, he plays much faster than his timed speed, similar to Cooper Kupp coming out of the 2017 Draft. Kyren is the only offensive skill position player drafted by Los Angeles and while he should help the Rams, his Fantasy value will be limited.


ROUND 6, PICK 33 (211): DB Quentin Lake (UCLA) is a versatile safety with NFL bloodlines; his father is former Steeler great Carnell Lake. Lake has good size and what he may lack in speed and athleticism, he makes up for with intelligence and instincts. The Rams have had good success with later round safeties as Nick Scott and Jordan Fuller were both late round selections. Quentin should make the team contributing to special teams while developing to help the defense in the future.


ROUND 6, PICK 34 (212): CB Derion Kendrick (Georgia) played for a historically talented Georgia defense. Kendrick is a converted receiver so he has good ball skills; however, he is still a work in progress as a defender and has had off-field issues in the past. Hopefully Derion matures of the field and improves on the field to contribute to the team. Los Angeles depends on their culture and ability to develop players so taking a chance on a player with upside this late in the draft is ok with me.


ROUND 7, PICK 14 (235): LB Daniel Hardy (Montana State) is another small school player who dominated his completion; similar to LB Chris Garrett from last year's draft class. Los Angeles is patient with players with potential and Hardy tested well at his pro-day. Hardy will have a tall task to make the 53-man roster but he has the potential to grow as a player and build up his body as he transitions to the pro game.


ROUND 7, PICK 32 (253): DB Russ Yeast (Kansas State) is another legacy; his father Craig Yeast played receiver in the NFL. Yeast is a smart player with potential to develop very similar to what Nick Scott was coming out of college. If Yeast can produce like Scott has, this will be a very good pick.


ROUND 7, PICK 40 (261): OT A.J. Arcuri (Michigan State) started 25 games against top competition. While Arcuri has the size to play tackle at the next level, he will need to get stronger and improve his technique to garner any playing time. Arcuri is a good value pick for the last round and is the type of developmental player the Rams had success with in the past.


In addition to the selections above, Los Angeles traded with the Browns and brought back CB Troy Hill for a late round pick. Hill was solid for the Rams in 2020 and scored three defensive touchdowns that season. Los Angeles also signed a bunch of undrafted free agents and hopefully one or two can stick with the team. The Rams recently completed their first mini-camp and optimism continues for the champions. Congratulations to my nephew Skyler on graduating from Dental School. Very proud of you my man and wish you much success. Love and blessings to my family. Miss you Pops and Scratch! Aloha!



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