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Los Angeles Chargers February Scouting Report
Brad Willis

Obviously, we’re barely into 2022, so this report is quite preliminary, but we will be examining the current state of the Chargers, while focusing on their needs by position.

QB: This one is easy. QB Justin Herbert is young and one of the best quarterbacks in the league. So long as he remains healthy, the team is in excellent shape at his position.

RB: The Chargers are set at their RB1 position with the outstanding RB Austin Ekeler as their starter. His backups, such as RB Justin Jackson, RB Joshua Kelley and RB Larry Rountree III. That said, backup running backs have been good at times and bad at times, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Chargers draft a running back in the late rounds.

WR: The Chargers are in fairly good shape at wide receiver, with a cadre of solid receivers such as #1 WR Keenan Allen, #2 WR Mike Williams and solid backups such as WR Jalen Guyton, WR Joshua Palmer and WR Andre Roberts. Williams is a free agent and I suspect that the team will attempt to re-sign him. While the others are good, they are not as good as the field-stretching, sure-handed Williams. The Chargers have room under the cap to get a deal done, and Williams is young enough and good enough that they should keep him around for at least another 2-3 years.

TE: This is an area of need for the team, as I doubt that free agent TE Jared Cook will return. I think that TE Donald Parham, Jr. is quite good and has TE1 potential. Parham is one of those speedy hybrid TE/WR types that can exploit the defense when called upon to do so. TE Tre’ McKitty looks promising, but we didn’t really see enough of him to get a good feel. So, expect a signing at the tight end position.

PK: The Chargers signed former Washington kicker PK Dustin Hopkins and he was surprisingly solid. I suspect that he will kick for the team in 2022, so not a lot of need here, in my view.

DEF: Ever since LB Melvin Ingraham departed, the team has been in search of a solid edge rusher to complement LB Joey Bosa. That need remains, so look for the Chargers to seek an edge rusher with speed either via free agency, the draft or both. They could also use some help at defensive tackle. Free agent DT Linval Joseph is getting long-in-the-tooth at 34, but I think his skills are such that he can help the team if his asking price is reasonable. I’d vote to keep him around for another year. Since this is an area of need, it too will likely be addressed via free agency and/or the draft. CB Chris Harris is a solid veteran, but while his skills are still good, they have eroded. Don’t be surprised if his asking price is considered too high for a 33 year old player at a speed position.



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