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Cincinnati Bengals June Scouting Report
Mark Huber

The Bengals are in the process of conducting OTAs.

The big thing out of camp is the velocity of passes from Joe Burrow. Recovering from a knee injury seems to have helped the quarterback's arm as Tee Higgins said he sees a big difference from last year to this year in regards to Burrow's velocity.

Maybe it's confidence in the system, knowing where the ball is going and being more confident in his throws. Maybe its the knee rehab that led him to more upper body strengthening in the offseason. Either way, Burrow is quite the buzz again this season.

Pooka Williams, the undrafted free agent running back, has been working with receivers. Not much of a surprise here. Maybe not to the Travis Etienne level of noise but that will be Williams' role on this team. Catching passes. Samaje Perrine will get between tackles work when Mixon is not on the field.

Tee Higgins getting some good words from coaches. With JeMarr Chase being the top draft pick, some of the Higgins love is just to keep him pumped and not to allow Chase to be bigger than what he is until he's actually played.

That said, Higgins came on at the end of the season without Burrow and will continue to blossom as Burrow gets better and better and healthy and healthier not only this season but in years go come.

The trio of Higgins-Chase and Tyler Boyd is one of the best in the league and may be very high once games begin. They can be special as a group.
Several big guys on both sides of the ball are getting work in during OTAs. With Geno Atkins gone the return of DJ Reader from injury will be key to the defensive line. Try Hopkins and Renel Wren doing rehab work. Jonah Williams is pleased with the team's decision to pick Chase and not an offensive lineman in the first round. He says that shows faith in him and he's going to repay that faith. Time will tell on that one.


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