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Green Bay Packers May Scouting Report
Mike Hankes

First I will report on the positions the Packers addressed in the draft and with undrafted free agents. Then I will provide my take on the QB Aaron Rodgers situation. Finally, I will wrap up with my fantasy draft-able players are if I had to draft this month. The Packers did not draft any players at the following positions; quarterback, tight end, outside linebacker, safety, or any of the special team positions. I will take the positions in the order I would normally report on them.

Round 7, 256th overallRB Kylin Hill, Mississippi State, 5-10, 214

I expected a mid to late round pick and that is what happened at this position. As I outlined last month, there is a lot of uncertainty beyond RB Aaron Jones and RB AJ Dillion. Hill is a hard running, decorated college running back that has a chance to do well in the pros and can certainly help to mitigate the positional uncertainty – good pick.

Round 3, 85th overallWR Amari Rodgers, Clemson, 5-9, 212

UDFA – WR Bailey Gaither, San Jose State, 6-1, 184

I expected at least one player who can return kicks to be drafted. And so enter Amari Rodgers – one of my suggestions last month. He wants to be in Green Bay. He talks with former Packer Randall Cobb. I know he seems small but he has strength in his body. Runs routes like a wide out and runs after the catch like a running back. He is also a true slot receiver, which GB hasn’t had in recent years. He is more accomplished than most and will contribute a lot sooner than later – a very good pick. I don’t anticipate Gaither making much of an impression.

Round 2, 62nd overallOC Josh Meyers, OSU, 6-5, 310

Round 4, 142nd overallOT Royce Newman, Mississippi, 6-5, 310

Round 6, 214th overallOT Cole Van Lanen, Wisconsin, 6-4, 305

UDFAOL Jon Dietzen, Wisconsin, 6-5, 319

UDFAOT Jacob Capra, San Diego State, 6-5, 315

UDFAOG Coy Cronk, Iowa, 6-5, 325

The Packers needed a center and right on queue they took Josh Meyers who offers guard-center versatility. And he will start on day one in all probability. This one pick alone allows all the other line men to stay in their preferred spots. And he also replaces a guy who also came from Ohio State and started in year one. So the tradition continues – good pick. Last month I said "if I were GM and had any questions about the backups, I would be taking a draft pick or two this year" – so the Packers took two guys. When they took Newman I was wondering why they passed on OT Trey Smith. Turns out Smith had a blood-clot issue and fell in the draft because of it. The Chiefs took a late 6th round flier on him – and if he gets healthy he will be the steal of the draft. But Newman and Lanen have positional flexibility and can help now. Both played in top programs against tough opposition. Then they added three undrafted free agents. If any of these guys show anything think I know what the cuts will be. As an interesting back story, Van Lanen played his high school ball 10 miles north of Green Bay in Wisconsin, then played for Wisconsin (Big 10 school), and now finally gets a chance to play for the Packers – all in Wisconsin. I think that is amazing.

Round 5, 173rd overallDL TJ Slaton, Florida, 6-4, 330

UDFADL Jack Heflin, Iowa, 6-4, 314

UDFADL Carlo Kemp, Michigan, 6-3, 286

The Packers took a pick to plug the line, just not the guy I thought they would. He is the absolute definition of a 3-4 nose tackle. Hopefully he works out. The fact they have three guys altogether means they are looking for help there and also means that DL Damon Harrison won’t be re-signed.

Round 6, 220th overall ILB Isaiah McDuffie, Boston College, 6-1, 227

McDuffie at Boston College was very active around the ball. He may need to add a few pounds but he looks the part and has good production to go with it. I think he moves ahead of all the other inside linebackers on the roster with the exception of ILB Kyrs Barnes and ILB Kamal Martin. Good Pick.

Round 1, 29th overallCB Eric Stokes, Georgia, 6-1, 194

Round 5, 178th overallCB Shemar Jean-Charles, Appalachian State, 5-11, 184

Last month I said this group needs a re-make and they will probably take one early and one late – that is exactly what happened. Stokes will be given the chance to take King’s job and Shemar will be given the chance to stick as quality depth. I don’t think the Packers are done at this position. Good picks.

UDFAS Christian Uphoff, Illinois State, 6-3, 213

Although the Packers did not draft a safety, they added one as an undrafted free agent. He will have an uphill battle to make the team but will make things interesting in doing so.


My QB Aaron Rodgers take; QB Aaron Rodgers is the Packers starting quarterback until further notice. Neither Rodgers nor the Packers have issued an official public statement. Until they do, everything in the national media is just speculation. As far as how all this affects fantasy football, there is a chance QB Jordan Love could be the starter. The Packers have 89 on their roster. They need to add either a third string development guy or a veteran. I suspect how this plays out will help determine which way to go. It is a good thing it is only May. The Packers, and the fantasy owners, have time to adjust.


Your best Packer fantasy options are; QB Aaron Rodgers, RB Aaron Jones, TE Robert Tonyan (if you need a tight end) and WR Davante Adams. We will have to wait to see if WR Marquez Valdes-Scantling can still catch the ball, and what impact WR Amari Rodgers will have going forward. Hope you didn’t burn too many hot dogs while falling asleep waiting for the next Packer pick. Until next month…



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